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Letter To Stranger (BL)  ni -SeeJhayPee-
Letter To Stranger (BL) ni SeeJhayPee
After a successful heart transplant, Darwin "Wing" Jacinto's now looking for some information about his donor, but he didn't get any. One day, a mechanical bi...
Secretly Married to my Professor (gxg) ni zekeasif
Secretly Married to my Professor ( Asfghh
Nasa title iikot ang istorya. Kung interesado ka‚ basahin mo. Taki Lee- college student Aina Mendoza- sexy Professor
Fading Desires: Forgetting Yesterday's Crush ni meimeiwritesmts
Fading Desires: Forgetting MeiMei
is a captivating story that follows a determined young girl entering senior high school, attempting to bury the memories of her high school crush. However, fate has anot...
"Bahag hari" ni ZildAlijid
"Bahag hari"ni zild john B. Alijid
Isang lalaki ang naghihintay ng kaniyang mahal sa gilid ng dagat ng lumabas ang bagag hari.
Astra Mahika (BxB) ni kuyachimxx
Astra Mahika (BxB)ni kuyachimxx
[Status: Ongoing] Maligayang pagdating sa mundo ng Astra Mahika! Samahan natin ang ating bidang si Khalil na lakbayin at tuklasin ang mundo ng mahihiwagang nilalang. Ang...
Strawberries and Cigarettes | TaeKook ni Chomikorn
Strawberries and Cigarettes | wanderer
It was nothing but a helping hand until a fake relationship starts to turn into chaotic and deeper feelings. -- Title: Strawberries and Cigarettes Written by: Chaimeeee...
Pleasure Her (PUBLISHED UNDER The Great Onsep
It's been said that people with intersex variations are born with physical, hormonal or genetic features that do not fit the typical expectations for male or female bodi...
Love Your Secret (MxM) ni nes0g4XXX
Love Your Secret (MxM)ni Psionar4
Jervin is the second youngest in the family. Naghiwalay ang kaniyang mga magulang at kinuha sila ng kanya ama. Apat silang magkakapatid at naiwan sa kanyang ina ang nak...
Till My Last Breath (BXB On-going) ni johnyuan38
Till My Last Breath (BXB On-going)ni John Yuan
Bata pa lamang ay ulila na sa magulang sina Cholo at Ford. Pareho silang dumanas ng pagmamalupit ng mga taong kumukopkop sa kanila. Pinagtagpo sila ng kapalaran sa hindi...
"Him to zild" ni ZildAlijid
"Him to zild"ni zild john B. Alijid
a young man who met a special person in his life while cleaning his new classroom with his new classmates
[ SB19 ] F*ck and Tell (PaKenTell) [BL] (Work Series) ni SB19chonardBL
[ SB19 ] F*ck and Tell (PaKenTell) SB19 *chonard*
Ken pinned me against the door. I was gasping for air as Ken continues to kiss me, I put my hands around his neck. Ken started kissing my neck. He grabbed my lap, lift m...
GirlXGirl PROFXSTUDENT MAKUHA KA SA KAMANDAG! Kung ang ahas ay may makamandag na lason. Si Ma'am naman ay may makamandag na alindog. SHE GOT ME WITH HER VENOMOUS CHARM...
Conflict of Nous (GxG) ni PraiseworthyRebel
Conflict of Nous (GxG)ni Praiseworthy Rebel
Iris Sebrano's life turned upside down when her father died. Coming back to studying after 2 years of rest is a challenge, but to make her university life more difficult...
Calm Down, Mr. Scholar ni onegracespring
Calm Down, Mr. Scholarni onegracespring
One thing to describe Mr. Scholar, Vhierson Arkilyo, is he's calm. He can maintain his calmness in every situation but everything changed when he met the fiesty Mr. Geni...
PROFESSOR SMITH: Prof. Series 01 ni itismeGil_104
PROFESSOR SMITH: Prof. Series 01ni itismeGil_104
Disclaimer This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons...
(GXG/PROF X STUDENT/ TAGLISH) Freenbecky GXG STORY WITH RANDOM SIDE CHARACTER, May have a 🔞 A student X professor story where the professor is mean and hot and a studen...
NOT A RIVALRY  ni Jay_Dy_Black
NOT A RIVALRY ni Jay Black
Everyone thought that Noah and Kyng Callen hate each other, not to mention their gang are known to be rival. When the gang happened to be in the same place, everyone is...