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Ragdoll Maker by CakeEater4
Ragdoll Makerby Cake
He lurks in the shadows, taking the souls of the discontent children whom he wishes to befriend. He climbs into their bedroom and steals their hearts away, tucking the s...
Misfortunate Accident | Creepypasta by nakimedova
Misfortunate Accident | Creepypastaby Nakime Dova
Young Brandon just finished high school when he applied as an intern at a facility located deep in the forest. This facility appeared as a scientific corporation where t...
Choices: Jessica the Ghost by nakimedova
Choices: Jessica the Ghostby Nakime Dova
Jessica is a normal girl living her normal life. Unfortunately, she never had any friends and suffered from loneliness during her teenage years. What happens once really...
My Original Character Book by Allen_the_Weeb
My Original Character Bookby AllenWrites
A place for me to jot down my OCs. Mainly used to tag for other roleplays, but feel free to explore. Ya boy accidentally deleted the OG book, so welcome to the 2.0 versi...
I thought it was hot,so it's now a smut  by Clownwh0rem
I thought it was hot,so it's now ZsasZ Rabbit
Hi! My name is Rabbit and basically I have no idea or no set direction on where this is going 😭 it's all honestly just for fun so I'm not taking this too seriously.Anyw...
Art Book 2! by D-DOLL-DEMON
Art Book 2!by 🖤🔪Bea🔪🖤
My old one was over 120 parts so new one
† everything i hate about creepypasta † by carrotcakewithblood
† everything i hate about kgt87ydyuhbkkg/opgkc.g/’/;/
I love creepypasta. But I also hate it. 🎀 rantbook, contains both silly little things and more serious(?) issues 🎀 pink is my theme. because everyone in this fandom cl...
The Secret of Blackwood (Creepypasta/Slenderverse) by DarkAngel6021
The Secret of Blackwood ( Underworld-Angels
When Nancy Gale was eight, she was involved in an unknown attack that left several children brutally murdered, leaving those that survived either injured or traumatized...
Creepypasta Headcanons [My AU] - Book 5 by AwkwardWritingPotato
Creepypasta Headcanons [My AU] - Nick/Niki 🌸
Pls read the other books before this-
Jeff the Killer x Reader: Stay Awake! by BrideofCipher
Jeff the Killer x Reader: Stay BrideofCipher
After two years of having your memories erased, Ben comes back to return your memories to help scout out the evil he predicted. An assassin is on the hunt for you, and o...
Yandere Various Creepy pasta x OC[DISCONTINUED] by Inklingarch4603
Yandere Various Creepy pasta x OC[ Inklingarch Productions
Lena Warren is the halfling daughter of Zalgo . When she was born, her father swore protection for her. Before the creepypastas developed an obsession with her, and swor...
Jessica the Ghost | Creepypasta [origin story] by nakimedova
Jessica the Ghost | Creepypasta [ Nakime Dova
Jessica is a girl who was lonely most of her life. Being lonely for so long left a bad impact on her mental health, suffering from depression and loneliness while growin...
Father scenarios  by Anonymouscreepy12
Father scenarios by ChrollosMine
Request are welcome Characters 💥Candy pop💥 🧸Jason the toymaker 🧸 💔Nathan the nobody💔 🖼 Bloody painter 🖼 🍭 Laughing jack 🍭 😡Liu/sully😡 🇲🇽🌶Puppeteer🌶�...
{CreepyPasta} Lifeless Lucy Reference Sheet by Nightmarequeenkasei1
{CreepyPasta} Lifeless Lucy Bianca Ramos
New 2020 reference sheet of my creepypasta oc Lifeless Lucy
CREEPYPASTA OC REVIEWS by carrotcakewithblood
CREEPYPASTA OC REVIEWSby kgt87ydyuhbkkg/opgkc.g/’/;/
Do you fear that your OC sucks? Well - let me see and I'll write you paragraphs. 💀 I'm critical, but do my best to stay reasonable. (I won't call your OC a Mary Sue for...
{CreepyPasta} Reboot Lifeless Lucy by Nightmarequeenkasei1
{CreepyPasta} Reboot Lifeless Lucyby Bianca Ramos
This is a reboot of my CreepyPasta character Lifeless Lucy. It's been 5-6 years since I made her old story. This new story has 2 added characters along with Lucy's new...
Creepypasta/Marble Hornets Oneshots/Head Canons by r0vvan
Creepypasta/Marble Hornets Rowan
cover art by me via PicsArt just a fair warning a lot of this will probably just be shit I make up so don't get pressed about this not being exactly canon- uh idk what e...
•A key to my memories• {BOOK |} [Reader x Slender fam by Paintress_animator
•A key to my memories• {BOOK |} [ Paintress_animator
"We didn't know we were making memories, we were just having fun" a simple girl looking for some friends, such a simple wish yet with grand consequences. She m...
Donkey Grandma (My Creepypasta) by 0GabrielaTheCorpse0
Donkey Grandma (My Creepypasta)by Gabriela Corpse
This is the story of a creepypasta I created, I'm just doing this for fun, so I hope you like it and I apologize if it sucks :,3 Updates every weekend ^w^)!