Just one ghost hunt // klance au \\ by creepygirl1516
Just one ghost hunt // klance au \\by Creepy girls
Keith is a theory nerd and loves the supernatural, he's always wanted to go exploring in the town most haunted building but he has no one to go with and he haft brother...
  • lance
  • emo
  • allura
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Angel of Light (A Zak Bagans Story) by RandomHearts82
Angel of Light (A Zak Bagans Story)by RandomHearts82
Zak Bagans/Ghost Adventures story. With Nick Groff having left the show, the network decides they want a female investigator to replace him. Zak Bagans is not happy. He...
  • jaywasley
  • horror
  • mature
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Forgotten Flame by newbiegac2015
Forgotten Flameby NewbieGAC
Zak, lead investigator of Ghost Adventures, has had his fair share of women over time. From models, singers and even an ex playboy bunny. With fast cars, a museum of od...
  • arrangement
  • fiction
  • aarongoodwin
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Crashing  by texan77
Crashing by texan77
Amanda (Mandy for short) has got a lot; money, a great place, a cool boyfriend, a job anyone would die for, and a bit of fame from running with the wrong crowd..but to g...
  • crashing
  • hauntedlove
  • ghostadventures
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Shadow Kiss (Zak Bagans story)-currently editing by GAC_Fan103009
Shadow Kiss (Zak Bagans story) Ashley
Zak Bagans learns from a palm reader that his soul has been eternally damned by the very things he hunts... but there maybe one person who can save him. Enter Aerolynn...
  • aarongoodwin
  • paranormal
  • nickgroff
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Are You Ready? A New Ghost Kid Danny Phantom X Reader by Julie_The_Tiger
Are You Ready? A New Ghost Kid Julie_The_Tiger
Sorry if there's any errors in the story TEAM DANNY FOR THE WIN FANGIRLS UNITE Oh yeah I'm not telling ya the story chu gotta read it for ya self (・ิω・ิ)
  • phantom
  • love
  • fenton
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Afraid by zacharyubagansgac
Afraidby All the love ❤️
What happens when the youngest member of ghost adventures is afraid of older member Zak Bagans? What happened when Zak wants to know why she's afraid of him? Read more t...
  • ghostadventures
  • zakbagans
The Beginning ( a Zak Bagans story)  by zacharyubagansgac
The Beginning ( a Zak Bagans All the love ❤️
Working for Zak Bagans is just the beginning. -------------------------------------- A * symbol at the end of a chapter title means it has been edited by @gacimagines It...
  • aarongoodwin
  • wattys2018
  • ghostadventures
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Finding Home (Zak Bagans Daughter) by emilymcafee4911
Finding Home (Zak Bagans Daughter)by Em
Teenager Charlie had never experienced love from a parent, and even if she did, she was too young to remember it. When her hooker and drug addict mother dies from cancer...
  • family
  • dad
  • ghostadventures
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Since I Was Small [Travlyn AU] by PaperBirds_SP
Since I Was Small [Travlyn AU]by ˚✧₊angel eyes⁺✧༚
Katelyn and Travis had met when they were 5 years old. After years of being separated they finally unite but Katelyn doesn't quite remember Travis. They soon realize the...
  • pickuplines
  • travisandkatelyn
  • wattys2018
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A Chance For Love (Zak Bagens X Reader) by unimpressed-taco
A Chance For Love (Zak Bagens X autumn
When you are invited by Zak, your freind to a Ghost Investigation with his crew. You fall in love with Zak. But this investigation gets serious when a demon shows up to...
  • romance
  • xreader
  • zakbagens
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The Hades Test by ThisGoldenLife
The Hades Testby Jess
"My name is Adalia Kritant, and I can see, feel and communicate with ghosts." Adalia has lived her life with a curse: the ability to see and hear the dead. It...
  • mystery
  • paranormal
  • ghostadventures
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Spiritual Connection {Zak Bagans X Reader Imagines & One-shots} by -BabyBlue-IrishBoy
Spiritual Connection {Zak Bagans *-Gay_boy-*
"Some people are drawn together, a Spiritual Connection you could say, and I believe your on the other end,"
  • xreader
  • jay
  • ghostadventures
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Ghost Adventures Imagines (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED) by allieeeee_nelson
Ghost Adventures Imagines ( allieeeee_nelson
Imagines of your favorite Ghost Adventures crew members!
  • jaywasley
  • aarongoodwin
  • zakbagans
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Nothing We Can't Handle|A Zak Bagans Fan Fiction. by Zak_Baegoals
Nothing We Can't Handle|A Zak Zak Bagans Is My Bae
"People Will Kick You And Get You Down But You're Such A Beautiful. Fantastic. Positive Young Woman Who Deserves The World At Her Feet. So, Don't Let Them Steal You...
  • gac
  • funny
  • vampire
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The Demon's Whispers by newbiegac2015
The Demon's Whispersby NewbieGAC
What do you do for some down time? Read a book? Take a bath? Go for a walk? Have generous naps? All logical and quiet normal suggestions. But what happens when you're a...
  • fanfiction
  • gac
  • ghostadventures
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I Catfished a Demon Hunter.  by newbiegac2015
I Catfished a Demon Hunter. by NewbieGAC
24 year old Ava, stuck in a loop of a dead end job and dreamless. Depression had taken its toll and when the doctor asked if she could be anyone who would it be.. They n...
  • ghostadventuresfanfiction
  • ghostadventures
  • zakbagans
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Book 2: The House by RosellaJohnson
Book 2: The Houseby Rosella Johnson
We left off where Emma thought that everything was alright and settled down. But, she was wrong. She heard a knock on her door. She thought it was her Dad but no one was...
  • ghostadventures
  • jaywasley
  • billytolley
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Serendipity  by newbiegac2015
Serendipity by NewbieGAC
Serendipity - Finding something good, without looking for it. After waking up from an accident, Katy finds herself looking at the world in a different light. With diagno...
  • demons
  • zakbagans
  • wattys2018
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Black Soul by txphoenix02
Black Soulby Amanda
Zak is on vacation between seasons of Ghost Adventures and ends up with far more than he bargained for when he meets a small town Texas girl. Amanda is 34 years old but...
  • wattys2018
  • hurt
  • originalcharacter
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