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Saved by ranger2008
Savedby Madison:)
Isabella Rose Romano A 13 year old to which love is something very unfamiliar to her. Having grown up in the foster system, it didn't come very often or in her case at a...
The Favorite Twin by Renee__D
The Favorite Twinby Renee__D
The one and only by Hellotherebooks
The one and onlyby Belle
Started: July, 30, 23. Finished: August, 15, 23. Time: 11:02PM Dabria is a 16 year old. Her mother took her away when she was only 3, but her mom cherished her. Dabria's...
She Changed For The Best (Needs Major Editing) by Renee__D
She Changed For The Best (Needs Ma...by Renee__D
The lost mafia princess by marvelsbestie1
The lost mafia princessby marvelsbestie1
The Giovanni's are the Italian Mafia. It is the most powerful mafia. For 8 generations the family have been trying to have a princess in the family but have been unsucce...
Unloved twin  by tayvioncreed
Unloved twin by tay_bay
Arora Amelia blake\Rossi and her twin sister Sophia Veronica Blake\Rossi was taken away from their family when they were two by there mother Victoria. Arora was abused b...
Secrets  by fictional_hubby
Secrets by Leona Lewis
Cecilia as young as 14 years she's been through hell and back. Alongside with her other triplets. One day she gets the guts to call the police. What happens when they fi...
The Guilty Ones by Pingu9003
The Guilty Onesby Pingu9003
ASR - The biggest mafia lord in India. He is ruthless, unforgiving and cold-hearted. He has no empathy or mercy. He kills first and then asks questions. He is one of the...
Scared And Scarred by bluewalls24
Scared And Scarredby bluewalls24
*Previously known as 'Lost' She was abducted and abused. She was scared and scarred. She was malnourished and mute. But above all, she was a fighter and a princess. A l...
Lost and found (mafia story) by SRxoTtD
Lost and found (mafia story)by SRXOTTD
|| ON HOLD !! || What happens if the girl he was in love as a child got kidnapped and then found 15 years later but no one knows it's her? Will they fall in love? or wi...
Lost (Found Sequel) by DontTellAuntieTasha
Lost (Found Sequel)by Just Keep Your Hopes Up
Sequel to Found. Loki and Sky Stark. The perfect soulmate couple. They finally found each other- but will it last? Or will the inevitable happen, tearing them apart? Wi...
A Little Whisper (A Lost and Found music studios fan fiction) by Bloodshade3
A Little Whisper (A Lost and Found...by
Yuna is a quiet and shy girl. She speaks in almost whispers when she is around strangers or people she doesn't trust. For now the only people she is comfortable around i...
Temporal Threads: A Journey Through Unwritten History by Sin_Sara298
Temporal Threads: A Journey Throug...by Sin_Sara298
In 'Temporal Threads: A Journey Through Unwritten History,' embark on an extraordinary odyssey with Archana, an ordinary student who stumbles upon an ancient artifact, t...
Whispers of Love (VinSter) by meowwning
Whispers of Love (VinSter)by Blueee
Riley who was a long-lost friend of Vinci. who he lost touch with each other over time and abruptly forgot about. As Vinci started his time at college, he met people wh...
Xavier's Obsession by sweetchoclate9
Xavier's Obsessionby rose
A Werewolf Erotic Novel. For Mature audience only. Xavier. He is sexy. He is hot. He is dominant. He is one hard Alpha. There are only two things he is interested in. On...
Lost and Found: Murder Drones Fanfiction by thetoaster1083
Lost and Found: Murder Drones Fanf...by thetoaster1083
UPDATED WEEKLY - UP TO CHAPTER 16 Ivan's on a trip to Copper 9 from Earth. He wakes up in a crashed space plane, and gets found by V and N. How will he get back? And is...
" We Met On The Air " | Ruikasa Story | by TsukasaZ_T3nma
" We Met On The Air " | Ruikasa St...by GAY
A ruikasa Fanfic ..again... (this was supposed to be on my one shots but I suspect it would be a little long()
track and trace // calum hood by fallacioushopes
track and trace // calum hoodby carol
this is book 2 of the lost and found series! please read lost & found before you read track & trace! :) after the hiatus, the boys finally released their new album and a...
I Finally Found You  by faridasversion45
I Finally Found You by Farida Tamer
This story is about a girl who remembers nothing and wakes up on an island she explores the island for days barely surviving but then...
Never Apart (Wild Kratts: Chris x (Y/N) x Martin) REWRITTEN EDITION by mbxwriter
Never Apart (Wild Kratts: Chris x...by mbxwriter
**DISCONTINUED** . . . You, Chris, and Martin have been best friends forever. You three were especially close, and have grown up to still be. You have a secret that no o...