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Pet names by JewlsAquired
Pet namesby Jade_Albion
Merthur call eachother pet names while not noticing. The others around then do notice tho.
The Sister of Emyrs by LilliannaAnsalla
The Sister of Emyrsby LilliannaAnsalla
What if Merlin had a sister? One who never left his side, and who was as loyal to him as he was to Arthur? What if she was responsible for changing the fate of Camelot f...
Pendragon Sister by MidnightDuskDawn
Pendragon Sisterby MidnightDuskDawn
A story of Arthur Pendragon's sister, Amara, as she travels through the adventures of Merlin and discovers magic and love. Can her views change? Can she recover from bet...
Boy From The Woods by IgnatiousTheWarlock
Boy From The Woodsby Perrin
Arthur Pendragon has always trusted his father's opinion of sorcery. He has witnessed, first hand, the atrocities Camelot's enemies could commit with the aid of magic. H...
Merlin shorts and such by rain-bowsandpup-pies
Merlin shorts and suchby rain-pies
Merlin shorts and such from the BBC show Merlin. Some shorts might have Merlin and Arthur as lovers or just as friends. As well as that, some shorts might just have Mer...
Secrets of the past - Prince Merlin fanfic by writingwiizard
Secrets of the past - Prince Laura
When Merlin had arrived within earshot, Arthur asked: "What took you so long?" "I'm sorry, sire." Arthur frowned, he had been waiting for a sarcastic...
Merlin and human Aithusa: Short Stories by CheeckyNifflerNum1
Merlin and human Aithusa: Short FiverDown
Here are some short stories involving Merlin looking after Aithusa as a little toddler (and in some, child). The artwork for the front cover is by, I believe, whimsycat...
Married Life by squigly2404
Married Lifeby
Based in the BBC Merlin universe with one small twist based around the character of Gwaine
Robin Hood (A Pendragon Story) by pfall30
Robin Hood (A Pendragon Story)by ρfαℓℓ30
Robin of Locksley is determined to protect villages all around the kingdom. Nothing stands in her way as she faces Sherif of Nottingham and many other threats. Until she...
Merlin: Dawn of the Dragonlord by highempress
Merlin: Dawn of the Dragonlordby
Complete. When Arthur, Merlin and the knights are trapped with no hope of escape, Merlin is forced to reveal his magic. His reaction after the reveal takes everyone by...
Scion of Lost Magic (Merlin x Reader)  by AstralShadows
Scion of Lost Magic (Merlin x Evie Looshen
You lived a relatively normal life until slave traders raided your home. Four years in captivity passed. And things are about to change. You join Merlin on adventures a...
Luminescence ✺ Arthur Pendragon by ProudToBeSarcastic
Luminescence ✺ Arthur Pendragonby Eva Fhutivych
"For both sides of the coin to reveal their full potential, a light must shine on them." ------ [Merlin - Season 1+] [Arthur Pendragon x OC]
Merlin's Lost Tales (Merlin One-Shots) by Ro-bow
Merlin's Lost Tales (Merlin Ro-bow
Welcome to Merlin's one shots A new world full of mini stories built around our favorite characters ! All rights belong to BBC Cover is not mine
I'm sorry - a merthur story by QuIeTTTTTTTT
I'm sorry - a merthur storyby ShutUpImReading
We all know how it went, until Freya died, but what happens when Arthur finds out? When he finds out how Merlin had fallen in love with someone...else...? A continuation...
More Than A Servant by MaddyLib_21
More Than A Servantby MaddyLib_21
*Starts out in the same timeline as Servant Of Two Masters* Merlin and the Knights are out on a trip, when they are suddenly attacked by a group of bandits. Merlin ends...
The Truth Untold》Merlin  by lovethebreeze
The Truth Untold》Merlin by lovethebreeze
She's the Princess of Camelot. He's the servant with magic. What could go wrong? [Cover by DamnSalvawhore.] [Season 1.] [Disclaimer: I only own Calysta and her plot.]
When Wonder Turns to Closure (Merlin S.6 AU) (Merthur) by femalevilliandeku
When Wonder Turns to Closure ( JustaSmallTownGirl
Merlin waited 1500 years for someone he believed to be lost. He was the last of Albion, and he was done waiting, no matter the heartache it caused him. So he started a l...
Bound by MaddyLib_21
Boundby MaddyLib_21
Once again, Arthur and the knights make the wonderful decision to go on a hunting trip. To no one's surprise, something is bound to go wrong. They are met with an ambush...
Far Away Reality by 24azentner
Far Away Realityby Abbyz14
I don't own BBC Merlin or any of their characters. I only own any added storylines and my OC's. Arthur Pendragon x OC (Season One- ) "Have you ever wanted to live...
Butterflies by averagefangirlxo
Butterfliesby averagefangirl
*Used to be called Merlin's Magic* Changed the name because I didn't like it. This is just a cutesy little Merthur fic for people who don't want to read anything too cr...