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PURSUIT // P. LAHOTE by annadorablee
PURSUIT // P. LAHOTEby yo bro
he's more myself than i am. whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same - emily bronte [new moon] these are the new books for my paul lahote and skylar ser...
  • newmoon
  • bellaswan
  • twilight
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SWANS DON'T QUIT | Leah Clearwater ✓ by nnorthdakotaa
SWANS DON'T QUIT | Leah Clearwater...by ⋞〈dakota〉⋟
Eli Swan has always been known as the police chief's son that was left behind. Left by his mother, who took his sister with her when she left and pushed away by the woma...
  • wolfpack
  • charlieswan
  • wolf
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Okay. (Twilight ~ Sam Uley ) by Cherrypop455
Okay. (Twilight ~ Sam Uley )by Fan_Fiction_Addict
Miley Swan is the older sister and has always been very protective of her sister. But Bella seems to hate her making her wonder what has she done wrong. She meets Sam th...
  • emmettcullen
  • embrycall
  • wattys2017
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Love Is Love and That Is That. (Lesbian Stories) by _catharsis_101
Love Is Love and That Is That. (Le...by Fire & Desire
Twilight FanFic. We all know about Leah Clearwater. The only female wolf in Sam's cult. The only wolf without an imprint. The only heartbroken one. The only bitter one. ...
  • lesbian
  • romance
  • wattys2017
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WHERE I BELONG [P. LAHOTE] by annadorablee
"Sometimes I wonder where my place on this world would be, and I finally realized once I was in your arms, your hands laced around mine, my head resting on your che...
  • quilatera
  • jacobblack
  • newmoon
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relief ↣ leah clearwater  by jqimelannister
relief ↣ leah clearwater by - ̗̀courtney ̖́-
❝I looked into your eyes and I felt relief from all the pain I felt.❞
  • leahclearwater
  • newmoon
  • jacobblack
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BLOOD MOON » Embry Call by snxwscene
BLOOD MOON » Embry Callby Lu
❝Secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought.❞ [post-Breaking Dawn]
  • newmoon
  • wolfpack
  • jacobblack
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Roller Coaster (Embry Call) by tinylucifer
Roller Coaster (Embry Call)by What’s up I’m Alex!
They were best friends, he became distant, she hated him for it. When they meet again and he can't help but fall in love with her. She pushes him away scared to be left...
  • carlislecullen
  • shapeshifter
  • samunly
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Mute Emma  by ChloeWatry
Mute Emma by Chloe Watry
Emma Swan is a selctive mute. A selective mute is a person who onlytalks to certain people. She lives with both her mother, stepdad and older beother in Arizona, until o...
  • jaspercullen
  • rap
  • jacobblack
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Love Lies In The Eyes |Paul Lahote| by JamieLynn28
Love Lies In The Eyes |Paul Lahote|by Jamie Lynn
Vanessa Swan had just moved back to Forks, Washington with her sister after many years. The two sisters were quiet different with one being awkward and selfish while the...
  • wolfpack
  • esmecullen
  • jasperhale
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"i'm 11 so shut the f*ck up!" | Samuel Uley imprints on Chief Swan's 11 year old child. ━ the twilight saga ━ © zencrela 2019 ━ sam uley x oc
  • rosaliecullen
  • samuley
  • lorainneswan
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Wicked | S. Clearwater  by cptmrvl
Wicked | S. Clearwater by ✨
One witch, two witch, three witch dead. "I shouldn't have to be making you fight for this! You should want to live!" "You don't understand! It's not that...
  • edwardcullen
  • vampire
  • coven
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The Consequences {Jacob Black} by stormy_eyes4
The Consequences {Jacob Black}by Stormy_Eyes4
If she was being honest with herself, she would have to admit that she had always loved him. Her parents had separated them for so long, she felt as if she barely knew h...
  • brakingdawn
  • jacobblack
  • twilight
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Scrape |l.clearwater| by ItsJustZ
Scrape |l.clearwater|by z
In which Leah Clearwater meets Paul Lahote's ex-girlfriend. |twilight-breakingdawnpart2|
  • samuley
  • newmoon
  • breakingdawnpart1
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Eleanora Mikaelson ON HOLD by India106
Eleanora Mikaelson ON HOLDby J. Grace T.
Eleanora Mikaelson or Ella as she likes to be called is Klaus' twin sister. She went missing in 1864 after tracking down Kathrine. How did she end up in a cave system un...
  • mikaelson
  • curse
  • finn
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Wolfblood ━ TWILIGHT by -artxmis
Wolfblood ━ TWILIGHTby 𝐯𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐲𝐫𝐢𝐞 !
━ in which; a wolfblood meets a pack of shifters. . . ...
  • ifeellikeimtheonly1whoshipsthem
  • sethclearwater
  • edwardcullen
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The Little Swan ~ Sam Uley by DevineRoses04
The Little Swan ~ Sam Uleyby Ꮯ
"What age are you?" "I'm ten?" "Oh, well I'm twenty one." {Sam Uley imprint} {Young Imprint}
  • jacobblack
  • leahclearwater
  • paullahote
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The Four Horsemen (Twilight Version) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
The Four Horsemen (Twilight Versio...by Lone-wolf-fanfics
With his family in danger Carlisle asks for help from old, mysterious and unusual allies. Lucy, Michelle, Raphael and Gabriel. The Four Horsemen.
  • twilight
  • jaspercullen
  • alicehale
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Unlikely imprint by bbscrewfan
Unlikely imprintby Bbs._.crew
What happens when Bella swan and her brother Alexander swan, came to live with their dad, Charlie. Bella meets Edward, like we already know their love story. But this s...
  • werewolvesandvampires
  • quilateara
  • jacobblack
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Infinite • Paul Lahote [2] by beaconforks
Infinite • Paul Lahote [2]by • Bre •
"We are as infinite as the universe we hold inside." - In which together, Dakota Black and Paul Lahote are inf...
  • jasperhale
  • thecullens
  • edwardcullen
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