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Under an Alaskan Moon (Completed) by scarlettMcLeod
Under an Alaskan Moon (Completed)by Scarlett McLeod
Colin Byrd searched unsuccessfully for his mate for many years. When he could not find her, his wolf took complete control and he became a rogue. He's wild, untamable, a...
  • romance
  • werewolf
  • rogue
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In Love With A Thug -August Alsina- by august_alsina_lover1
In Love With A Thug -August Alsina-by August alsina lover
We betta' stop playin', Before we mess around and someone gets hurt. I don't want nobody but you, kissin' on my tattoos. -August Alsina
  • drama
  • drugs
  • romace
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Behind These Walls  by Jahnaeeeee
Behind These Walls by Jahnaeeeee
Read to find out
  • loyalty
  • lust
  • aaliyahpetty
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Taking Chances  by jupiterscript
Taking Chances by naya 𓃰
Nayeli Bennet is a 20 year old girl struggling to get through college since her father has fallen ill. After selling their house and their cars, her family is forced to...
  • script
  • betrayal
  • family
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Her Secret Scars by The_Sky_Is_Blurple
Her Secret Scarsby The Chicken
I watched as a smirk grew upon his face and he clenched his fist. He then brought it up high aiming to punch me square in the face, as I stood still and calmly watched a...
  • secrets
  • alone
  • streetfighters
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My Cute Pup by annwritess1
My Cute Pupby annwritess
Elliot is such a cute boy. He is an omega werewolf. It means he is on the small side when it comes to other wolves. Elliot doesn't mind at all he likes being small. Elli...
  • completed
  • omega
  • boyxboy
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Southside With You  by NayaM1
Southside With You by Nm
Melanie and Carter are two different people from two different worlds. With every downfall that Melanie witnessed her sister experience, she's convinced that staying awa...
  • dark
  • different
  • drama
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Warrior of the Stars- Book one of the Jay Shang Chronicles by ItsOkToBeSmall_
Warrior of the Stars- Book one of...by Jordan
"Eventually, they formed their own great race of people, formed from citizens of many different countries. All of them, identifying as Kimanche - Chosen of the Gods...
  • adventure
  • wattys2019
  • action
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Alpha and the King  [bxb] by Mortal_Mikaelson46
Alpha and the King [bxb]by Daughter_Of_Hephaestus
Elois Barin Smith is half a vampire and half the Phoenix and yet he is the Alpha of a werewolf pack. The only heir to the Destructive Alpha. His dad forced him to train...
  • alpha
  • wattys2017
  • boyxboyromance
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Faith  by QVEEN-NADI
Read and find out
  • daveeast
  • wattys2018
  • blackinkchicago
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Serene Kinda Love by bxbygirlaij
Serene Kinda Loveby xo.aijalon
Serynity is always working hard.She works at her job, at school, and works to please others. With a bad and painful past, she strives to be an amazing person, but drags...
  • loyalty
  • hurt
  • urbanfiction
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Lethal (BWWM) by Anime_Angel1
Lethal (BWWM)by Angel Starlight
Angel's mother was killed by people who wanted to extract powerful Magic from her. Angel is a Uni-Hybrid like her mother. Angel is a highly trained assassin, killing any...
  • magic
  • wattys2019
  • sadness
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The Price Possession (Wattpad Featured List) by Stanlight
The Price Possession (Wattpad Feat...by Stanlight
Taylor Price, well known as a ruthless businessman and a shameless womaniser. Kate Dawson, reporter and sole care taker of her sick grandmother. One night and one carel...
  • wattys2018
  • dangerous
  • dangerouslove
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·His Lil Thug · NBA Youngboy Love Story· by Kentrell38Baby
·His Lil Thug · NBA Youngboy Love...by QUEEN😘💚
Kemoni Brooks moves to Louisiana, Baton Rouge. She's not your normal 18 year old. She has her MANY problems, trust being a major one. Her whole life turns even more wild...
  • ben
  • babymamadrama
  • slime
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Mafia's Secret by PsychoticTendencies
Mafia's Secretby PsychoticTendencies
They wanted her to be their weapon, and that she became. But at what cost? ---------- ~Warning~ Mature Content Violence Torture Explicit Language Psychotic behavior AG...
  • killer
  • runaway
  • don
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Queen of Disaster *Klaus Mikaelson by crackpotoldfool
Queen of Disaster *Klaus Mikaelsonby Crackpotoldfool
It takes something incredible to take Niklaus Mikaelson to his knees, and She just walked in the doors. Who is Wynter Gilbert? Andromeda's soul sister, Caroline'...
  • gilbert
  • thevampirediaries
  • loyalty
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Arranged Marriage  by penniebroekman1
Arranged Marriage by Penniebroekman1
******************************************* "No. I think it's a great idea. Then maybe I'll get the Queen that I was promised, not some little princess!" "...
  • drugs
  • arrogant
  • murder
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Alienus by KrazyObsession
Alienusby KrazyObsession
No one expected that it would happen until it did. Earth was dying. We, the few who survived the disease, were all contained in cells with artificial light and oxy...
  • alien
  • friendship
  • love
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Hidden Princess( The Compulsion Bride Series) Book 1 (Unedited) by asatabardo
Hidden Princess( The Compulsion Br...by asatabardo
Joshua turn to get a closer view of, his stepmother? Can he even call her that she was younger than him! She was staring at him like he was a monster. With those big bro...
  • prince
  • humor
  • historicalfiction
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Not Your Hero ✔ by DemonsFromAbove
Not Your Hero ✔by DemonsFromAbove
Athena said Loyalty will kill him. Loyalty will kill. Maelstrom will destroy. Mystique will torture. He is Perseus, the worst of them all. ----/----/----/----/ His name...
  • assassin
  • riordan
  • posiedon
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