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In Times Flow by OhNoMySphaghettiOs
In Times Flowby DatBoii
Imperial year 1159 a nun of Garreg Mach monastery dies mysteriously during child birth leaving behind her beloved daughter Byleth. In a turn of events her Father attempt...
Dhampir↠ Vampire Academy by KaitlynRae99
Dhampir↠ Vampire Academyby Kaitlyn
"Shadow-Kissed Belle. You are bond to Lissa and it's up to you to help her." Isabelle or Belle Hathaway is a Dhampir girl who along with her sister, Rose; are...
DIMITRI by stardust_unicorn
DIMITRIby stardust_unicorn
[COMPLETED STORY ✔✔] "Who are you?" her voice quivered betraying her. His black orbs met her dull grey ones, he let the side of his lip curve up, like a smirk...
Vampire Academy Adventure❤️ by laylacm2
Vampire Academy Adventure❤️by Layla
This story is about how the novices and Moroi students go on a camping trip. There are adventures with Rose and her friends, including Viktoria- Dimitri's sister. Dimitr...
Vampire Academy:  Adrian Ivashkov's New Ending with Rose by VAcademy6
Vampire Academy: Adrian Ivashkov'...by Arya Eve
Did u ever wonder what would happen if Adrian Ivashkov and Rose Hathaway were to end up together? Find out in this story starting from the night after there Romantic eve...
The Silent Hunter by JordanJas
The Silent Hunterby JordanJas
It has been 4 years since Dimitri said "Love fades mine has" , Rose has left court and has become more than she has ever been. Until now she has stayed away bu...
Outside The Lines [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Outside The Lines [boyxboy]by Jen
Sarcastic Theo is just trying to get through his senior year of high school with his sister Thalia and his best friend Oliver. But Theo’s life gets flipped upside-down w...
Dimitri's Daughters by Writer20161
Dimitri's Daughtersby Gone.
*Third book* When Dimitri suddenly disappears, Sage and Sara must step up and face their own problems while leading the kingdom and saving their father. But what happen...
His Experiment [FIRST EDIT] by TalatheWolf
His Experiment [FIRST EDIT]by tala
The world took a turn for the better. There were less problems, less diseases, and less to worry about. Or that's what He told her. Experiment Arcelia 14786 was Hi...
Dimitri's Lesson by Writer20161
Dimitri's Lessonby Gone.
Jason's past comes back with a vengeance. As he spirals into the darkness of depression, Dimitri decides to become a father figure to him and teach him a valuable lesson...
Dimitri's Point of View in Vampire Academy (VA fans) (Book 1) by LittleDhampir18
Dimitri's Point of View in Vampire...by Shelby Petrie
The powerful blend of human and vampire blood flows through Dimitri Belikov, making him a Dhampir. Dimitri is dedicated to a dangerous life of protecting Moroi from the...
Je t'aime ~a hawk X reader story  by willthewise124
Je t'aime ~a hawk X reader story by willthewise124
hello there my name Annie Edwards and I was the cousin of Sam larusso, we have hated each other ever since we were in 3rd grade all because she liked a boy. We are now b...
(Requests Closed) Fire Emblem Three Houses One Shots!  by hildawifey
(Requests Closed) Fire Emblem Thre...by rei
if you're requesting: please check the requests tab for the important stuff you should know! <3 if you're reading: i hope you enjoy yourself! <3
Undying Love (A Vampire Academy Fanfic) [UNEDITED] by VABrallie_
Undying Love (A Vampire Academy Fa...by Mariam
Join the journey of Rose and Dimitri's love for each other. Please forgive me about my writing in the first few chapters.I know its bad.Mostly in Rose's POV. UNEDITED be...
My Blood Or My Love? ✔️ by DonnaWiyada
My Blood Or My Love? ✔️by Donna Wiyada
Highest Ranking: #7 in Vampire 19/07/2016 COMPLETED Book 1 of the MBOML series. How would you feel if you were suddenly kidnapped off of the streets at 18 years old and...
The Elemental Hybrid by Sherbear1984
The Elemental Hybridby sherri reed
Rose and her twin brother have 2 diffrent birthdays and years, her mother hates her because of what she is and her mate rejected her before getting to know her. What wil...
The Kidnapped Bride by PrettyShattered
The Kidnapped Brideby PrettyShattered
Alice is a normal girl living in a scary world. Scientists have created a new species called the Ys. They are inhumanly gorgeous men who kidnap girls and women to be...
The Deadly Blind Neko ( Malé blind Neko x fire emblem three houses girls harem) by Arthurpendragon285
The Deadly Blind Neko ( Malé blind...by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
in the monastery they being Heard rumors about a new transfer student would Join the house either black Eagle,blue lion and Golden dear, but when they meet the new stude...
The Mafias Princess  by _Shhh_Im_Reading
The Mafias Princess by Bay 🌺
The Mafia world is the Devils playground. Where demons come to play, where monsters are real, where only the strong survive and the weak die. However, even though its th...
Fe: Three Houses x Reader One Shots by cloudnaut
Fe: Three Houses x Reader One Shotsby 𝚂𝙾𝙵𝚃
Hello and welcome to my pit of boredom. I can't really say much about this since the title says pretty much all of it. Uh... what else? Oh, right. You can request as lon...