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She's the Lost Princess Of Airidom [COMPLETED] by deathqueen_WP
She's the Lost Princess Of Megumi
PREV TITLE: MAGICAL ACADEMY (SCHOOL OF MAGIC) : THE LOST PRINCESS OF AIRIDOM "Do I really know myself?" -Sapphire "Don't just look, be an observant"...
  • fantasy-romance
  • magicusers
  • fantasy
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Is it because you love me? (BoyxBoy) by xHug_Mex
Is it because you love me? ( Teddy
Rhaine practically gives up on life, because his life sucks. He got saved by a vampire one night and offers himself to be used by the vampire prince who is about to be a...
  • war
  • mpreg
  • vampire
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The 1.000 year Great Sage by krushandkill
The 1.000 year Great Sageby krushandkill
History says that each 1.000 years, a Great Sage is born. One that can control amazing amounts of Magic. And in this world with so many different races, that Great Sage...
  • fantasy
  • beastkin
  • comedy
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Enchancia: The Lost Princess by ivys_youth
Enchancia: The Lost Princessby Ivy's Youth
Bella Lesly Taylor is her name, you think that her life is perfect but her life is more than imperfect, She always live in lies, you will never imagine her life Can sh...
  • family
  • immortal
  • filipino
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Goddess of the Night by Neverforget85
Goddess of the Nightby E.M.T. Vang
My name is Thea. I always had vivid dreams about vampires and magic-users. Now, I find that those dreams were not dreams after all.
  • love
  • magicuser
  • vampire
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Ziward Academy: Bloody-Red Eyes by Swagger_Quinn
Ziward Academy: Bloody-Red Eyesby S&Q
Amari Jester, a young girl who is living with her poor parents. Even though they are poor, she is happy living with her family. Not until one night, a night that makes h...
  • btsv
  • taennie
  • medieval
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Empyreal: The Cursed Emperial  by SeleneKlare
Empyreal: The Cursed Emperial by K. J. Lucero
In a world unknown to mortals, lies a world of extraordinary beings. A world filled of horror, power and joy, the world of Empyreal. A world unseen by mortals soared hi...
  • magic
  • power
  • vampires
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Emrione Academy: The Lost Princess by parkchaehyung
Emrione Academy: The Lost Princessby 🌙
Emeralde Allysia Montero. Isang babae nakatira sa Mortal world. Pero paano nalang kung nalaman niya na may power siya at isa siyang prinsesa? *** Started: May 16 2017
  • village
  • school
  • taglish
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Enchanted Academy: The Adventures in Enchanted Garden by Madaam_clara
Enchanted Academy: The TheGirlWhoCantBeMoved
Calling all the Gifted Children and people to come here in our little garden and discover our Nice And amazing World. Discover our Secrets Here ... Are you Ready come ...
  • romance
  • fantasy
  • storyyouwilllove
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Litail Academy: The Lost Princess Of Anthemia by Moonlight_cin
Litail Academy: The Lost Cin
Keira Thatcher is just a normal nerd, mahilig magbasa nang libro and things that nerds do, syempre hindi mawawala ang mga bully. She's living happily with her so called...
  • friend
  • family
  • truefriends
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Demon Lover by Alecxis_Powers
Demon Loverby Alecxis
Kristin is a girl who attends a school called Wyldwood High with her older brother, Ethan. Ash is a bad boy and something much, much more evil. It has been nearly six mo...
  • fantasy
  • demons
  • romance
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The Long Lost Powerful Princess Of Antasia by kookie07336736
The Long Lost Powerful Princess Jetty the jet
Isang babae na Maganda,Matalino,Mabait,Caring,pilosopo, Nasa kanya na ang lhat .Hanggang isang pangyayari na dumaan sa kanyang buhay na nag pabago sa kanya at napadpad s...
  • demons
  • love
  • goddess
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Sakura Academy The Lost Moon Princess by Chihaya_sakura
Sakura Academy The Lost Moon Chihaya_sakura
The princess was lost 18yrs ago when she was born,they hide the truth she wasn't exactly lost her mother the queen gave here to his sister in law when she was born. She...
  • princess
  • fantasy
  • family
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The Warriors (Individual Roleplay) by RoleplayQueen1
The Warriors (Individual Roleplay)by RoleplayQueen1
This is a individual roleplay because i cannot fo group roleplays to save my life. Well anyway Welcome!! Continue reading...dont leave yet.
  • thewarriors
  • demons
  • rp
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Mardhunt: The Long Lost Mardhunt Princess by Miss-Roissa
Mardhunt: The Long Lost Mardhunt Miss-Roissa
Reisa Turquiose Blue Condez is her name, ang babae na may imperfect na buhay. Her life is not as perfect as you think. Siya ay isang emotionless heart pero laging ginig...
  • princess
  • mardhunt
  • power
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Kira by CharmedShinsei
Kiraby CharmedShinsei
Kira Kazuma, a prodigy mage-in-training. When her father goes missing due to unexplained reasons, it sets off a chain of events which lead her not only to her father but...
  • magic
  • magic-users
  • amnesia
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Blood-Feud by sellersjr
Blood-Feudby Bob Sellers
Welcome to the Weird Wild West of New York City Horsepower here is measured in hands or hooves while the caliber of weapon that you have on hand can make the difference...
  • were-wolf
  • magic-users
  • magic
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9 Souls by user05468233
Thousands of unique magic users scattered throughout Górthlórk , one of the impressive ice holders writing about her quest. All began from the Great Lords of L...
  • action
  • fantasy
  • creatures
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What unites us all by MadameLolita
What unites us allby MadameLolita
The world is separated into 3 different groups ,magic users,Pirates, and outlanders. Now a threat just might kill them all except for 3 Herod who probably will survive!
  • dragons
  • cats
  • magicusers
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Crown Of Fire by LeahStorey
Crown Of Fireby 🐰 Lelia 🐰
~'For those who have courage never perish in misery'~ 'A giant booming swoops down above my head, hidden by the thick trees above me, the clinking of chain against metal...
  • magicusers
  • world
  • medievaltimes
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