The Faceless Mask (Naruto Fanfic) by FuyumiFuyu
The Faceless Mask (Naruto Fanfic)by Fuyumi Fuyu
She knows everything about them. Yet they know nothing about her. She wanted to keep it that way. All they need to know is that she's a monster. No one has ever saw her...
  • hinata
  • naruto
  • shikamaru
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Beauty And The Beats by Little_Flame
Beauty And The Beatsby Little Flame
Music has been her life for as long as she can remember. When she was found in the woods, she had headphones on. When she was brought to Konoha, she had headphones on. W...
  • gái
  • suna
  • chunin
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Kakashi-Sensei is the Jealous Type by tailgate-stars
Kakashi-Sensei is the Jealous Typeby Lena
(Kakashi x reader) (sensei x reader) Kakashi let out a deep sigh, and reached out to ruffle your hair. "You know, (y/n), I've had my eye on you for a while now.&qu...
  • ninja
  • kakashisensei
  • sakura
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Hoshigaki by writer168
Hoshigakiby a ninja
When Sakura was three, her father told her he was a criminal. When she was seven, the last thing she saw of him was the sword on his back. When she was eight, she had a...
  • akatsuki
  • tenzo
  • shino
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The Mirage Blade Fox by Akashi_Kurokaze
The Mirage Blade Foxby Kuro no Akuma
Ignored by his team Naruto runs into Mistresses of Konoha. After a bad start they decide to train him in their arts. Full of humor and sadness. Powerful/Genjutsu/Kenjuts...
  • naruto
  • kurenai
  • cheater
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The Ice Cold Kitten [Naruto Fan-fic] by UnkwnWrtr
The Ice Cold Kitten [Naruto Fan-fi...by Unknown Writer
This is the story of kakashi's daughter, Hiroyuki Hatake, ex-Anbu Captain, who lost her mother and brother at age 6 during the uchiha masacre. What will Sasuke react wit...
  • sarutobi
  • uchiha
  • sasuke
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A Dragon's Fate by strawhat_pirate
A Dragon's Fateby strawhat_pirate
Alone and disoriented, Kath wakes up in the one place she's always wanted to go. Towering trees, villages full of ninjas, and flying kunai during action packed missions...
  • fire
  • dragons
  • hatake
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Just Imagine by Village_of_Strawhat
Just Imagineby The Strawhats
Hot is the fire that burns in her eyes as she fights with all her mind. Imagine. It was a peculiar name for a girl although it did fit her perfectly. Ima, they called he...
  • gái
  • kakashi
  • sasuke
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The Eldest Uchiha (Naruto Fan-Fic)  by LightWolf46
The Eldest Uchiha (Naruto Fan-Fic) by LightWolf46
My name you ask? It's Umi, Umi Uchiha. Eldest Child of Fugaku and Mikoto, elder sister of Itachi and Sasuke. I don't own Naruto just Umi.
  • shikaku
  • choji
  • sakura
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Defying Gravity by strawhat_pirate
Defying Gravityby strawhat_pirate
I knew that day felt different than the others, but by then it was already happening. I was defying gravity. (A Naruto fan-fic)
  • ebisu
  • kurenai
  • obito
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The White Flash(under Editing) by Cleoamelia
The White Flash(under Editing)by Autumn
Kakashi Hatake had a daughter! A little version of himself whose only things he has in common with are tardiness and hair color. Lexxi Hatake's attitude is unlike her fa...
  • neji
  • kakashi
  • sasuke
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Our Masks (A Naruto FanFiction) by ava_p15
Our Masks (A Naruto FanFiction)by ava_p15
Naruto Namikaze- Uzumaki: Naruto is nothing like the boy everything thinks he is; he is not the knuckle headed ninja that everyone perceived him as. He is a genius...
  • naruto
  • shikamaru
  • legends
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The Mother He Never Had by Kureiji_otaku
The Mother He Never Hadby Psychotic Lover
As you all know, Naruto had it hard as a kid. Nobody wanted to be his friend, the entire village rejected him, and the worst of all, he didn't have anybody to care, love...
  • guy
  • naruto
  • asuma
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Rewind: Book 1 by strawhat_pirate
Rewind: Book 1by strawhat_pirate
Kakashi Hatake has watched the world burn. Obito Uchiha and Madara have done a real number on their world. With Konoha gone, along with almost everyone in it, he finds t...
  • asuma
  • jiraiya
  • shizune
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Sakura's twin sister Chiharu (Naruto) by xxsungjae
Sakura's twin sister Chiharu (Naru...by you're a good person
Chiharu Haruno is Sakura's twin sister. Everyone thought that she was just another normal genin about to end up in a team but they had no idea that she carried a secret...
  • training
  • friends
  • team
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Tomboy Stuck In Naruto by lullaby234
Tomboy Stuck In Narutoby lullaby234
A girl who's bullied everyday about her weird eyes and fashion statement. Her eyes are sometimes blackish green then red at other times. She normally wears jeans, a tank...
  • sakura
  • hinata
  • naruto
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Shadow Singer: Sasuke by strawhat_pirate
Shadow Singer: Sasukeby strawhat_pirate
Her face is never seen, but her voice is always heard. Ebony Dusk is the definition of mysterious, and she also just so happens to be a geeky, clumsy asshat who has a dr...
  • kakashi
  • naruto
  • lee
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An Angel In The Dark (Naruto Fanfiction) (SLOW UPDATES) by mekatachika
An Angel In The Dark (Naruto Fanfi...by Meka
Freak. Demon. Monster. Those were the 'nicest' names people use to label me as. I continued living my life normally, trying not to care about it. Well, as normal as any...
  • wings
  • ino
  • sasuke
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The Knights of The New Dawn: Book 1 by Village_of_Strawhat
The Knights of The New Dawn: Book 1by The Strawhats
Ash Hogo-sha is a Knight, a part of a secret organization to keep the world balanced between good and evil, between light and darkness. She's powerful, being trained sin...
  • tenten
  • asuma
  • ino
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His Twin Sister (Naruto Fan-Fic) (Kiba love story) by LightWolf46
His Twin Sister (Naruto Fan-Fic) (...by LightWolf46
"I'm his twin sister I have to look out for him" a little girl around 5 mumbles to herself. "you don't have to protect Naruto" her father says to her...
  • ten-ten
  • kakashi-hatake
  • guy-maight
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