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Is it because you love me? (BoyxBoy) by xHug_Mex
Is it because you love me? ( Teddy
Rhaine practically gives up on life, because his life sucks. He got saved by a vampire one night and offers himself to be used by the vampire prince who is about to be a...
Two Cute Humans And Five Hot Demons by Underworld_Phantom98
Two Cute Humans And Five Hot Demonsby Phantom_Alice98
Ava Phoenix (made up her last name) and Evelyn Raven have been roommates for a few months before their lives get turned upside down when five demons or 'Daemos' entry th...
The Shadow: An RWBY Fanfiction (By Jack_DeathBringer) by Jack_DeathBringer
The Shadow: An RWBY Fanfiction ( The Dark Angel
After being betrayed, Y/n Revus only had one more option. He turned to a friend, one named Ozma. However, instead of being met with someone he could lean on, he was met...
Randy Cunningham: 9th grade ninja (Julian x Cunningham's Sibling! Oc) by Goddessoflovelyness1
Randy Cunningham: 9th grade Goddessoflovelyness1
Randy Cunningham aka the Ninja gets a partner: Miko and it's his younger sister Rihanna. Rihanna is a very kind and generous girl who does well in school and she is a pe...
Wedding of the Dead by lilladynight
Wedding of the Deadby Mari Baltes
All know the story of the bride who could never be - left to die the night before her wedding - and the vow to wait until someone would come and save her from an eternit...
The Mythical Academy by yxonna
The Mythical Academyby Yvonne
A 16 year old girl who were a student of MA for over 3 years already. What was she planning??? Wala siyang kapangyarihan hindi tulad ng mga mag-aaral sa MA. Pero bakit...
Crown Of Fire by LeahStorey
Crown Of Fireby 🐰 Lelia 🐰
~'For those who have courage never perish in misery'~ 'A giant booming swoops down above my head, hidden by the thick trees above me, the clinking of chain against metal...
Satus [Persica Academy book 1] by EmmeMajor
Satus [Persica Academy book 1]by Emme Major
Persephone Bellerose is ten years old and about to be deported from her homeland of Rabi. Sent to the magic continent of Haile, she is enrolled in the beautiful Persica...
Werious Academy (The School For The Mahji) by IamPaulaMarie
Werious Academy (The School For ♡My Euphoria♡
The Feather of Justice Series: Book One Magkaiba ng pinagmulan ngunit iisa ang layunin. Pinagtagpo ng tadhana para sa iisang tungkulin. Ang hanapin at ibalik ang babae...
Hyper Heroes Trilogy by Dayah120
Hyper Heroes Trilogyby Dayah120
This will hold all three books to this series. Enjoy! ~~~~ The year is 2099, and it's been almost four years since I died. Its been almost five years since I was Abigail...
Academy Of Magic by erialc_adamra
Academy Of Magicby erialc_adamra
A girl who doesn't know who really she is
Magic Academia: Dreams by Da_Apple123
Magic Academia: Dreamsby YinGZ1
Ranboo was a nobody. Ranboo hadn't realized just how safe he was being a nobody though. Until he was no longer a nobody, and that safety was gone. (Magic User High Schoo...
United|Teen Titans  by quinnsfiles
United|Teen Titans by Quinn
A group of teenage superhero's Known as the Teen Titans live together in a T-shaped tower to protect people from evil Miles Potter is an meta-witch protecting the city W...
The Strongest Adventure Can't Talk by Calamity95
The Strongest Adventure Can't Talkby Calamity95
Called the cursed child from birth, Maria has led a lonely life, being treated more like a slave than a daughter. When marriage is forced on her, Maria cannot take it an...
Followers of Arcahn by Posiden1234567
Followers of Arcahnby Matrix
Hundreds of years ago a meteor shower created a second moon in the sky called Arcahn. This moon then blessed the world with a phenomenon known as arcanum. This arcanum b...
The Warriors (Individual Roleplay) by RoleplayQueen1
The Warriors (Individual Roleplay)by RoleplayQueen1
This is a individual roleplay because i cannot fo group roleplays to save my life. Well anyway Welcome!! Continue reading...dont leave yet.
Scene in an Inn by CarolinaC
Scene in an Innby CarolinaC
An assassin confronts a magic user. I didn't dream this, exactly; I woke up thinking it.
The 1.000 year Great Sage by krushandkill
The 1.000 year Great Sageby krushandkill
History says that each 1.000 years, a Great Sage is born. One that can control amazing amounts of Magic. And in this world with so many different races, that Great Sage...