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His Gift to Her (Mary Sue Series) by DreamEater5384
His Gift to Her (Mary Sue Series)by Monochrome
His mask fell at her feet, cracks evident of its soon-to-be short lifespan, but its structure still in one piece. With unsteady hands, she picked up the mask he always s...
The Innocent Murderer (Mary Sue Series) by DreamEater5384
The Innocent Murderer (Mary Sue Monochrome
"Y-you killed everyone!" she sobbed, staring at me in horror. "You're nothing but a murderer!" "No, I'm not. But even if I were, I wouldn't car...
What Am I In The Naruto World? (Naruto Fanfic With Other Crossovers) by Animeheeelo
What Am I In The Naruto World? ( Frozen Snow
A teenager, Kyoko Aiuchi is a hardcore weeb. And when I say hardcore I mean HARDCORE. She has watched so many animes like One Punch Man, Naruto, fairy tail, BNHA and mor...
A soul above the rest (Avengers soulmate story) by QueenOfRhododendrons
A soul above the rest (Avengers Polygon Dust
Update on January 24th In a world where people have their soulmates mark/s on their body, Flora has found herself in a hole with a soulmark number far larger than anyone...
The Big Book of Mary Sues (NEW SUES WEEKLY) by TheMarySue
The Big Book of Mary Sues (NEW The Mary Sue
Mary Sue: (noun) an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character with little to no flaws. "Mary Sues" is a book chock-full of those characters we love t...
A New Mystery at 221 Baker Street by AnyaStin
A New Mystery at 221 Baker Streetby AnyaStin
Alice Whitmer is thrilled to be journeying to London. On her first day in her new flat, she meets Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. What surprises Sherlock is that Alice...
Hawtness by whatsawhizzer
Hawtnessby Whatsawhizzer
Vampires, Angels, and Demons, Oh My! Jane's life will never be the same when she stumbles onto Hawtness, the ten sexiest guys at Fairmont High, and finds out they are hi...
Kinda Sane ~ /Villian Deku\ (Paused) by Just_Read_Fanfiction
Kinda Sane ~ /Villian Deku\ ( Shirley Temple
What if everything caught up with Izuku? All the name calling, bullying, and threats decide to mess with him. Especially after the sports festival. Rumors were being s...
System Reborn : Don't be a Mary Sue by SkaneScarlet
System Reborn : Don't be a Mary Sueby SkaneScarlet
Every religion has it's paradise, some believe in heaven, some in hell, some in the limbo. However, there is a place above designed for those who created life. For those...
Reborn as Bella's Twin(Discontinued) by miyu567
Reborn as Bella's Twin( miyu567
(Discontinued,just warning you now!) Seriously my writing is bad and I stopped this for a reason. Reyna Elizabeth Rose is isabella swans twin. Her family thinks she is j...
Naruto Fanfiction Cliché's by -aesuki
Naruto Fanfiction Cliché'sby Reina
Just a rant book... nothing more or nothing less. You can agree or disagree but remember, these are opinions. Read at your own risk || examples of awful fanfics is post...
The goddess (Naruto various x reader) by do_fairieshave_tails
The goddess (Naruto various x Anime obsessed freak
A young angel finds herself in the naruto world with no knowledge of what to do but to be herself, but when random boys start falling for her, it only adds to her confu...
How to Make a Demigod: A Percy Jackson Guide by Kidatash
How to Make a Demigod: A Percy Liandri Groenewald
Want to make a Demigod for the amazing fandom known as the Percy Jackson fandom? want to make sure that brand new demigod you're making is completely Anti Mary Sue? we...
Cliché, Cliché Everywhere by DeviantWriter19
Cliché, Cliché Everywhereby Lizzy
My lovely Wattpad rant book, focusing on multiple Cliché and over used tropes with enough salt, pepper and olive oil to appease Gordon Ramsay. Ever reach a point in lif...
KOMOREBI (Aoyama-kun X OC) [ KIN
KOMOREBI Def. Roughly translates to the sunlight that filters through the trees In which Ayame Sora is reunited with her childhood friend, Aoyama, the clean freak. (cove...
Mary Sue And Gary Stu Wonderland  by Velenka09
Mary Sue And Gary Stu Wonderland by Velenka09
This is a book filled with overpowered Ocs aka Mary Sues and Gary Stus!! Note: This book was made for fun. All characters are done by me. Neither do I not own the cover...
Dumb Book Moments by MyNerdyEscape
Dumb Book Momentsby MyNerdyEscape
These are just some dumb moments in books I've picked up. This 'book' includes dumb moments from fan fictions, school cliché's, super natural people and many more. War...
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Overrated | The Voice France / MIKA / OC by immorallycasual
Overrated | The Voice France / Immorally Casual
[Finished, editing in progress] See that girl on TV? That's me. I'm just a girl with a lifetime crush on Mika. I came to The Voice to see him. I didn't expect to go this...
Mary Sue OC Diss Book by ohheckity
Mary Sue OC Diss Bookby [inactive]
This is a diss book for @Crystal_Opal_Author's OCs. If you like her OCs don't read. Thanks to @ArtiRox for making the cover. She's awesome!
If It's For Her, I'll Do Anything (Beyblade Burst Various x Reader) by Moonshade061706
If It's For Her, I'll Do (On Hiatus)
Ever since she was a small child, (Y/n) had always been working with beyblades, and even was a blader herself! She'd always been into the sport, even if it wasn't by her...