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More Than A Friend (lost and found Lukeia) by Sapphire_diamond18
More Than A Friend (lost and found...by Bree Everlyn
Set after the confession of Luke's crush. What could have happened if Maggie saw the video as well. (Disclaimer) I did not create Lost and Found, I just created this v...
A Thousand Moments by wallxflowxer
A Thousand Momentsby Haley
One guy. One girl. Two irrevocably loud spirits. Jonah has been uprooted from the one place he was really starting to get along with - and now he finds himself stuck i...
Jiley: why me?  by fangirl200213
Jiley: why me? by fangirl200213
What happens when Riley Raymond gets fostered by a middle aged man and women, who have a 16 year old boy who likes to play.... Riley Raymond is 16 and has been in care...
Jiley:new chapter  by fangirl200213
Jiley:new chapter by fangirl200213
Sequel to Jiley:why me? Riley is finally back with her real family, shes in a relationship with James and everything is working out perfectly in her favour.... But will...
Still standing  by AnastasiaGibson7
Still standing by Missy
It's last year of school and there's a senior party everyone is going to be there, including your ex yep the one that broke your heart, had sex with your ex bestfriend a...
Lost N Found by PiceanSpice
Lost N Foundby PiceanSpice
"Anu, there's no other way now. You have to go to Mumbai to handle this project." Anaira was expecting this. She didn't want to go to Mumbai. She had left so...
Work Of Art - Lucaya  by sabrinaslucaya
Work Of Art - Lucaya by Hannah
When Maya has nowhere else to go she turns to Lucas Lucas hadn't seen Maya in over 4 years Can they become the way they were all those years ago
TNS and L&F instagram. by MrsNolet-Erlick
TNS and L&F instagram.by MrsNolet-Erlick
Just as if the members of the next step and lost and found had Instagram and other fun social media things?.
New girl by fangirl200213
New girlby fangirl200213
Riley is England's sweetheart, she is the worlds best dancer, singer and actor. Her parents are the richest of rich, they move to Canada so her mum can do more fashion d...
Different ~ (Suite Life on Deck/Riverdale crossover) by LuckyJ111
Different ~ (Suite Life on Deck/Ri...by Alex_writes
Jughead Jones is not who he says he is... He plays it off as if he is a bad boy detective, but no. On the inside, he is still the big nerd that he was before his brother...
My Soccer Boy by TheyCallMeRy
My Soccer Boyby Rylee
Summer and Bryce seem to have nothing in common, and the fact that they have to work together in class for a full year just repulses them. An attempt to try to bond outs...
track and trace // calum hood by fallacioushopes
track and trace // calum hoodby carol
this is book 2 of the lost and found series! please read lost & found before you read track & trace! :) after the hiatus, the boys finally released their new album and a...
The Next Step for Lost and Found by mockingariana_
The Next Step for Lost and Foundby Alishea
When both The Next Step and Lost and Found Music Studios have to merge for their showcase, their task is to collaborate and work together to put on a show that no one wi...
Parents? Not as you expected... by noletbainclark
Parents? Not as you expected...by NOLETBAINCLARK
What would it be like if Noah and Richelle's parents were not quite who you thought they would be? What if they happened to be people you know very well?...
Lost and Found: Sister by Cloverpool
Lost and Found: Sisterby Cloverpool
Hiccup is back where he belongs. At least, that's what he thinks. Now that he has the Dragon Eye and Toothless' new tail to worry about, he stays, more or less, put. H...
His Lost Love  by CrystalWings-
His Lost Love by CrystalWings-
"Aaron I'm trying to study, if I don't study now then I'll fail in my final exams" she said trying to sound strict and angry but her voice betrayed her as she'...
Lost by ShawMcKnight
Lostby ShawMcKnight
They come from two very different worlds, but tragedy brings them together. A future together is impossible because his life belongs to another. He's not allowed anyth...
Arshi by ElizabethMande
Arshiby Lizzy
Based on ippknd with some turns and twists The story starts from when Khushi finds out that Shyam is Anjali's husband and two timing her...
Loving The Indian Boy by CrystalWings-
Loving The Indian Boyby CrystalWings-
Vihaan Mehra is the guy that everyone thinks has everything and actually that's true but yet he believes that he is the most unfortunate man on the earth...there's just...
Angels of Death | Lost and Found | Zaray Fanfic by hannaxx15
Angels of Death | Lost and Found |...by Hanna
Zack meets Rachel in the orphanage when she's little. Not being like the other kids who turn and scream at him, he develops a friendship with her. After a night in hell...