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Queen of Spirits by mykingdom4
Queen of Spiritsby mykingdom4
What if there was a force even more powerful than the king of spirits? What if there was a queen of spirits that now lived through a girl from the human world? What if t...
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Hunted by midnight-disaster
Huntedby midnight-disaster
“Most women died seventeen years ago when The Disease came. But I didn’t. I survived. And I’ll keep on surviving. No matter what it takes. No matter what I have to give...
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The Unexpected Scene by KharisGo
The Unexpected Sceneby Kharis Go
A Shaman King FanFic. Yoh Asakura & Anna Kyouyama pairing. Story originally posted on, created by Stupiak Kitty 2011
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30 Theme Challenge by HatterReloaded
30 Theme Challengeby Hatter
A theme challenge of 30. Each chapter is supposed to be a drabble (less or at 100 words) but I usually end up making ficlets... Ranges over differing fandoms.
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The Shaman of Sexy - John Morrison by sunsetovrmonroeville
The Shaman of Sexy - John Morrisonby Sunset
This is only the beginning of this story. Tell me what you think and there will be more!!! This was just a product of sudden interest in demons and an addiction to John...
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Ren's Pet [Shaman King Fanfiction] by EminemVSMnM
Ren's Pet [Shaman King Fanfiction]by EminemVSMnM
A Shaman King fanfiction about a shaman and his pet, Socks, going into the Shaman Fight together. Shaman King, Ren, and all other characters involved, with the exceptio...
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Law of the Lawless by RandyKobelt
Law of the Lawlessby The ShiftingBard
Life is not always what you want it to be. Being different can make that more difficult and even harder to fit in at times. A world in turmoil after a devastating dis...
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Shaman King: Oyamada twins! by Toraokami
Shaman King: Oyamada twins!by Toraokami
A girl finds herself reborn in the Shaman King series and is the younger twin sister of Manta Oyamada. She finds herself being pulled into the story line against her wil...
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The Agnostic Shaman by KESchillerWright
The Agnostic Shamanby KESchillerWright
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Blessed Warrior: A Short Story by StormGoddess
Blessed Warrior: A Short Storyby StormGoddess
Deep in the Amazon Rain Forest, there was a hidden cave that held the secrets of one long gone native tribe. The cave walls are lined with primitive drawings of bloodbat...
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A Guide to the World of Transformice by Xxventurian
A Guide to the World of You can't kill me, I'm alread...
Transformice isn't as simple as some people think. There are many things that just can't be learned so easily. All the game says is that you are a mouse and you need to...
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Harmony Between Angels and Demons by SilentWords
Harmony Between Angels and Demonsby SilentWords
Harmony is just your average girl: kind, friendly, a B- student, and did I forget to mention a witch? Well, at least that's what she thought she was, until her sixteenth...
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Amazon Princess by Stella101
Amazon Princessby Stella
Eve is a is a villgae girl who wants to go to a place where women are seen as equals and her prayers are answered when she encounters the Amazon Warriors, who take her i...
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Dark Hybrid: The Mystics by Ladyxkerrigan
Dark Hybrid: The Mysticsby LadyxKerrigan
Victoria Ardriad is a Mystic on a mission. After her eldest sister, Elizabeth, the disowned heir of the Ardriad Clan had been exiled, she vows to find out the truth abou...
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Some Nonsense and Unfinished Ideas :) by mis4-2n8
Some Nonsense and Unfinished Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (...
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Not Quite Human - Book 1 of Werewolves Downunder by robbigee
Not Quite Human - Book 1 of robbigee
Kasey lived in Sydney all her life, for part of it she'd even lived on the streets. This was her town, her home! She had good friends and even if she didn't have a grea...
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The Sister by The_Emo_Spectrum
She was taken away, when hao was taken, by the spirit of a fox who took the form of a human. Inola is going to the town where yoh meets our favorite midget! Will they fi...
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Totem by sigrist
Totemby Adam Sigrist
Magic. Nature. Technology. For ages their gods have been at peace but now the flow of power has been disrupted and there's only one person who can set things straight. A...
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