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Forgotten Lovers (Sonadow) by Hollowbery
Forgotten Lovers (Sonadow)by Mocha
Two experiments were conducted to serve Maria Robotnik, but their stay on the ark was far from good. Both wanted to escape Earth along with Maria. G.U.N saw these experi...
My werehog ♡ (sonadow) by Kylie_heartssonic
My werehog ♡ (sonadow)by Sonics #1 fan ★‼️
Shadow had just gotten off of work from GUN after doing all the missions he had to cover for Rouge and omega, he had to go and grab some groceries while he was still out...
Its not just a dare, I swear! by SpellGurl
Its not just a dare, I swear!by Armin The Arlert
A lemon filled Sonadow where Sonic tricks shadow into doing something *cough* Kinky *cough* with him and it all starts off as a joke, at least for Shadow it does. Sonic=...
Accepting you (Sonadow) by Camio_09
Accepting you (Sonadow)by Camio 09
Sonic gets turned into a girl. Shadow has feelings for Sonic but Sonic doesn't know if it's because he's a girl.
Quills by WowThatsPrettyGay
Quillsby WowThatsPrettyGay
After Eggman's experiment goes wrong, Shadow and Sonic find themselves in quite the situation... Contains: Sonadow Rape Gore
Fatigue [Sonadow] by fishy_0202
Fatigue [Sonadow]by Fishy
"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain," these words fall out as he smirked. ------ It has been years ever since Me...
Sonadow Underground: Eggman  by TheEpicOne2296
Sonadow Underground: Eggman by SoñĘp1ç
After Dr. Robotnik is defeated and Queen Aleena takes back the throne, his last attempt at anarchy leaves the queen in a coma. Sonic, taking most of the blame (even tho...
our little secret~ by kaulitztwinsc0nd0m
our little secret~by kaulitztwinsc0nd0m
Sonic x shadow (sonadow including sex). Sonic was running to his class late he couldn't believe he over slept when he bumped in to shadow...
Are These Feelings Love? ~Sonadow~ by KiranFox246
Are These Feelings Love? ~Sonadow~by Kiran Fox
Sonic starts to realize he has feelings for Shadow. And Shadow is confused about his feelings towards Sonic. Are these feeling love?
My Heart Races for You - [SHADOW x SONIC FANFIC] by fndms_4_ur_fantasies
My Heart Races for You - [SHADOW Fandoms for your Fantasies
Sonic gets a strange letter in the mail from Shadow. Little does the blue hedgehog know, his counterpart has something to tell him that he'd never expect.~
Sonadow One-Shots by -pumpkin_spice-
Sonadow One-Shotsby Angel
A whoollleee bunch of Sonadow one-shots. Requests are accepted too. Rules: •No sexual abuse •Sonic will be the Uke (Sorry, but I prefer writing him as the uke) •Lemons A...
Sonadow generations by SonicDomic
Sonadow generationsby
Sonic x shadow generations but with LOVE
Your with him?! by ScarletPervert
Your with him?!by ScarletPervert
Sonic has had a rough week. His girlfriend Sally broke up with him, Tails is giving him the silent treatment, and he finds something about his black and red counter part...
sonic x shadow  by AnastasiaOsborn
sonic x shadow by Anastasia Osborn
spicy~ plus shadow is bottom IM SORRY😭
Forgive Me (Sonadow) by SonicLoverUwU
Forgive Me (Sonadow)by Sonadow 👌
When Sonic, Shadow and Rouge are sent on a mission to find Rosy the Rascal, things take a turn for the worse.
Love Potion (SonAdow) by BlueLeader_
Love Potion (SonAdow)by BlueLeader_
Shadow goes to visit to Eggman. When the doctor gives him a liquid and has him drink it, he later on tells it is a love potion that will make him more open towards his c...
The Master's Problems by MephyChan
The Master's Problemsby Mempis
Sonic is a student in a very prestigious college. The place where it can only be applied by rich and powerful young adults. In his college it is optional to bring a serv...
The Power Couple (Sonadow One Shots) by ReclusiveRedPanda
The Power Couple (Sonadow One ReclusiveRedPanda
This is a collection of fluffy One Shots that I've written for my all time favorite Sonic ship. So if you love Sonadow as much as I do, then this book is perfect for you.
How Could You Forget? (SONADOW) by BlueLeader_
How Could You Forget? (SONADOW)by BlueLeader_
Sonic and Shadow have been dating for a while. They love each other very much. Everything is perfect. Until one day. Team Sonic is fighting Dr. Eggman once again when So...