The Mafia Son

The Mafia Son

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LilTrashcann By LilTrashcann Updated 5 days ago

~"SHE HAS SEEN TO MUCH DOM!" He shouted in Italian. "WE... we can't just let her walk and snitch us out to the cops! We have to end her too!" 

"No! No I... I can make sure she won't talk, WITHOUT killing her!" I sissed back in English as I looked over at her.

Her arms were tugged back by some of my dads men, strains of her curly blond hair were sticked to her face by her tears. 

It looked weird in combination with her flower patterned dress that she wore for our night out.

"You won't have to put in al that effort if I just shoot her right now, we can hide the body and act as if nothing happened!"

"SHUT UP!" I cried out. "You're my borther Dante! Do you still not see that I love her?"

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