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Aurora Barbossa (A Pirates of the Caribbean Story) by Melanie_Rosen
Aurora Barbossa (A Pirates of Melanie
Jack Sparrow was not the only one who made a deal with Davy Jones to become Captain of the Black Pearl. Barbossa, too, was involved in a deal that resulted in his rise t...
Missing Sparrow by E_louise2006
Missing Sparrowby Esme Louise
Madeline Sparrow was found washed up on the beach of Port Royal one night by Elizabeth Swann. Ever since that day she has been raised by the Swann family. What will happ...
Narcissa Barbossa and the Curse of the Black Pearl by MissyQueenofEvil7
Narcissa Barbossa and the Curse MissyQueenofEvil
Narcissa is the daughter of the fearsome pirate, Captain Hector Barbossa. However, Narcissa hasn't seen him since she was 8 years old after the death of her mother. She...
Pirates Life For Me by jaz4bo14
Pirates Life For Meby JazboSecrets
Pirates Of The Caribbean.(cabin boy) Robbie Kay. Fanfiction * Do you know the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow? Did you know that he had a sister? Captain Scar Sparrow,Co cap...
Collector of Odd by CaraLinae
Collector of Oddby Cara McWilliams
When Tia Dalma brings along a friend to retrieve witty Jack from Davy Jones' locker, an odd friendship blooms between the strange woman and the many pirates. She's a das...
His Beloved (Cutler Beckett x OC) by CherryBombBabe101
His Beloved (Cutler Beckett x OC)by CherryBombBabe101
Annora and Beckett have been close since they were young, and once they're reunited things get serious and intense..
𝙇𝙤𝙨𝙩 𝘼𝙩 𝙎𝙚𝙖{𝘿𝙖𝙫𝙮 𝙅𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙨}✔️ by xxomultifandomxoo
𝙇𝙤𝙨𝙩 𝘼𝙩 𝙎𝙚𝙖{𝘿𝙖𝙫𝙮 𝙅𝙤 Xxomultifandomxoo
Having a brother like Jack , Clarissa would always have to sort out her older brothers issues but what happens when she has to board the Flying Dutchman in exchange for...
Baby on board the black pearl by elaidarose
Baby on board the black pearlby I am me
A baby washes onto the black pearl one night. Jack discovers her importance and decides to keep her. However as normal for Jack, nothing goes to plan as he's marooned by...
A Pirate's Life For Me: Captain Jack Sparrow by ASongOfIceAndFandoms
A Pirate's Life For Me: Captain (On Hiatus)
I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean. All rights go to the Disney company that gave us these wonderous movies. I only own Johanna and (Y/n) and her story, savvy? Book on...
Why? (Jack Sparrow x F!Reader) by beriadan_
Why? (Jack Sparrow x F!Reader)by Aleks
[Currently editing it if you spot a typo please comment. I might take a while cause laziness.] The Curse Of The Black Pearl You smiled sweetly "I love you too"...
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Captain's Daughter  by DeppheadedDarling
Pirates of the Caribbean: The DeppheadedDarling
Aggie is a six year old girl that was fished from the sea by a fishing vessel when she was less than two years old. She has no memory of her past and no family to speak...
Tough Girl: A Jack Sparrow Story Savvy? by Kakashi828
Tough Girl: A Jack Sparrow Story Kakashi828
Pirates of the Caribbean does not belong to me but my own made up parts do. This is the first book in the Tough Girl series. Enjoy the story mates!😎
Pirates of the Caribbean: Barbossa and the King's Messenger (Book 1) by ShahbanouSheherazade
Pirates of the Caribbean: ShahbanouSheherazade
A 2014 WATTPAD FEATURED STORY. First her uncle betrayed her, then Hector Barbossa tried to kill her. Now Nina Bitter wants revenge on them both. Will Jack Sparrow help h...
Determined Love of the Sparrow by ErinLindsay902
Determined Love of the Sparrowby Erin
Second in the Sparrow's Love series. ------------------------------------------------------- Maria Barbossa is back. She's out to find her true love Captain Jack Sparrow...
Sail With Me? - Captain Jack Sparrow x reader/oc by HerL1brary
Sail With Me? - Captain Jack Cupid
When all hell breaks loose at Port Royal including piracy and secrets of the past, Will convinces his best friend Elianna Miller to join him and a pirate who she despise...
Sword of Death by EWinters
Sword of Deathby Elizabeth Winters
Isabelle Marie Swann had a simple life. The second daughter of the governor, best friend to a blacksmith, and a proper lady. Of course, that is in til she gets put in ja...
The Devil's Temptress: The Curse of the Black Pearl || Jack Sparrow by houseofflies
The Devil's Temptress: The Curse houseofflies
The fog, it followed them. It haunted them, like they haunted these waters. A suffocatingly thick blanket of chimney smoke coloured mist was forever wrapped around them...
The Pirate's Life by Le_Crooked-Man
The Pirate's Lifeby Le Crooked-Man
Ever wonder what the life of a pirate was like? What it was like to sail the seven seas? Well, let me tell you all a tale, a tale of a man by the name (Y/N) (L/N). This...
Pirates of the Caribbean: At the Edge of the World by DeppheadedDarling
Pirates of the Caribbean: At the DeppheadedDarling
(Sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Chest of Secrets) Maggie and Captain Jack Sparrow are now stuck in Davy Jones Locker, lucky for them Will Turner, Elizabeth Sw...
The Devil's Temptress: Dead Man's Chest || Jack Sparrow by houseofflies
The Devil's Temptress: Dead Man' houseofflies
Nicolette has escaped the noose and escaped the curse but now finds herself in Tortuga, mortal and alone and wanted. What happens when a familiarly wet face tracks her d...