Strangely Comforting (boyxboy)

Strangely Comforting (boyxboy)

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lai By brokendreamzzz Completed

When Jasper Matthews' childhood friend, Hayden Walker breaks up with his girlfriend, Jasper doesn't feel bad. That's because to him, Hayden is his first love.

It's too bad he knows it will never work out. They're both guys.

But when a friend of Hayden's starts noticing Jasper more and more, Jasper begins to find it hard to leave the guy alone himself.

Xander Peyton, an upperclassman with unique light green eyes, becomes the comfort Jasper needs to get over his painful first love. 

And Jasper never imagined he would find comfort in someone so obviously different from himself.

Of course, he never imagined powerful feelings to arise for the "rude bastard" either.


Do all first loves end in pain, or will Jasper finally get his feelings across for his childhood friend, Hayden?