Nanny's Life [on hold] by missdianablue
Nanny's Life [on hold]by Diana
"I need someone who takes care of my children but also who prepare my clothes every morning , my breakfast and my children's breakfast and lunch, you're going to be...
  • lovely
  • nanny
  • boss
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MARRIED TO A DEVIL by shambhaviee_13
MARRIED TO A DEVILby shambhaviee
| Highest Ranking |#20 in ROMANCE | | Completed | 04-12-2017 | "Because of you i lost my brother, now i'll make your life a living hell! I promise you that you'll b...
  • mystery
  • suspense
  • rude
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Forced marriage by saharjamal1
Forced marriageby beauty_is_in_the_heart
Ranking- #1 in lovely 😊 ( 13/05/2018 ) " Yes? What?" I said annoyed, he called me and yet he is not saying anything. " Don't you have any respect? How da...
  • lovely
  • wattys2017
  • love
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My Lovely Jerk {Completed} by TheRiverRunsDeep
My Lovely Jerk {Completed}by Savvy
You ever been tricked? You know, had someone make you believe something entirely different from the truth ... No? Well, I have and let me be the first to tell you it suc...
  • memory
  • remember
  • lovely
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His Mate by Hazzastessa
His Mateby me, myself & I
Could completely different people attract? Violet McFarlane, sweet naive innocent girl, doesn't know anything about the outer world due to being homeschooled almost her...
  • alpha
  • innocent
  • mate
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Will Y/n be remained as a fan Jungkook met? Or someone he'll remember even when not around? (Maybe Y/n can even be someone special that he doesn't know he cherishes her...
  • cringe
  • bts
  • bangtan
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Jizzie| love at first sight by internallyxscreaming
Jizzie| love at first sightby Isobella
Lizzie has never had a boyfriend nor believed in love at first sight, Joel, on the other hand, has had many a girlfriend but can't find the right one. Lizzie hates life...
  • lizzie
  • cute
  • smallishbeans
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His New Possession by AMMYPluto
His New Possessionby AM.Pluto
"Here," he looked at me, annoyance present in his green eyes. "What?" I spat, "There's no way I'm wearing some metal bracelet with another girl'...
  • obsession
  • possession
  • lovely
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Lovely-Zane X Reader by birdline
Lovely-Zane X Readerby 『El』
"There's nothing like your smile. Sort of subtle and perfect and real. He said, you never knew how wonderful that smile could make someone feel." --------- Yo...
  • zanexreader
  • pdh
  • zane
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Crush Imagines | ✓ by indiscreetly_ashamed
Crush Imagines | ✓by indiscreetly_ashamed
✨10/2/16-Book reached #125 in teen fiction. 5/9/18- #1 in keepreading & #4 in lovely Requests Closed! Imagines created by a daydreamer "that was so emotional and de...
  • romance
  • daydream
  • wishes
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I love you (Tododeku) book 1  by well_hello_lovely
I love you (Tododeku) book 1 by Well hello lovely
" I see your sadness eating you up inside and it is slowly killing me because I can't do anything expect tell you I Love You And I hope that will be enough"...
  • anxeity
  • lovely
  • anime
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The Ro'meave Sister by birdline
The Ro'meave Sisterby 『El』
You are Y/n Ro'meave, Zane's twin. You drop out of collage after "the incident" and have nowhere to live... Well until your best friend from high school invite...
  • aphmau
  • garroth
  • orphan
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Sign here by unbroken30
Sign hereby unbroken30
Ryder is a wealthy business man, he's cunning, charming, all around American Dream but he's missing one thing, a woman. Not that he spends his night alone, or stay throu...
  • fun
  • jerk
  • dicks
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Sparkle Academy: The Spark Princess by Jang-Food
Sparkle Academy: The Spark Princessby Jade
Allyson Hart Aces is her name. Hart for short. She is a girl with a perfect LIFE and perfect FAMILY. You might think that she is PERFECT because of her Perfect Life and...
  • fantasy
  • jolly
  • magical
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The President (COMPLETED) by missbunny120
The President (COMPLETED)by Bunns
Jeon Jungkook and Jang Ye-eun recently started dating. Jungkook being the School President has a lot of meetings to attend and does not have enough time to spend with Ye...
  • members
  • lovely
  • stupid
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Amare (Hiro x Reader) by AsjavanWee
Amare (Hiro x Reader)by Asja van Wee
This is a Hiro x Reader, the title means to love in Latin. It is about (Y/n), who goes the Hiro every year, there she meets the whole crew. Later on there will be spoile...
  • bh7
  • bighero6
  • tamago
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Assassin's Posession  by niahouston
Assassin's Posession by niahouston
Instead of free bottle service at the club, Lanoir got blood and gore when she entered the dark alleyway. She never expected to see an assassination in progress or the f...
  • awesome
  • murder
  • stalking
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lovely | fillie by strangerthingsbinger
lovely | fillieby rose
in which two teenagers find each other and themselves. (lowercase intended) started: june 21, 2018
  • waves
  • spring
  • highschool
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To Love A Lovegood- DRUNA by Jester2Prank
To Love A Lovegood- DRUNAby Jester2Prank
[Completed] I walked into the Headmistresses office and was surprised to find a girl sitting crisscrossed on the couch. I didn't realize who it was until I looked closer...
  • harrypotterships
  • truelove
  • love
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by Illuminate_Mendes_98
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby Illuminate_Mendes_98
Collection of imagines and some smut about my favorite Canadian dork 💙 *No part of this book under any circumstances may be taken apart without permission from author.*...
  • romance
  • cute
  • fanfiction
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