Area 51 (Nanbaka: Jyugo x reader) by kyralovesanime
Area 51 (Nanbaka: Jyugo x reader)by カイラロヴスアニメ
(F/n)(L/n), a 16 year old female aka inmate number 51, currently incarcerated in Nanba prison for infiltrating Area 51. Though originally placed in a juvenile prison loc...
  • criminal
  • hajime
  • comedy
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Sinsworld by T0rdB0i
Sinsworldby Red Leader
  • tomtord
  • straight
  • fandom
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18 (Sequel to 15) HS by Soccer1D
18 (Sequel to 15) HSby Sam
It's been almost three years since I bumped- no sorry "tackled" Harry Styles. Ever since that day it's been crazy. I guess that comes with being associated wit...
  • 18
  • pittsburgh
  • british
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But It's You by afa2706
But It's Youby syafarian
15+ Sikap orang dewasa. Jujur pada perasaan. Sesulit itu kah? Dimana bahagiamu kalau begitu? Hanya rasakan sedalam-dalamnya lalu kau temui sebuah jawaban. Rasa yang mas...
  • lengkap
  • selesai
  • phobia
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Forever// tododeku by tododxku
Forever// tododekuby Shrek
(Soulmate AU with NO quirks) "Promise to love me forever?" "Pinky promise."
  • bnha
  • 15
  • myheroacadamia
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The FEAR (Jyugo x Wercaz!Reader by kokouwe
The FEAR (Jyugo x Wercaz!Readerby ON HIATUS
Jyugo, Nico, Rock, and Uno, all get a surprise with an unexpected new cellmate. A cellmate with interesting features, and personalities. What will these four think of th...
  • wolf
  • shadow
  • wercaz
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Fifteen || A Griffin Gluck Fanfic by elysianthomas
Fifteen || A Griffin Gluck Fanficby elysianthomas
16-year-old Seraphina St. Cloud narrates how she survived being 15 which she believed to be the age wherein you're most naïve and gullible. Being a smart and advanced st...
  • narrator
  • griffin
  • thomasbarbusca
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Don't fight with your Hyung by Jiyous
Don't fight with your Hyungby Jiyous⚔
BTS jsou jako každá jiná skupina v Korei. Ale jednou se pohádá jeden ze tří nejmladších členů, se svým Hyungem. Jak to mezi nimi dopadne ? Budou se k sobě chovat zase n...
  • yoonkook
  • namseok
  • taejin
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How Does A Bad Boy Fall For A Nerd?[NamJin+15] by SugaIcedTae
How Does A Bad Boy Fall For A Nerd...by Jason
Namjoon was the bad boy of the school while Jin was a little nerd who barley had any friends.
  • btsfanfic
  • 15
  • exo
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The Angel of Death by Bruno_Espinoza
The Angel of Deathby Bruno
~DEATH- 1: is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. ~ IMMORTAL- 1: is living forever; never dying or decaying That's funny and so iro...
  • changing
  • death
  • boy
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rocks lil sis ( jyugo x reader) by _s0r4_
rocks lil sis ( jyugo x reader)by kawaii potato :3
Nanbaka!!!!!! U rocks lil sis. Things happen. Idek wut will happend XD FIRST FIC°W° it goes with the nanbaka anime story thingy
  • 15
  • xreader
  • 25
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Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo] [DISCONTINUED] by Jacqueline_Yandere
Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo]...by Yandere_Inmate_13
A forbiten love betwen Guard and prisoner, But one of them just use his Lover to get what he want, Right? Jyugo was his whole life in prison. Without even know why he is...
  • hajime
  • 25
  • enki
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Kings and Roses  by PaolaCosta12
Kings and Roses by Paola Acosta
Santana Rose was kidnapped by her father's high school enemy when she was three. She was adopted by a family who abused her repeatedly. She was nearly raped. She was mis...
  • newyork
  • italian
  • man
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15 & Pregnant by KaylaJaNae474
15 & Pregnantby Kayla JaNae
Ray'Khiya a 15 year old girl caught up in her love life disobeyed her mother and had a child ended up staying on the streets.
  • raykhias
  • story
  • pregnant
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S.E.N.T.U.H by Soojiad
S.E.N.T.U.Hby Kimsoora
Aku cuma seorang manusia. Aku cuma seorang gadis pada mulanya. Aku cuma seorang manusia yang lalai. lalai dengan agama aku. Tapi aku tahu dosa, aku tahu mana perbuatan m...
  • cinta
  • syaitan
  • dosa
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That Girl [Noctis Lucis Caelum] by MissingAngels
That Girl [Noctis Lucis Caelum]by Goof
That girl with the sparkling guys and the gentle personality. That girl with the big eyes and the happy disposition. That girl with the uncertain future.... Aspen was a...
  • fox
  • fantasy
  • romance
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I Am Gracie by AikoGraywolfe
I Am Gracieby Aiko Graywolfe
Meet the young girl Gracie Reed, in the life you'd never expect anyone to have. The stories she can tell is shocking to many and would come off as insane to normal peopl...
  • creepy
  • experiments
  • teen
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GET AWAY!! by Jizzielover9303
GET AWAY!!by Jizzielover9303
This is the story of a girl who has a creepy ex-boyfriend. Ever since she broke up with him he was out to get her. He said if she got with him again he wouldn't kill her...
  • 15
  • falec
  • itsfunneh
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I'm No Cinderella (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by christinar101
I'm No Cinderella (UNDER CONSTRUCT...by Christina R.
15-year-old Clarissa Adams has always found comfort in her music, her true passion and her worst nightmare. But when her life clashes drastically with Sky Williamson, th...
  • comingofage
  • spreadyourwings
  • cinderella
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enamorandome de mi mejor amigo Amor o Admiracion [Frakkun] by Usagi_lacie
enamorandome de mi mejor amigo Amo...by Haruhi
rakkun es una joven de 22 años, que ha participado en una serie llamada FIVE NIGHT AT FREDDY'S HIGH SCHOOL (mejor conocido como Fnafhs :v) en un dia de junta entre los a...
  • 15
  • frakkun
  • rakkun
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