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Paranormal Eyes (Zak Bagans Fanfiction) by The_Eyes
Paranormal Eyes (Zak Bagans The_Eyes
Hannah lives a big life as a Paranormal inveatigator, and a Spec Op commander. She joins the Ghost Adventures crew, and finds love again. This story shows you how TheEye...
Living Dangerously (Zak Bagans) #1 by tankmama14
Living Dangerously (Zak Bagans) #1by Alisa Main
Two people that hunt down ghosts for a living. Zak Bagans, creator of the Ghost Adventures and DJ Roberts, a medium and a ghost hunter herself. Their careers brought the...
Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer crossover) by ColdBastilleMusic
Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer Taylor
She stood by his side during the great rebellion, yet God did not punish her the way he punished his son. Sentenced to earth for her crime she lived among what God calle...
The Mystery Asylum (Ghost adventures x insane!ghost!reader) by That_one_rvb_reader
The Mystery Asylum (Ghost Sweet Dreams...
My name is (y/n) (l/n) I live in the homens town mental and physical asylum. I am 17 years old and a female(sorry boys. Not really) I normally stay in my blank room...
Ghost Girl † Ghost Adventures Fanfic by serenbipity
Ghost Girl † Ghost Adventures hyunjin ♛
❦ This is an Ghost Adventures inspired book and it's basically about the Ghost Adventures crew but with a new member. As you can see that new member is a girl. Libby Che...
Only Human [Zak Bagans Fanfic]. by Texxiiex
Only Human [Zak Bagans Fanfic].by Texxiiex
Aurora dreams of Zak only to meet his as she waitresses in a Las Vegas casino. With her 'gift' to see the Supernatural, Zak asks her to venture on some Ghost Adventures...
Julie, Y/N and the Phantoms by Marieloutje_13
Julie, Y/N and the Phantomsby 🤍this white tiger is De Ring...
"That's not true, I've got chemistry with everyone that I sing with, watch me"
She's mine, pt. 1 (Worthy) by molly0123
She's mine, pt. 1 (Worthy)by Molly :)
Disclaimer: I do not own, nor have any connection to Ghost Adventures, it's crew or any known associates. My portral of any cast or crew members are strictly fictional a...
တစ္ဆေခြောက်တဲ့အဆောင်ခန်း/တေစၦေျခာက္တဲ့အေဆာင္ခန္း(Realm~ 6) by MayHoney127
တစ္ဆေခြောက်တဲ့အဆောင်ခန်း/တေစၦေျခာက မေဟန်နီ
Author(s): 很是矫情 English translator: Butterfly's Curse English title: Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks Original name: 快穿之炮灰女配逆袭记 Realm 6 : F...
"WE WILL FIGHT TO SHINE TOGETHER" Julie Molina had her whole life planned. Go to school, excel in her music program, and watch Netflix while eating gummy worms...
Book of Imagines by ItsArielWhitmer
Book of Imaginesby Ariel Whitmer
A book of Imagines that has anyone you can think of. There will be a book #2 of this and many more if you guys want. NONE i repeat NONE of these are mine unless i say th...
The Possesion by Emmalynn_03
The Possesionby Em
"You will be mine" Those four words, were the words that ruined Darla Gerrison's life. She lived a simple life for a 22 year old. She went to church every Sund...
Danny Phantom x Reader by BabyBlue_65
Danny Phantom x Readerby Blue
((I redid this story because I didn't quite like the original version. Things may be different, but it's more or less the same.)) Being half ghost and half human is str...
The One He Once Knew by Neganlover94
The One He Once Knewby Neganlover1994
Zak and a girl dated in high school they were each other's first love and a bunch of other first what happens when they meet again in Vegas at a Casino? Will they rekind...
 Complicated || Dakota laden  by lifegoessonn
Complicated || Dakota laden by BLM
{ in which the youngest member of the destination fear crew falls in love with Dakota } I do not own the destination fear crew
{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that stepped in. (Zak Bagans x reader)  by cranky_nestor
{COMPLETED}The ghost boy that Robert Henry
You've just came out of an abusive marriage. Paranormal activity gets in your way. You contact the G.A.C for help. Can Zak help you and your child, Ashley. Please give...
Days of Horror (BTS V ff)  by itz_mine_writes
Days of Horror (BTS V ff) by ♡
You get stuck in a horror house because of your bully, Kim Taehyung. Now, you both are facing many paranormal activities. What is gonna happen there? Will you come out...
Tanner's Cousin | Dakota Laden by BethBartlett
Tanner's Cousin | Dakota Ladenby Beth Bartlett
Tanner has a cousin, she's English and a couple years younger than him. She's moving in with Tanner whilst looking for a job, she has nothing holding her back in England...