Langst Oneshots by Smexy_Smilee
Langst Oneshotsby •Tall_Might•
Annnddd~ I'm back again. This is just gonna be so much langst because the best characters must suffer and probably a few ships along the way (mostly Klance and klangst b...
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  • voltron
  • längst
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Her ♔ Dracula X Reader by SebastianMichaeIis
Her ♔ Dracula X Readerby Sebastian
It was Her, the woman he fell for. It was Her, the woman he thought of every day he awoke. It was Her, the woman he desired. It was Her, the woman he admired. Started: S...
  • draculaxreader
  • anime
  • netflix
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The Demon's Vendetta ~Alucard x Reader~ by Twintaileddragon
The Demon's Vendetta ~Alucard x Twintaileddragon
The trio, on their way to kill Dracula, come across a half breed who seeks to kill Dracula herself for seemingly no reason. Having a common goal she joins them, but is...
  • trevor
  • tepes
  • alucard
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Love At First Fight by Momo3625
Love At First Fightby LilChocolateDonut
"My eyes snap up to his eyes at the same time his snap back to mine, and I'm once again staring into those green orbs. Knight is Trevor Kingston and that means... I...
  • fighting
  • romance
  • violet
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Crestfallen » Jason Blossom. #wattys2018 by flustra
Crestfallen » Jason Blossom. bee
"I haven't seen her smile, since the day of the accident. Jason, you are our best shot at ever getting her to talk again. She hasn't talked in two and a half years...
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Texting - tns  by djwriting101
Texting - tns by djwriting101
  • wattys2017
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Finding His Cinderella by lliizz15
Finding His Cinderellaby Iiz.e
Meet Leah Marcus, the biggest nerd of school. Scores straight A's that's why is hated by every cheerleader and the boys. Loves to hide behind books, and boxes of pizzas...
  • badboy
  • rude
  • fun
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Timeless by LavishhhK
Timelessby LavishhhK
Have you ever wondered how life was being the big girl in class? Jazmine has. During middle school she was constantly bullied, even by the one person who she thought was...
  • bestfriends
  • trevor
  • trevorjackson
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The One Who Fled |Trevor x Reader| by TheWolfAndTheRaven
The One Who Fled |Trevor x Reader|by The Wolf and the Raven
After losing more gold than she could count, [Y/n] and het family were scattered around the country in an attempt to pay their debts. However, [Y/n] is tired of the long...
  • middleages
  • wallachia
  • vampirehunter
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Stay With Me (trevorXreader)  by lilwriter2000
Stay With Me (trevorXreader) by lilwriter2000
This is part 2 of in Love With a Criminal more drama and more of the feels are coming back from Trevor Phillips if you haven't read the first part please do but you won'...
  • stupid
  • feelings
  • trevorphillips
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In My Feelings by trendynation
In My Feelingsby Trendynation
A Trevor Jackson Love Story.
  • trevorjackson
  • jackson
  • trevor
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Castlevania Imagines by AnnabelMarie455
Castlevania Imaginesby Annabel Marie
A collection of one-shot scenarios, jokes, ideas, fan arts and memes/videos from the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania! (All original credits go to the producers, write...
  • imagines
  • drama
  • adventure
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Castlevania Randoms 2! by JillChipher
Castlevania Randoms 2!by The Land of Trash
The second book in its series, more Castlevania craziness!
  • trevor
  • wattys2018
  • funny
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With One Step At A Time {Castlevania} by XxANG3LW1NGxX
With One Step At A Time { Pastel Sweety
Castlevania games, nor the animated series, do not belong to me. I do not own any of the characters (except for Alison). Sypha Belnades will not be in the story (to fit...
  • castlevania
  • humor
  • alucard
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Milo manheim imagines  by cinnamonroll_girl
Milo manheim imagines by ItzurgirlA🎶😂
Milo manheim imagines Book ended
  • milomanheimimagines
  • heartbreak
  • zombies
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Milo Manheim Imagines by AngiWrites
Milo Manheim Imaginesby Angi Mendes
Watched the movie Zombies and instantly fell in love with Zed/Milo and now I've decided to write fan fictions about him. If you love him too send me requests you have an...
  • trevor
  • milomanheim
  • manheim
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The Story of Us (An O2L / Kian Lawley Fanfiction) by HeyThere_Delilah
The Story of Us (An O2L / Kian Delilah
When Madison Banks moves to California with her dad after her parents divorce, she's ready for the sun, the waves, and the beach Hotties. Little did she know she would m...
  • fanfic
  • sam
  • kian
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The Hurt & Pain of Love & Happiness by Italy2thaus
The Hurt & Pain of Love & Happinessby Italy J. Wonder
"Music is the soundtrack to your life." -Dick Clark "If your life sucks, make sure it at least has a great soundtrack." -Unknown 📚 The world of si...
  • love
  • teenromance
  • pain
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The Belmonts, Trevor and Y/n Belmont by CheshireCatQueen
The Belmonts, Trevor and Y/n Nitiri Natorix
Older Brother Trevor X Sister Reader (Not Incest) The Belmonts, although not the only ones, suffered at the hands of the church. We tried to help them countless times, a...
  • sisterreader
  • belmonts
  • castlevania
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Chris Pine Imagines by jj_holtzmann
Chris Pine Imaginesby jj_holtzmann
👉 READER INSERTS 👈 Bc there are no enough Chris Pine imagines in Wattpad...that's why. This imagine-book might include some characters that he portrayed.
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