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Overpowered by LoveDominantWomen
Overpoweredby Submissive Dude
Upon clashing against the new female student (Y/n) Bakugo learns to accept his limits... and learns how much he likes to submit. !CONTAINS SMUT!
Smutty smut smut  by CherryVampireLipsss
Smutty smut smut by Queen Smut
yk what you clicked. If you don't like it, don't read it please!! Includes all kinds of kinks. Lmk what you guys think
The Boy On A Leash (Official) by BabyWorm94
The Boy On A Leash (Official)by S.J.M.
I lean in so I can whisper in his ear. His breath hitches. "However I want?" He nods enthusiastically. "However you want~ Just please ah~ fuck me!" H...
Tied up  by bl33ding_alexander
Tied up by Alexander.
A 19 year old nerdy boy named Andy meets a beautiful 23 year old woman named Jess at a party. Jess takes a liking to the boy almost immediately and she takes him out on...
Fucker of weak, pitiful men by anon_writesmut
Fucker of weak, pitiful menby anon_writesmut
A young woman trapped in an unsatisfactory relationship discovers her love for domination. She turns over a new leaf and starts a new career - and life, as a dominatrix...
Mint by Here4WeirdStuff
Mintby Here4WeirdStuff
Just a bunch of short stories I wrote. Im not the best at writing, so, sorry in advance if things are worded weird! *Warning* Some of them are potentially graphic? Most...
the subs fun day out.. by H1sM1str3ss
the subs fun day H1sM1str3ss
Please be mindful this is my first book so it may not be as interesting as others. I hope you enjoy <3 It's a story about a girl : Ellie And a guy : cal Ellie is a...
Little Sub And Mommy Dom by GhostWalket
Little Sub And Mommy Domby GhostWalket
a story of a female dom and male sub NSFW
A female dom and her male sub  by _KURXXED_
A female dom and her male sub by JJ.xx_cx
This may not be a long story but here it is😭hope all of you enjoy!!!
(ON HOLD)Prostitution by Etsu_Loves_Mochi
(ON HOLD)Prostitutionby Etsu's_Mochi
(Currently rewriting the first few chapters.) In Japan, 18 year old Hiroshi Kim was getting ready for his first job, which was being a prostitute. His first client was...
Falling Fast by Brianna120506
Falling Fastby Brianna120506
What will happen when a human falls in love with an angel? I guess we'll see...
Prompts by Masochistic-Nyx
Promptsby ur gay
Hiya! This is my place to dump the prompts from my roleplay posts incase they ever get taken down! If you'd like to find the posts in full, with he images I based them o...