Art Book by Issgo137
Art Bookby Issgo
Lots of you guys love my drawings so why not show you... ...Most of them issgo out~
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Dare and Ask 2 by Issgo137
Dare and Ask 2by Issgo
The girls are back in their home dimension and the askers have joined them on the ride. Learn more about their world and hidden secrets about these characters You guys m...
  • teagan
  • issgo
  • jess
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For Humanity by strawhat_pirate
For Humanityby strawhat_pirate
A twenty six year old Hollow is sucked into a portal to another world. How? Well, it's not her fault Fugaku and Minato wanted to see what might happen if they activated...
  • surveycorps
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HUNTER ɤ alec lightwood by spaceboybellamy
HUNTER ɤ alec lightwoodby ᴀʟɪɴᴇ
❝ it's always the same, killing demons and saving lives. when are we doing something fun? ❞ © spaceboybellamy 2016
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For Humanity: Book 2 by strawhat_pirate
For Humanity: Book 2by strawhat_pirate
Book two of For Humanity! Hollow's been sucked into a black hole, and dropped back in her home. Only she's pregnant with a child, Levi's child. She doesn't know how to g...
  • snk
  • sakura
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Corporal ((ON HOLD)) by Anime_extraordinaire
Corporal ((ON HOLD))by Mary
Alright first things first this is a Reader X Levi story. You are a Corporal and the strongest soldier has to offer. But when you and Erwin are sent UnderGround to capt...
  • suspense
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The Innocent by ThatFrappuchinoLover
The Innocentby ThatFrappuchinoLover
A sci-fi stand-alone from Chapter 2 and onwards, and also my entry for the #BeforeNoon fanfic competition. *coughs nervously and starts reading* In a world full of preju...
  • fanfiction
  • beforenoon
  • sarcasm
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Oh baby// Noah Centineo  by TragicallyInsane-
Oh baby// Noah Centineo by M I R A N D A
"Hey sexy, this is 1-800-HoeTime, How can I help you," I purred into the phone. "Hmm... I'm sure theres a lot of things you could help me with," a h...
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A Special Friendship~[Attack On Titan: Junior High Fanfic] by Math22lover
A Special Friendship~[Attack On ColossalMidget0.5
(ON HOLD UNTIL OCTOBER 2018) Farlan, Isabel, Levi and Lydia have been the best of friends since young. Lydia and Levi thought their relationship with each other was plat...
  • attackontitan
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Stolen Hearts (TEENAGE DREAMS #3) by TaintedRadiance
Stolen Hearts (TEENAGE DREAMS #3)by Rose Fernandes
•••#203 in Teen Fiction [5th August 2017- 19th October 2017]••• Roman Miles. The smartest guy in school and my mom's best friend's son. I've known him since kindergart...
  • firstlove
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Peridot's Peril (For Issgo137) by Mistress_Mitsukai
Peridot's Peril (For Issgo137)by Konoha's Springtime Angel
"Maybe stars may not be as distant as we say..." (An ongoing comic story for Issgo137, please make sure to check her out!) Peridot is an immature, playful, an...
  • strips
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From The Underground | Shingeki no Kyojin | Levi x Reader by jh0se0k
From The Underground | Shingeki owo
She went from an amazing life in Sina, to the horrid slums of the underground. [F/n] was left for dead with her dog, Colonel. Luckily she was found by a certain trio. La...
  • farlan
  • isabel
  • lévi
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Friends With Benefits (Jacob Sartorius Fanfic) by chogiwa69
Friends With Benefits (Jacob uyu
Don't worry I don't bite. Well maybe just a little ;)
  • jacob
  • dirty
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A Choice With No Regret  ||  I'm With Darkness {Levi x reader} [On Going] by SodaAndPasta
A Choice With No Regret || I'm °∆°Sepnyan°∆°
Ackerman family and Rose family are the most powerful families... Rose family is the first most powerful and the Ackerman family is the second... But the Rose family ha...
  • xreader
  • leviackerman
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Second Chances  -- Olicity  by AgentClintasha
Second Chances -- Olicity by AgentClintasha
Felicity runs into her ex-boyfriend while on her way to work, what happens when he wants to get back with her, will she give him another chance or will Oliver finally te...
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Harmony by OnikHaven
Harmonyby Onik Haven
I live on the planet of Trópos, and I have not seen the world. I once could've only imagined what it would be like to explore other cultures, worlds within my own world...
  • nodes
  • teen
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Escape The Empire by Pixielove1624
Escape The Empireby Emmalee
In the land of Alagaesia, we bring you Isabel. She has lived her hole life in the Empire, serving in the army at fifteen, and stays for three years. She has a dark secre...
  • thorn
  • war
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Rise Again (Sequel to All Over Again) by Isie98
Rise Again (Sequel to All Over Isabel
The last thing Isabel remembers was falling into the pits of hell. Next thing she knows she's awake, in the middle of nowhere. She slowly starts to remember her time in...
  • isabel
  • dean
  • supernatural
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The World Above| AOT Boys x Reader by D33bird
The World Above| AOT Boys x Readerby D33bird
In the Underground, to liveing in Jeans house, to the 104th Training Squad. (F/N) (L/N) has a attitude and gained Levi's cleaning habits. Calls Keith Shadis a Goat and...
  • conniespringer
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