My crush on the Cheerleader (gxg)

My crush on the Cheerleader (gxg)

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Addison is gay and has a massive crush on a cheerleader at her school. A cheerleader who is supposed to be 'straight'. But as the school year progressives so does Addison's confusion about Blair.
Maybe Blair isn't as straight as she seems...  
"So a little birdy told me that you might have a crush on me, Is that true?" She questioned.

My cheeks went crimson as I looked at her inquisitively, she was so close I could kiss her in less than a second. I kept my composure though and replied timidly "N-no. Who said that?"

She looked me up and down and I'm sure...well 99% positive that she stared at my lips the longest.
"Well your eyes are telling me different," She responded voice low like a whisper.

"What do you mean?" I asked slightly biting my lip from nerves.

"Your pupils are dilated which is a sign of attraction to a person," She said licking her lips.
"Oh and by the way you look cute when you bite your lip."
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