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Love At First Fight by Momo3625
Love At First Fightby LilChocolateDonut
"My eyes snap up to his eyes at the same time his snap back to mine, and I'm once again staring into those green orbs. Knight is Trevor Kingston and that means... I...
  • romance
  • fighting
  • highschool
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In My Feelings by trendynation
In My Feelingsby Trendynation
A Trevor Jackson Love Story.
  • fanfic
  • jackson
  • trevor
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Mega Champions (Steven Stone X Reader) by -_AlphaBeast_-
Mega Champions (Steven Stone X -_AlphaBeast_-
For three years, (Y/n) had been the Champion of the Kalos League. For three years, she hasn't returned back to Hoenn, to where her journey started. For three years, she...
  • love
  • omegaruby
  • stevenstone
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Timeless by LavishhhK
Timelessby LavishhhK
Have you ever wondered how life was being the big girl in class? Jazmine has. During middle school she was constantly bullied, even by the one person who she thought was...
  • christiancombs
  • love
  • teenfiction
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Jiley & Trittany One shots by tnsjiley758
Jiley & Trittany One shotsby tnsjiley758
Hey guys, I hope you enjoy reading my first Jiley and Trittany one shots 💓 feel free to leave tips and ideas and don't forget to vote if you enjoy x •*COMPLETE*•
  • tns
  • oneshots
  • brittanyraymond
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Langst Oneshots by Smexy_Smilee
Langst Oneshotsby •Tall_Might•
Annnddd~ I'm back again. This is just gonna be so much langst because the best characters must suffer and probably a few ships along the way (mostly Klance and klangst b...
  • abuse
  • oneshots
  • trevor
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Stalker by fantao2l
Stalkerby fantao2l
A popular highschool jock named Kian secretly likes a regular school girl Cara.
  • o2l
  • teen
  • ricky
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Dating My Brother's Best Friend by swagmasta24
Dating My Brother's Best Friendby swagmasta24
Ella Caylen is Jc Caylen's little sister. When she goes to visit her brother and meets his best friend, she wants to live with them. Will she find love, or will the fame...
  • o2l
  • lawley
  • connor
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The Lucky Fangirl ~ThatSoJack fan fic~ by AndreaSoGucci
The Lucky Fangirl ~ThatSoJack Meghan
Just read it :)
  • jennxpenn
  • kian
  • caylen
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And So It Begins: NovaHD [BoyxBoy] by rainbowbubbles123
And So It Begins: NovaHD [BoyxBoy]by Falling Starr
So I've been a shipper of NovaHD and so this was made! This will basically be a whole bunch of oneshots. More information will be told in the first 'chapter' of this st...
  • uberhaxornova
  • chop
  • oneshots
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Is This Love? by JeffTheKillerFan1339
Is This Love?by Riley Farrington
so its about o2l...Yea I'm a bvb fan and an o2l fan...Yea.. its about a girl who falls for o2l and they fight over her until they find out one of her biggest secrets...
  • sam
  • trevor
  • ricky
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Trevor X reader [modestcube] by mariiiiiiiiiiiiiw
Trevor X reader [modestcube]by Modestcowchop
I love Trevor. OH ITS TRASH And it will never be finished.
  • cowchop
  • modestcube
  • modestcubefanfic
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Vidcon Changed Everything (A Trevor Moran Fanfic) by kabrook
Vidcon Changed Everything (A Kaila Bieber
  • trevor
  • kaila
  • hembrook
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Ukulele Boy *A gay UberHaxorNova fanfiction* by sixthframe
Ukulele Boy *A gay UberHaxorNova sixthframe
Cover by: stabmeplssatan The first time he heard it, he swore he was dreaming. Walking right by the small boy with the lime green ukulele singing a Lady Gaga hit. It was...
  • uberhaxornova
  • joe
  • fanfiction
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The Dark Side - Trevor Moran by cazza_mendes
The Dark Side - Trevor Moranby Cazza Mendes
Ella moves from ny to cali with her best friend kerri. Gets settled in her new school. Then the new boy comes. His name is trevor. And her whole world turns upside down...
  • trevormoran
  • story
  • moran
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Adopted By O2l by ThereIsNoAuthorSry
Adopted By O2lby Dani🌼💗
This story is dedicated to a good friend of mine @abbiecrutchfeild
  • conner
  • ricky
  • kian
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I N   T H E   D A R K by opensecret08
I N T H E D A R Kby opensecret08
Ivy Rickson was your average 17 year old teenage girl, living a completely normal and ordinary life... Or at-least that's what she thought when suddenly her parents die...
  • mystery
  • rickson
  • seperated
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Daydreamer by MineskYhel
Daydreamerby Yhel Yhel
  • daydreamer
  • trevor
  • romance
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