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Unwanted -- Tony Stark's Daughter by lianne_nlx
Unwanted -- Tony Stark's Daughterby lianne_nlx
Tw: selfharm, suicidal thoughts, mentions of suicide and depression It's really bad so read at your own risk😭😭 Carmen Sophia Stark is the daughter of the famous Tony S...
The Lost Princess Of Blue Moon Kingdon by lovezord
The Lost Princess Of Blue Moon Atsushi Harumi Y.
An ordinary girl in the mortal world is just a nobody but she didn't know that she's the lost princess... And the special blue moon necklace is missing A blue moon neck...
Ayara's Stone "The Last Holder" by Azer_Pink
Ayara's Stone "The Last Holder"by Azer_Pink
Zandrea Francine Eriella Daven is a girl who just wanted to live a normal life, like no one cares. But one thing that she hated most enters throughout her life. T...
Torn Between The Past & The Present ♥ by StubbornlyImperfect
Torn Between The Past & The ∂єиιsє cℓαιrє ✌☯
"I'm gonna do everything to have her back." Cole said as he dipped his face into his hands. "I'm determined to make her fall for me." Chase said triu...
Strum Me Away by coulour
Strum Me Awayby Celeste
Lianne Hamilton hates three things – her mom, music and the law. She’s a delinquent who’s about to head off to juvie unless she attends Moverly, the most elite performin...
I Fell In Love With My Bestfriend by snowprincess808
I Fell In Love With My Bestfriendby snowprincess808
What if you fell inlove with a person much more unexpected than your enemy ?? What will you do ?? BTW, thanks for giving my story a shot .. I hope you like it .. =)
Kingdom of Spell: Magic Enhancer by yours_bellaa
Kingdom of Spell: Magic Enhancerby your_issabella
Maddison is a simple girl living a magical life. She is not a normal person, she is different like her family. she is born with an extra ordinary abilities that ordinar...
Lianne Rose Francine  by Bree_Loves_You21
Lianne Rose Francine by Lianne_In_Da_Zone
Hi my name is Lianne but everyone calls me Lili I'm 19 And my celebrity crushes finally notice me !! But what happens when they all fall in love with me ? I move in and...
You and I, Synchronize by lillianthebookworm
You and I, Synchronizeby Lillian
Alana Lianna Carter has had a horrific past, causing her night terrors every time she closes her eyes. When no one believes the truth, she turns to the only thing she kn...
could have been by yaaaanli
could have beenby ˙ᵕ˙
a dump of chapters, scenes, and the likes, that almost made it to the final draft.
love will remember by axelell
love will rememberby axelell
natatandaan. mo pa ba ako? ung mga bagay na madalas. paborito mating gawin. ng mga bata pa tayo. siguro kungdi tayo nag kalayo baka makilala pa natin ang isat isa n...
Broken Tower by liannederosier
Broken Towerby Lianne DeRosier
Four short horror stories based on old fairy tales.
LIANNE SLAUR by Alphi2468
LIANNE SLAURby Alphi2468
A diary of a typical girl during the war
Our Unacceptable Love by HisuiBokuto
Our Unacceptable Loveby Hisui Bokuto
Story about a girl and a boy who met in the middle of a war between monsters and humans, the boy is disguised as a human that time and bumped into a girl, she was pretty...