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Secrets of the past - Prince Merlin fanfic by writingwiizard
Secrets of the past - Prince Laura
When Merlin had arrived within earshot, Arthur asked: "What took you so long?" "I'm sorry, sire." Arthur frowned, he had been waiting for a sarcastic...
Stand Tall by BellaThurwin
Stand Tallby Bella Thurwin
When Arthur Pendragon is betrothed to a beautiful but odd stranger from across the sea, two powerful fates meet. The choices of Braith, the stranger, and of the warlock...
Can This Be True (Merlin BBC)(Book One) by ItsMeCatex
Can This Be True (Merlin BBC)( Cate :P xx
The romance of Princess Adela Pendragon and Sir Percival blooms as well as Sir Leon and Lady Nyx. Arthur has to make the decision as to if Pervial is worthy of his daugh...
Royal D!ck. // Merthur Fic // Smut! // by crazy_kittiezz
Royal D!ck. // Merthur Fic // sam!!
yeye idk basically it's set in s1 this is gonna be set in Merlin's POV but some chapters may be Arthur's pov
Merlin's Choice (Stand Tall 2) by BellaThurwin
Merlin's Choice (Stand Tall 2)by Bella Thurwin
"You have your destiny... and I have mine." --- Four long years after Braith killed the She creature, fate leads the young Queen right back to the place her ad...
Forgive And Forget (Merlin BBC Fanfic)  by MadOverMerlin
Forgive And Forget (Merlin BBC Rosie Robertson
Camelot once again faces a danger that lurks within the walls of the shining city. Betrayal will come from inside the castle and dark magic unleashes unfathomable creatu...
You Never Break Your Promises (Merlin Fan Fic)(Book Two) by ItsMeCatex
You Never Break Your Promises ( Cate :P xx
This is the second in the series of stories. Book one - can this be true. (Please read first)
The Modern Magic by FatimawArt
The Modern Magicby Fatimaw Art
Hello my dear friends if you are interested in the movie Merlin, you must read this story! Summary of Merlin's life: Centuries ago, a young witch named Merlin served K...
Golden (Merlin x reader)  by writinginablackhole
Golden (Merlin x reader) by writinginablackhole
Lia is an old friend of Arthur. She's got a secret or two and her adventures with Merlin soon get complicated.
Once Upon Two Besties (By Faith Elizabeth And Aqsa Winchester) by Aqsawinchester
Once Upon Two Besties (By Faith Aqsa Winchester
Best friends Faith and Aqsa are just your normal High school students; Faith having the brains and good grades, and Aqsa having the wit and adventurous personality. When...
Everything Has A Beginning ( Merlin BBC)(Book 3) by ItsMeCatex
Everything Has A Beginning ( Cate :P xx
Every love story has a beginning...Going back to find out more about the characters and about how parts of book 1 and 2 happened and why. this will be going back to when...
What Lies Ahead (Merlin fanfic BBC) by MadOverMerlin
What Lies Ahead (Merlin fanfic BBC)by Rosie Robertson
When Kyra and Ariella arrive in Camelot they are thrown into a conspiracy and adventure that will make or break Camelot and it's king , King Arthur . Kyra's brother is...
Merlin; A Re-telling by DarwinSquirrell
Merlin; A Re-tellingby Dee M-H
Hello! So I recently got really into Merlin and I have decided to re-tell it but to, as Thomas Sanders says, 'Make it gayer'. Please enjoy and i will try and add parts...
Silver Storm (Merlin x OC/reader) by ALostBoysWords
Silver Storm (Merlin x OC/reader)by memory
To be tainted is to be sick. Sick with thirst to devour. To take over. To be greedy, to desire everything you couldn't have. And to long for something you once did. It's...