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His Mate by Hazzastessa
His Mateby me, myself & I
Could completely different people attract? Violet McFarlane, sweet naive innocent girl, doesn't know anything about the outer world due to being homeschooled almost her...
  • alpha
  • innocent
  • surprise
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lovely // analogical by niclxo
lovely // analogicalby n i c k y
☆ O N G O I N G ☆ "Thought I found a way, Thought I found a way out, But you never go away, So I guess I gotta stay now." Virgil's the classic popular guy who...
  • thomassanders
  • logic
  • virgil
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manan-tum mere ho  by vernika_sharma
manan-tum mere ho by mananika 😇😇
There are two souls who are very engrossed in their life read the story to know that how they love each other and how they start their journey and ya manik is the boss o...
  • fanfiction
  • mukabhi
  • sisters
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behir ek pyaar kahaani ♥ by NehaBhavani
behir ek pyaar kahaani ♥by Neha Bhavani
What if mahir sehgal was not a successful businessman but a quirky and compassionate radio jockey ? What if bela sharma was not a sanskari housewife but a bold NGO work...
  • friendship
  • vish
  • surbhi
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Billie Eilish ( photos ) by ashaharris3
Billie Eilish ( photos )by Billieee
If you're ever bored at some point and want to look at pictures of this beautiful human being, here you go !!!
  • randomstories
  • oceaneyes
  • lovely
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⇸ ||Hybrid Jimin|| ⇷  by Sweet_PoTAEto_Jimin
⇸ ||Hybrid Jimin|| ⇷ by Sweet_PoTAEto_Jimin
Y/n was little at the time she met Jimin she saw him on the grown helpless she decided to take him.She didn't know he was a hybrid but it didn't matter to her as the yea...
  • cute
  • xreader
  • jimin
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My Lovely Jerk {Completed} by TheRiverRunsDeep
My Lovely Jerk {Completed}by Savvy
You ever been tricked? You know, had someone make you believe something entirely different from the truth ... No? Well, I have and let me be the first to tell you it suc...
  • memory
  • dream
  • lovely
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MARRIED TO A DEVIL by shambhaviee_13
MARRIED TO A DEVILby shambhaviee
| Highest Ranking |#20 in ROMANCE | | Completed | 04-12-2017 | "Because of you i lost my brother, now i'll make your life a living hell! I promise you that you'll b...
  • handsome
  • rude
  • merciless
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Lovely ∝ Thomas Shelby by Skaiheda
Lovely ∝ Thomas Shelbyby Jen•••
"You've already lied once tonight." He spoke, his eyes never leaving mine. I finally looked away from him, taking a sip from my glass. His eyes were still on m...
  • hate
  • tommy
  • shelby
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My notebook  by Sushi_Lifu
My notebook by Choco♡caramel
Go read inside if you want but if this [something] disgust you then don't comment and leave me alone...
  • family
  • animals
  • girly
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The Campus Royalties  by fayeroxanne
The Campus Royalties by Roxanne Faye
#5 HIGHEST RANK IN TEENFICTION Girls and boys sabi nila may VS daw pero sabi nila OK na daw: Ang mga Royalties sa iisang school ay mag aaway away?At nang dahil sa dadati...
  • campusroyalties
  • yuri
  • xander
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Assassin's Posession  by niahouston
Assassin's Posession by NiaHouston
Instead of free bottle service at the club, Lanoir got blood and gore when she entered the dark alleyway. She never expected to see an assassination in progress or the f...
  • obsession
  • love
  • action
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obsessed. (billie eilish girlxgirl) by slutforeilish
obsessed. (billie eilish girlxgirl)by dragmedowntohell
billie put her thumb on my chin and closed her eyes. i see where this is going. book about luna's sudden obsession with billie eilish. an album and a concert later, obse...
  • dontsmileatme
  • fanfiction
  • billieeilish
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My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
  • kisses
  • eyed
  • yummy
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the toy of my master ♡ by MirajaneHime
the toy of my master ♡by Mira-chan
Author note
  • natsudragneel
  • anime
  • romance
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The Girl Can Fight?! by overllyextra
The Girl Can Fight?!by ª
Athena being classified as the school 'nerd' has been made to follow the basic standards. But what they didn't know is that she is a street fighter who is very violent...
  • owo
  • fightforlove
  • badgirl
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Down the aisle by Liv3004
Down the aisleby Liv
This is the sequel to "the coaches daughter" Sofia's dad is in a coma, and every minute she spends without him breaks her heart. All she wants is for her dad t...
  • romance
  • love
  • dad
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Destroyed (BoyxBoy) by xoxo_Prince
Destroyed (BoyxBoy)by Rickie Gee
" What the fuck you mean you leavin'? " he said, wrapping his hands around my throat. " Put me down, Jay! " I said in between breathes. " Pr...
  • husband
  • drunk
  • twisted
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The Nerd And The Bad Boy by IlovMurphy
The Nerd And The Bad Boyby Morgiebug
I'm not big on descriptions but I'll try. Here it goes: Alice-Mae was just a socially awkward nerd with a best friend named Chloe when Mr. Colten Bad Boy bumps into he...
  • badboy
  • stay
  • bestfriends
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