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Reverse (A Original Creepypasta OC Story)  by cosplayerphobia
Reverse (A Original Creepypasta Cosplayer Phobia's Stories
This story is about my OC I created a while ago, and published a story for her. This story will be the official story for her. Jade was a normal girl, like anyone else...
How to Make a Good Creepypasta OC by EndraDragon
How to Make a Good Creepypasta OCby Endra
Have you ever felt like your characters aren't good enough? Do they rely on outdated tropes? Do they not stand out among their peers? Do you wish you knew what motivated...
Pose for the Encyclopedia by DarkAngel6021
Pose for the Encyclopediaby Underworld-Angels
Another creepy pasta story by 666Underworld666, edited by darkangel6021 (cover created by darkangel6021) This one takes place BEFORE Slenderman Household.
Father scenarios  by Anonymouscreepy12
Father scenarios by Anonymouslycreepy
Request are welcome Characters 💥Candy pop💥 🧸Jason the toymaker 🧸 💔Nathan the nobody💔 🖼 Bloody painter 🖼 🍭 Laughing jack 🍭 😡Liu/sully😡 🇲🇽🌶Puppeteer🌶�...
My AU Creepypasta Headcanons PART 4 by CancelSanity
My AU Creepypasta Headcanons PART 4by Jeffrey
I haven't even been on this app for a year and we're already at the fourth book.
How to make a good creepypasta OC (reviews closed!) (old, like REALLY old) by DragoNet661
How to make a good creepypasta DragoNet
I'm tired of seeing Mary Sues and tired of people judging to hard on OCs. So I made this book to help people planning to make OCs.
My silly art book  by SnuggleBunnz
My silly art book by 𖤐𝙺𝚒𝚗𝚔 4 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚘𝚜𖤐
I... uh... this is just my art...i...if you wouldn't mind taking a look that would be super rad and kewl of u ÓwÒ. B nice tho...please
Yandere Various Creepy pasta x OC[DISCONTINUED] by Inklingarch4603
Yandere Various Creepy pasta x OC[ InklingArch Productions
Lena Warren is the halfling daughter of Zalgo . When she was born, her father swore protection for her. Before the creepypastas developed an obsession with her, and swor...
Wendell x Daisy (Smut & Fluff Book) by ashantaevili1
Wendell x Daisy (Smut & Fluff Book)by AshyAshes
I didn't think I'd actually do something like this, but um, here's something for y'all. This book is just gonna be something fun for me to do in my spear time or wheneve...
The Silver-Tailed {hiatus} by TheSilverNeko
The Silver-Tailed {hiatus}by Ms. Neko
I've always been alone, even since the beginning, I prowl these woods I have come to call home. Parents have become something I have no need for. Abandoned because of my...
Ticci Toby x OC by TwistedAlien
Ticci Toby x OCby JustAnotherAlien
What happens when Ticci Toby finds someone who can control fire? This is a romance between Moonstone, a girl that can control fire, and Ticci Toby. (This story of pretty...
•A key to my memories• {BOOK |} [Reader x Slender fam by Paintress_animator
•A key to my memories• {BOOK |} [ Paintress_animator
"We didn't know we were making memories, we were just having fun" a simple girl looking for some friends, such a simple wish yet with grand consequences. She m...
Art Book 2! by D-DOLL-DEMON
Art Book 2!by 🖤💜Lyra Rogers💜🖤
My old one was over 120 parts so new one
The Girls With Evil Eyes by BakaYukiko
The Girls With Evil Eyesby Yukiko
TW. this book contains blood, violence, swearing and some seggsual content (not a lot). There were 2 sisters one who's 17 years old and 16 years old. Both of them though...
Only human - Eyeless Jack X OC by EvuneLea
Only human - Eyeless Jack X OCby Evune Lea
My name is Lily. My mother died at childbirth and my father is abusive. I understand I'm talking plainly about a terrible topic, but it's hard to express my feelings. I...
† everything i hate about creepypasta † by carrotcakewithblood
† everything i hate about actual child
I love creepypasta. But I also hate it. 🎀 rantbook, contains both silly little things and more serious(?) issues 🎀 pink is my theme. because everyone in this fandom cl...
The Lullaby Singer(creepypastaxocxreader) by Hina_Kurayami
The Lullaby Singer( Love you all
Hơi xàm một tí vì nó dùng để thỏa mãn trí tưởng tượng của au Cấm Xem Chùa
Ring Around Rosie (My Creepypasta OC) by MiaAdams26
Ring Around Rosie (My Just dead.
Ring around the Rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ouchie, Ouchie, You all fall down.
[] A r T ~ b O o K [] by Toxic_Sheepz
[] A r T ~ b O o K []by .Bum~Dearest. (´﹃`)
The wonderous drawings made by yours truly. :>