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ERROR by khxlix_03
ERRORby khxlix_03
Angel Rodriguez is the daughter of a very powerfull man named Robert Rodriguez. She has everything any girl ever wanted. But she also has a secret no one knows about. B...
[Treasure Haruto fanfiction] It's you again huh?  by Atinyspark
[Treasure Haruto fanfiction] It' yuki's ♡ albedo
"Yes it's me I fell in love with you and that's why I'm here.. Again" [Rankings] #6 maffia #159 Jihoon #109 treasure #3 Watanabe #290 Asahi #41 Hyunsuk #6...
A maffia fiuba szeretve/+18/ by random_gir
A maffia fiuba szeretve/+18/by random_girl
‼️❤️Kitalált történet,taltalmaz trágád beszédet és +18-at,ha kíváncsiak vagytok hogy egy lányba hogy szeret bele egy maffia vezér tartsatok velem❤️‼️
black lace - mattia polibio by writesforpolibio
black lace - mattia polibioby rip
avery adair is an individual who was abandoned by both parents. she lived alone for so many years and used to everyone leaving . she is very neat and keeps up with every...
My Maffia Boss {Jungkook Fanfiction} by Sandraghh
My Maffia Boss {Jungkook Sandraghh
its a cold winter day i'm walking home, its dark and scary.
The Devil's Desire by gbreanna
The Devil's Desireby Papiculo
"Who the hell are you and why are you in my house?!" she screams before being forced to the ground. Ezekiel's hand roughly latching itself over her mouth "...
The Mafia and Me by imaginestoriess123
The Mafia and Meby Stories
This story is about Madison and her life in the Mafia. She will meet new people, learn alot about the Mafia. Life always has his own challanges or struggles what will ma...
Blood Tears  by Same_Anime
Blood Tears by Sam
A 16 years old boy with a lot of trauma and sitting in the maffia. everybody has powers to protect themselves. but this boy is something else.
тнє мαfια вяσтнєяѕ~𝕧𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪𝕜 𝕡𝕖𝕟𝕒! by njtrio_hoodieboyz
тнє мαfια вяσтнєяѕ~𝕧𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪𝕜 𝕡 amor 🤪
кσвє,ναℓℓук,∂єяєк αи∂ мιкє αяє fяσм α gαиg "мαfια" αи∂∂ тнєιя αяє ѕтяι¢т яυℓєѕ 1.fσℓℓσω ιиѕтяυ¢тισиѕ 2.кιℓℓ αиу σиє ιи уσυя ωαу 3.∂σ иσт fαℓℓ ιи ℓσνє 4.∂σит тα...
Love games by Latenightshit
Love gamesby Latenightshit
What happens when you are stuck with 2 guys and your daughter?
Bad girl Vinnie Hacker by Swayhousestories4
Bad girl Vinnie Hackerby Daddy Hacker
A bad dangerous girl in a mafia gang happens to fall in love with the new kid in school but what about her reputation what about his reputation Also shoutout to my BFF...
Mafia Affair (Under abit of reconstruction) by dandan101
Mafia Affair (Under abit of Danielle
It started out as a simple dream that would get Kaitlyn out on her home and away from her parents. But what happens when something smashes that dream and slaps her furro...
maffia princess- Jaden hosssler by shyluv101
maffia princess- Jaden hossslerby shy
you live with your mom shes a druggie and she an alchoholic your dad died he loved you soooooooooooo much also my first story YAAYY
• 𝚖𝚊𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚊 • 𝑅𝑜𝑠𝑒 •  by kiki_hbt
• 𝚖𝚊𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚊 • 𝑅𝑜𝑠𝑒 • by kiki_hbt
This is a love story about a dude and a dudette... sorry I don't believe somebody actually reads this part so just read the shit Already... now... go Oh and my English i...
changing our lives by amyt3402
changing our livesby Amyt3402
It's 1986 and the location is set in down town of New York, Michael is the leader of a large and dangerous gang that has over 100 guys in it. Michael has been dating a...
The Maffia Princess by WritingLoverForLife
The Maffia Princessby WritingLoverForLife
What happens when the most feared gang leader in the world sets his eyes on Artemis Queen? Not to mention having icy powers and a rival gang. Will she climb to the top a...
Kbreezo Maffia 🦋 by hoodieboys__
Kbreezo Maffia 🦋by hoodieboys__
you will be kidnapped 💜 I will not tell anything else 😅❤️
Embrace by ElizabethPan16
Embraceby Lies
Emma moves from her comfort zone in The Netherlands to Houston, Texas. It is quite a big switch for her, but when she meets Robbie, a mysterious boy from school her life...
the purge || h.s by pagewastaken
the purge || h.sby rosa²⁸◟̽◞̽
A night where all crime, including murder, is legal for 24 hours, she finds herself alone on the most dangerous night of the year. With people hunting her down on all si...
Sweet as sugar and hard ice- Jaden hossler story 🖤😈💋 by jadenswaystorys
Sweet as sugar and hard ice- jadenswaystorys
A famous girl of billionaire goes on a trip with her BFF what happend when she meets the mafia mob boss , her little auttitide and his possession, will they stay as stra...