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The Unseen|Z.Bagans by Okayimtaylor
The Unseen|Z.Bagansby Taylor
Violet Sage Williams spends most of her time under the radar. Shes quiet, timid if you will but she was truly a flame to be reckoned with. She's from a family with famou...
Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer crossover) by ColdBastilleMusic
Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer Tay
She stood by his side during the great rebellion, yet God did not punish her the way he punished his son. Sentenced to earth for her crime she lived among what God calle...
My Ghost Adventure by JKbeanL
My Ghost Adventureby Oh My...
Riley is not your typical 15 year old girl. Ever since she's been 2 years old, she's been in contact with multiple ghost. Some are nice some not so nice. Like take the i...
The Mystery Asylum (Ghost adventures x insane!ghost!reader) DISCONTINUED by That_one_rvb_reader
The Mystery Asylum (Ghost ➢ 𝕽𝖎𝖘𝖊 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓
My name is (y/n) (l/n) I live in the homens town mental and physical asylum. I am 17 years old and a female(sorry boys. Not really) I normally stay in my blank room...
Ghost Boyfriends. by vintagecomedy
Ghost ♡ lynnie-sama ♡
❥ Prompt requests are officially opened ❥ I never believed in attractive guys, until I watched Ghost Adventures. So I set out on a quest to write a handful of reader ins...
Paranormal Eyes (Zak Bagans Fanfiction) by The_Eyes
Paranormal Eyes (Zak Bagans The_Eyes
Hannah lives a big life as a Paranormal inveatigator, and a Spec Op commander. She joins the Ghost Adventures crew, and finds love again. This story shows you how TheEye...
Old Flame (Aaron Goodwin) (Ghost Adventures) *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
Old Flame (Aaron Goodwin) (Ghost Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Elizabeth Shaw or Lizzie, if you're lucky, is a psychic medium who worked on Ghost Adventures for 6 years. She fell in love and began a relationship with Aar...
American Pyramid by AnnaPhoenix1994
American Pyramidby Anna
A unique girl working a normal life as a waitress while pursuing big dreams of being a rodeo star gets boosted by an expected crew to be filming at her workplace. Victo...
You're Not Like the Others by GACfan4life
You're Not Like the Othersby GACfan4Life
Kayla is a hard working mother with a daughter named Abby. One day she meets the Ghost Adventures Crew, will her life be changed forever? Or will it be the same? COMPLET...
Afterglow •  Colby Brock by AngelicStilinski
Afterglow • Colby Brockby AngelicStilinski
When Katrina makes everyone go to a concert, earning in Kat and Lilac becoming friends, and they take her ghost hunting and find out some things. Kinda wanna do love at...
The Story of a Girl (A Ghost Adventures Story) by Americus1111
The Story of a Girl (A Ghost Ashley Rene LeRoy
This is the story of Addeline Reese. She was the perfect student, is the perfect sister, and daughter. Her life while ordinary, is completely different from others. Ever...
The Demon Hunter | Zak Bagans [EDITING] by linrary
The Demon Hunter | Zak Bagans [ linrary
[ON HOLD] [EDITING] Melody moved to Vegas from Texas looking for a change and to start her career as a dancer but what happens when she becomes the personal assistant fo...
In Search. by Kayels_
In K.
Ray is a psychic. She goes around the world and helps people. As Ray goes to discover more of the catacombs; Ray discovers more than she bargains for. She stumbles upon...
Only Human [Zak Bagans Fanfic]. by Texxiiex
Only Human [Zak Bagans Fanfic].by Texxiiex
Aurora dreams of Zak only to meet his as she waitresses in a Las Vegas casino. With her 'gift' to see the Supernatural, Zak asks her to venture on some Ghost Adventures...
3:00 AM (Zak Bagans FanFic) by DreamingOfAFairyTale
3:00 AM (Zak Bagans FanFic)by Jupiter
It was 3:00AM when it all happened. When I meet the sweetest guy in the world, when I did something new and exciting, when I finally broke my shell of shyness, when I...
The Beginning (Zak Bagans Daughter) by that_awesome_weirdo
The Beginning (Zak Bagans Daughter)by that_awesome_weirdo
This is The Beginning of Zak and Hadley's life. This takes place around when Zak starts his ghost hunting career and Hadley is still a young child. So read along to see...
The One He Once Knew by Neganlover94
The One He Once Knewby Neganlover1994
Zak and a girl dated in high school they were each other's first love and a bunch of other first what happens when they meet again in Vegas at a Casino? Will they rekind...
The Shadow Man Book 1/2 ✔️ by themultifandomgal
The Shadow Man Book 1/2 ✔️by The Multi Fandom Gal
Needs Editing! After meeting the TRAP boys Rosalie finds out that the ouija board she did years prior is now back to haunt her. She and the boys have a mystery to solve...
Zak Bagans Imagines/Fan Fiction by Ghostt_Grave
Zak Bagans Imagines/Fan Fictionby ghost malone
Reader x Zak Bagans Just a bunch of little stories, each page is something different. Enjoy!