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Incorrect Quotes and Oneshots ft. SAARC CountryHumans by Masquerader_01
Incorrect Quotes and Oneshots ft...by Probably Ray
Basically a collection of oneshots and stuff. Featuring the SAARC countries (because they're underrated and need love) (heavily) Inspired by @IhateOnions- and @AreebaDaz...
From fight to love💕 by kiara4nair
From fight to love💕by kiara4nair
hey guys for the first time writing a story. don't know how it will be . this is what came in my mind I just love this onscreen couple like crazy hence writing this one...
admirer • jongho by atinyaura
admirer • jonghoby t
in which hyejin could only admire her senior from afar because apparently she's a coward +lowercase intended +short chapters, which explains the total 80 chapters +tw/ s...
The Experiment by Reactier
The Experimentby If You're Straight, You're Not
(Tord doesn't know Tom, Edd, and Matt in this book) Tord, who is known as the head scientist for the Red Army, is the man that has always wished to become the leader of...
Beomgyu dan Minjeong, si kembar dengan kepribadian berdeda. "Choi Beomgyu sialan!" - Minjeong "Uww, kenapa Minjeongie cemberut begitu?" - Beomgyu &q...
The Mafia Son by Icarus_4122
The Mafia Sonby Icarus_4122
~"SHE HAS SEEN TO MUCH DOM!" He shouted in Italian. "WE... we can't just let her walk and snitch us out to the cops! We have to end her too!" "...
Kamen Rider Zero One x Azur Lane by RisingHopper01
Kamen Rider Zero One x Azur Laneby Cyrus
When the "Sirens," an alien force with an arsenal far surpassing the limits of current technology, suddenly appeared, a divided humanity stood in complete soli...
The Alpha's Luna by Meedah09
The Alpha's Lunaby Hameedah Usman
(I'm in a mafia..) You might think that is the baddest my life can be..but no babies.. (I'm mated to a werewolf)..#are those even real right?..# You might think that is...
Love is . . . . .  by shweyi25
Love is . . . . . by shwe yi
Yibo + Zhan Zhan အခ်စ္ဆိုတာ ဘာလဲ? ကြ်န္ေတာ့္ကို ကြ်န္ေတာ္ေတာင္ လူတစ္ေယာက္ကိုဘယ္လိုခ်စ္မိသြားမွန္းမသိလိုက္ဘူး။ ဒီလူေႀကာင့္ ေပ်ာ္ရႊင္ရသလို ဒီလူေႀကာင့္ နွလံုးသားေတြ နာႀကင္ရ...
Taehyung's Maid by YanunBTS
Taehyung's Maidby YanunBTS
Hello ~ So little warning in advance this is a Smut so 18 + ff so if you are younger than 18+ I do not recommend you to read XDBut this part is still Kinderfriendly XOXO...
The Rising Hopping Hunter(MegaMan X & Kamen Rider 01 by Iron8127
The Rising Hopping Hunter(MegaMan...by Iron8127
The year is 21XX... Mankind lives in peace and harmony not only with reploids,but also alongside humagears, special AI created by Hiden manufacturing. Until, reports of...
Symphogear x Kamen Rider Zero-One Rp! by Kamen_Rider_001
Symphogear x Kamen Rider Zero-One...by GrimReaper
simple rp of two amazing series!
General Lee's Revenge by TheHighwayDreamer01
General Lee's Revengeby Marie
"Outta the car." He ordered. They got out quickly, and stood behind the car, trying to protect themselves from Clayton. "I'm giving you a choice here Je...
The Crest of Innocence by Squirpsdolphin13
The Crest of Innocenceby Squirpsdolphin13
The ground begins cracking causing the section were we are standing to break off and fall towards the river with all of us screaming in terror as we descend to our doom...
ITA WACE CE? (Complete Book1) by StarNucee360
ITA WACE CE? (Complete Book1)by Nusaiba Ibrahim Usman
Let see what is all about 💋
Prometida Para Mim by AdrianRMoraes
Prometida Para Mimby AdrianMoraes
Conheça a história de Peter é Thalía, eles se conheceram ainda no colégio, a paixão veio a tona é então eles decidiram seguir em frente com esse amor, mas ao passar dos...
The book sky   [KHR] by llllllll-mmmmm
The book sky [KHR]by
Tsuna is tired of his family forgetting about him,it's time for him to form his own family Ten years after meeting an audited face, Tsuna embarks on a journey across in...
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Digimon Generations by ManyeWIRomeave
Digimon Generationsby Mãnye W.I. Romeave
This is my first story. It will make Takari official while also making other ships official. The ships are below but first I do not own any characters except Mãnye Ice...
THE ALPHA'S LUNA ✔  by Quin_01
Drake is the alpha of the silvermoon pack,his pack is the strongest pack in the whole world. Alpha drake is known as a fearless,strong and cold-hearted alpha,but is that...