Abbotts Creek by BadWolf1988
Abbotts Creekby Rose Tyler
Persephone Story had grown up on the old plantation that sat on the bank of Abbotts Creek in North Carolina. She was used to the spirits that haunted the house and groun...
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You found Me (Zak Bagans) by _unacknowledged
You found Me (Zak Bagans)by Rosalie
Being sent to a mental asylum when you're only a teenager and completely sane can be pretty rough. When Roxanne is finally let out she has no where to turn to except to...
  • bagans
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  • zak
The Devil's Trail  by newbiegac2015
The Devil's Trail by NewbieGAC
Delilah Winters, urban explorer & self proclaimed badass. Lands herself the opportunity of a life time, not only does she get to meet her idol... She gets to work with h...
  • wattys2018
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I Am Not Evil (Zak Bagans x Ghost!Reader) by sarcasm666
I Am Not Evil (Zak Bagans x MariaIsUnderrated
(Y/N), a beautiful girl that was murdered at a tea shop while working a few months ago is trying so desperately to prove she is not an evil entity that haunts the build...
  • zakbagans
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Never Let Go (Zak Bagans Story) by MargaretAntross
Never Let Go (Zak Bagans Story)by Margaret Antross
A haunted past catches up to the newest member of the Ghost Adventures Crew. She is left with two options: Tell her friends what she experienced that frightful night in...
  • ghost
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Angel of Light (A Zak Bagans Story) by RandomHearts82
Angel of Light (A Zak Bagans Story)by RandomHearts82
Zak Bagans/Ghost Adventures story. With Nick Groff having left the show, the network decides they want a female investigator to replace him. Zak Bagans is not happy. He...
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Entwined fire | #Wattys2016 by newbiegac2015
Entwined fire | #Wattys2016by NewbieGAC
Maria (aka Ria. Ri or Riri) doesn't hate a lot of things in life.. Just douchey men and Zak Bagans and the feeling is mutual. Both being friends with Aaron Goodwin they...
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Just one ghost hunt // klance au \\ by creepygirl1516
Just one ghost hunt // klance au \\by Creepy girl
Keith is a theory nerd and loves the supernatural, he's always wanted to go exploring in the town most haunted building but he has no one to go with and he haft brother...
  • ghost
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The Demon's Whispers by newbiegac2015
The Demon's Whispersby NewbieGAC
What do you do for some down time? Read a book? Take a bath? Go for a walk? Have generous naps? All logical and quiet normal suggestions. But what happens when you're a...
  • ghostadventures
  • romance
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I Catfished a Demon Hunter.  by newbiegac2015
I Catfished a Demon Hunter. by NewbieGAC
24 year old Ava, stuck in a loop of a dead end job and dreamless. Depression had taken its toll and when the doctor asked if she could be anyone who would it be.. They n...
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Splintered Hearts by newbiegac2015
Splintered Heartsby NewbieGAC
"What exactly is your problem?!" I snapped throwing the file down on the hood of the car. My patiences with him were gone. I was mad, in fact I was seething w...
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Are You Ready? A New Ghost Kid Danny Phantom X Reader by Julie_The_Tiger
Are You Ready? A New Ghost Kid Julie_The_Tiger
Sorry if there's any errors in the story TEAM DANNY FOR THE WIN FANGIRLS UNITE Oh yeah I'm not telling ya the story chu gotta read it for ya self (・ิω・ิ)
  • adventure
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Meant To Be | Zak Bagans  by Slaying_Zak
Meant To Be | Zak Bagans by sz ❁
As witty New York City goer, Gwen Asher looks to finding her path and way of becoming an author she gets an opportunity of a lifetime in Las Vegas to help pursue that dr...
  • drama
  • zakbagans
  • paranormal
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Ghost Adventures Saved My Life by SarahRogersNCISandGA
Ghost Adventures Saved My Lifeby SarahRogersNCISandGA
This is about a girl named Charlie 14yrs old and how she was abused at home by her drunken dad and her, her mum and both brothers and scared of him....she enters a conte...
  • nickgroff
  • paranormal
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The Light of His Life (Zak Bagans Fanfiction) by joriruth_
The Light of His Life (Zak Mira Cohen
Solina Juarez is what people consider the opposite of dark and mysterious. She's one of the most popular freshmen at the University of Nevada, despite her not believing...
  • nick
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My One and Only (A Nick Groff Fanfiction) by BlueEyesXoxo
My One and Only (A Nick Groff Iza
Saige is a young photographer who gets a call to join the Ghost Adventures crew. After having her heartbroken she leaves and starts following her dreams. She starts by m...
  • love
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Finding Home (Zak Bagans Daughter) by emilymcafee4911
Finding Home (Zak Bagans Daughter)by Em
Teenager Charlie had never experienced love from a parent, and even if she did, she was too young to remember it. When her hooker and drug addict mother dies from cancer...
  • daughter
  • family
  • jaywasley
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InLove with Zak Bagans 》Z.B by hannahfangirl26
InLove with Zak Bagans 》Z.Bby Mattress Queen
-Completed- The way he screams at demons the way he get defensive at ghosts for hurting others but not him the way he cares I'm in love with that. Copyright/ Hannah F...
  • ghostadventurescrew
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His Name Is Zak Bagans  by CalledKanzass
His Name Is Zak Bagans by ♠Cadence♠
Caitlyn Shawn was stoked to work with Ghost Adventures. Ever since she was 15 she has been digging up evidence. When she was 21 the show first aired and she always wante...
  • strange
  • possessed
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I Left My Heart In Vegas  by melmarie1990
I Left My Heart In Vegas by мɛℓ мαяιɛ
In a spontaneous mood, Melissa and her best friend and roommate Bree decide to travel to Las Vegas to visit Zak Bagans Haunted Museum. In the midst of the glitz and glam...
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