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admirer • jongho by atinyaura
admirer • jonghoby t
in which hyejin could only admire her senior from afar because apparently she's a coward +lowercase intended +short chapters, which explains the total 80 chapters +tw/ s...
The Nerdy Girls Are The Legendary Gangster by Narca_Fallen_Angel
The Nerdy Girls Are The Legendary...by Blue_Moon05
"The Nerdy Girls Are The Legendary Gangster.." Written by: Blue_Moon05 This story is all about, 4 girls that pretend to be a N...
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because of you ( chanbaek,  hunhan, dika) complete by MaytharaPhue
because of you ( chanbaek, hunhan...by Maythara Phue
ကျောင်းသား​ကောင်​စီဥက္ကဋ္ဌ always top 1​နေရာဗိုလ်​စွဲ​နေတဲ့ byun baekhyun ( with rectangle smile) ရန်​ပွဲတိုင်းအမြဲပါပြီးချမ်းသာတာ​ကြောင့်​ထင်​တိုင်းကြဲ​နေတဲ့ park cha...
The Mafia Son by LilTrashcann
The Mafia Sonby LilTrashcann
~"SHE HAS SEEN TO MUCH DOM!" He shouted in Italian. "WE... we can't just let her walk and snitch us out to the cops! We have to end her too!" "...
We Have Our Issuse bokugo x reader x todoroki{finished working On Next Book} by Yukarua-chan
We Have Our Issuse bokugo x reader...by Yukarua-chan
Y/N soul is a young short girl with issues love to sing and personality is aways changing. When she Mets a guy with the issue of sharing his feelings and another that ha...
Digimon Generations by ManyeWIRomeave
Digimon Generationsby Mãnye W.I. Romeave
This is my first story. It will make Takari official while also making other ships official. The ships are below but first I do not own any characters except Mãnye Ice...
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The Experiment by Your-Author
The Experimentby “This Is Fine”
(Tord doesn't know Tom, Edd, and Matt in this book) Tord, who is known as the head scientist for the Red Army, is the man that has always wished to become the leader of...
ITA WACECE?  by StarNucee360
ITA WACECE? by Nusaiba I Usman
Let see what is all about 💋
Hot Number 1(hawks x male reader) by The_UItimate_SlMP
Hot Number 1(hawks x male reader)by simpy
in a world where you y/n are the number one hero in europe , arguably the number one in the world because everyone loved you , i mean whats not to love Your considered...
Random Stupidity 5~~~ by KITTY08762
Random Stupidity 5~~~by Wasssssup
Love is . . . . .  by shweyi25
Love is . . . . . by shwe yi
Yibo + Zhan Zhan အခ်စ္ဆိုတာ ဘာလဲ? ကြ်န္ေတာ့္ကို ကြ်န္ေတာ္ေတာင္ လူတစ္ေယာက္ကိုဘယ္လိုခ်စ္မိသြားမွန္းမသိလိုက္ဘူး။ ဒီလူေႀကာင့္ ေပ်ာ္ရႊင္ရသလို ဒီလူေႀကာင့္ နွလံုးသားေတြ နာႀကင္ရ...
General Lee's Revenge by TheHighwayDreamer01
General Lee's Revengeby Little Dreamer
All Under One Roof stories put together in one big mass. I'm putting this here because I did the math and all three combined have over 50,000 words. So, yeah. Again, I d...
i married he or her?  by MaytharaPhue
i married he or her? by Maythara Phue
ဖြန်းးးး မင်းဒါဘာလုပ်​တာလဲ byun baekhee မင်းနဲ့ငါနဲ့ဘာမှမသက်​သက်​ဘူး Park chanyeol
Under One Roof - General Lee's Revenge by TheHighwayDreamer01
Under One Roof - General Lee's Rev...by Little Dreamer
I'm posting this here and now because I don't know if I'm ever going to finish it. I don't own any of the characters from the original Dukes of Hazzard series, nor do I...
NO TEARS TO CRY by Narca_Fallen_Angel
NO TEARS TO CRYby Blue_Moon05
Babaeng Pinandidirian ng lahat pero ng magbago ito lahat ng taong nagsabi sa kanya ng mga masasakit na salita ay parang isang statue na hindi makagalaw. nag-sisisi sila...
The Warrior Ashikabi by robinsonnathan81
The Warrior Ashikabiby robinsonnathan81
- I do not own Dragon Ball z or Sekirei- Mason was a kind-hearted kid, he lived in a rough neighborhood in the city of Chicago. one day on his way home from work he got...
Try Me - Boku no Hero Academia by nap_like_aizawa
Try Me - Boku no Hero Academiaby nap_like_aizawa
"Sometimes Katsuki, being my brother is better than being the Number One Hero."