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Paranormal Eyes (Zak Bagans Fanfiction) by The_Eyes
Paranormal Eyes (Zak Bagans The_Eyes
Hannah lives a big life as a Paranormal inveatigator, and a Spec Op commander. She joins the Ghost Adventures crew, and finds love again. This story shows you how TheEye...
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Shards of Black Glass (A Ghost Adventures Story) by AllyNordell
Shards of Black Glass (A Ghost Ally Nordell
Saira never thought she was anything special. She thought seeing ghosts was a normal thing for everyone. Until she meets Zak Bagans, she knows nothing. Invited to be a...
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The Story of a Girl (A Ghost Adventures Story) by Americus1111
The Story of a Girl (A Ghost Ashley Rene LeRoy
This is the story of Addeline Reese. She was the perfect student, is the perfect sister, and daughter. Her life while ordinary, is completely different from others. Ever...
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Secret Love by Ghostgirl1115
Secret Loveby Ghostgirl1115
Harley has known Zak since she was little. Zak took her in when her parents died in the car crash. Is it wrong to love the father figure he has been? What about the 21...
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My Ghost Adventure by JKbeanL
My Ghost Adventureby Oh My...
Riley is not your typical 15 year old girl. Ever since she's been 2 years old, she's been in contact with multiple ghost. Some are nice some not so nice. Like take the i...
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Ghost Adventures Imagines by KaylaGAC1D
Ghost Adventures Imaginesby KaylaGAC1D
These imagines are dedicated to Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley :) Requests are CLOSED!
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Destination Discovery (A Ghost Adventures Fan Fiction) by TravyBearNLT
Destination Discovery (A Ghost Ashlee
Down one crew member, Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin are desperate to hire someone to help them investigate. When Aaron suggests his sister help them for the next couple o...
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Ghost Adventures Saved My Life by SarahRogersNCISandGA
Ghost Adventures Saved My Lifeby SarahRogersNCISandGA
This is about a girl named Charlie 14yrs old and how she was abused at home by her drunken dad and her, her mum and both brothers and scared of him....she enters a conte...
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The Beginning ( a Zak Bagans story)  by GACmarvel
The Beginning ( a Zak Bagans All the love ❤️
Working for Zak Bagans is just the beginning. -------------------------------------- A * symbol at the end of a chapter title means it has been edited by @gacimagines It...
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တေစၦေျခာက္တဲ့အေဆာင္ခန္း (Realm ~ 6) by MayHoney127
တေစၦေျခာက္တဲ့အေဆာင္ခန္း (Realm ~ 6)by ​ေမဟန္​နီ
Author(s): 很是矫情 English translator: Butterfly's Curse English title: Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks Table of Contents Original name: 快穿之炮灰...
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Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer crossover) by ColdBastilleMusic
Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer Taylor
She stood by his side during the great rebellion, yet God did not punish her the way he punished his son. Sentenced to earth for her crime she lived among what God calle...
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Aaron and her by Deans_Babe
Aaron and herby Deans_Babe
A dream a girl has leads to a man who's more then she expected
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In Search. by Kayels_
In Kaylee.
Ray is a psychic. She goes around the world and helps people. As Ray goes to discover more of the catacombs; Ray discovers more than she bargains for. She stumbles upon...
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ON HOLD|Nothing We Can't Handle|A Zak Bagans Fan Fiction. by Zak_Baegoals
ON HOLD|Nothing We Can't Handle| Zak_Baegoals
"People Will Kick You And Get You Down But You're Such A Beautiful. Fantastic. Positive Young Woman Who Deserves The World At Her Feet. So, Don't Let Them Steal You...
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Lights out ( Dakota laden)  by GACmarvel
Lights out ( Dakota laden) by All the love ❤️
Sequel to the elevator I DO NOT OWN DAKOTA OR GHOST ADVENTURES Takes place durning 2018- 2019
{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that stepped in. (Zak Bagans x reader)  by seanseptic_
{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that Robert Henry
You've just came out of an abusive marriage. Paranormal activity gets in your way. You contact the G.A.C for help. Can Zak help you and your child, Ashley. Please give...
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Plaguing Love. (Zak Bagans x Reader) by PeepMaloneWrites
Plaguing Love. (Zak Bagans x Lil Dandy
This is a story. A fanfiction, to be correct. Most data on here is outdated in my opinion. I recomend chapters "Camping trip!" and "At the campsite"...
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Zak Bagans Imagines/Fan Fiction by Ghostt_Grave
Zak Bagans Imagines/Fan Fictionby Alyiah
Reader x Zak Bagans Just a bunch of little stories, each page is something different. Enjoy!
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OUR STORY (Zak Bagans fan fiction) by Linda_0u0
OUR STORY (Zak Bagans fan fiction)by Linda_0u0
Will Zak save June from herself before its too late? Will she ever be truly happy and able to open up to him? Find out the story for yourself :)
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Are You Ready? A New Ghost Kid Danny Phantom X Reader by Julie_The_Tiger
Are You Ready? A New Ghost Kid Julie_The_Tiger
Sorry if there's any errors in the story TEAM DANNY FOR THE WIN FANGIRLS UNITE Oh yeah I'm not telling ya the story chu gotta read it for ya self (・ิω・ิ)
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