Lovely ∝ Thomas Shelby

Lovely ∝ Thomas Shelby

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"You've already lied once tonight." He spoke, his eyes never leaving mine. I finally looked away from him, taking a sip from my glass. His eyes were still on me as I glanced back up at him and I held his stare this time.

"Well, that makes two of us, Mr Shelby." I spoke, inhaling a draw of the cigarette between my fingers before letting the smoke fall back out from between my lips, "Isn't it lovely?" 


"Isn't it lovely, all alone?
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone. 
Tear me to pieces, skin and bone. 
Hello, welcome home."

∝  Reviews  ∝

"This book is a masterpiece."

"This was SOOO good, yo I have been waiting for someone to write a fanfic in which the girl was was in the war as well for THE LONGEST TIME."

"Why is your writing so captivating?" 
- xXPastelXxGalaxyXx

"This book is literally so well written. I love their relationship and if anything breaks them up I will cry!❤️" 

"Omg This was really good, I absolutely love Effie and Tommy." 
- Nicolelovesya01


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