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Perfection - The Oasis Project Book 1 (Complete -  Being Edited) by EllaNigh
Perfection - The Oasis Project Ella Nigh
When Valentina Linkin is offered a free trip to a tropical island, she takes up the offer without hesitation. Under no pressure to cut her vacation short, she hopes to e...
  • mutation
  • laboratory
  • science
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A Different Kind of Animal by RosalieTarr
A Different Kind of Animalby Rosalie Tarr
Imprisoned in an underground laboratory his entire life, eighteen-year-old Leonardo finally escapes, entering the real world for the first time. Overwhelmed by all the n...
  • experiment
  • cougars
  • hunting
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The Placebo Effect  by LuxLumos
The Placebo Effect by Anna M
Blythe Adams hadn't been expecting much when she moved to George Station. It was, after all, a plain and neat university town, full of normal people with normal lives. A...
  • scary
  • tellmehowidie
  • experiment
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The Lab by Supercow8399
The Labby Supercow
Somewhere, far away from society, there is a laboratory where horrific experiments take place. Not to animals, not to adults, but children from the ages of 5-14. All of...
  • originalcharacter
  • horror
  • completed
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The Black Angel [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
The Black Angel [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
[Book One in the Angel Series] The Black Angel is an anonymous hero. He saves the damsel in distress and then magically flies off into the sunset. He keeps evil out of S...
  • yaoi
  • boyxboy
  • maximumride
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Hallucination {2} by gorgeousorbs
Hallucination {2}by bell
For the children sleeping peacefully at Miracle Home, their nightmare was just about to begin. {Timeless spin-off} {Alexa's story} {continuing to publish}
  • laboratory
  • savior
  • skulls
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Programmed to Kill( Creepypasta x Robot! reader) by shadowdemon416
Programmed to Kill( Creepypasta shadow~chan
Long ago, when humans didn't fear the woods, a mother was captured in the woods. She had long black hair that acted as tenticals, her mouth was ripped open like cloth, a...
  • laboratory
  • slenderbrothers
  • robotreader
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THE TEKULA PROJECT by Gryffindor_02
THE TEKULA PROJECTby Gryffindor_02
Fresh out of college, Veronica Odair is hired as a forensic scientist at the infamous B.E.A.R. Laboratories. She is put to work on the classified Tekula Project, but cer...
  • werewolf
  • experiment
  • lycan
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A Little Bit Pyro by XundecidedX
A Little Bit Pyroby XundecidedX
Ref's biggest problem is his ability to make girls cry. That is, besides the teeny, tiny, incident four years ago that people just can't forget. But he's cured--accordi...
  • rescue
  • chemistry
  • explosion
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Subject X by FallDown5
Subject Xby Amber Killingson
(Percy Jackson Mortal AU) Percy Jackson was sent to a lab when he was just six years old. Everything about him, from his DNA strands to his physical strength was pecul...
  • jercy
  • test
  • laboratory
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Stone Cold by ThatOneWeirdPerson04
Stone Coldby • redhead writer •
Book One of the Unnatural Series • Meet Noah Sullivan, resident class genius and bookworm. Things are going as smooth as sophomore year can. Noah has a great best friend...
  • science-fantasy
  • genetic-engineering
  • ice
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Upon wings of wonder by 7pheonixfire7
Upon wings of wonderby pheonix
This is a fanfiction based off of CrystalScherer's Upon wings of change. Lief Manasi is a highly advanced 16-year-old, aiming for a scholarship. Her life isn't quite no...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • ailen
  • dragonet
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Remission by Mistyped_
Remissionby мιѕтy
When she comes to on a warm, barren shore, Bea can't remember anything. Who she is, why she's there, and whoever the heck these four strangers are claiming to have ident...
  • confusion
  • tragedy
  • death
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Misunderstood by Dragon1393
Misunderstoodby Dragon1393
Strange things happen in Hesper Forest, or so they say. Just because there's a lab on the edge of it , people like to make up myths and jokes about there being creatures...
  • griffin
  • shapeshifter
  • wolf
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STATIC ▻ nancy wheeler | 1 by clexaflowercrowns
STATIC ▻ nancy wheeler | 1by dracarys.
STATIC | ❝ though nothing, nothing will keep us together, we can beat them, forever and ever. ❞ ━a girl who ha...
  • thriller
  • romance
  • mikewheeler
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Paper Hearts 'JannaxEliezer' by MarzRemo
Paper Hearts 'JannaxEliezer'by Marz Remo
There's this young girl who has fallen inlove and hurted many times but has recovered and found the guy who will care for her and love her for who she was.
  • elieka
  • highschool
  • laboratory
Night of the Aurora (Salmon Run - Book 1) by JAMarlow
Night of the Aurora (Salmon J.A. Marlow
When Hawk and Zach Callahan arrive to start a new life in the wilds of Alaska they find the first challenge is just getting to the small town of Salmon Run. But, Alaska...
  • cold
  • fiction
  • alien
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Jawbreaker by ireallydontknowwhat
Jawbreakerby ireallydontknowwhat
This is a fan fiction of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Double D is now a senior of Peach Creek high. He's been focused on his school work and debate team. his life was good, but al...
  • laboratory
  • girls
  • dexter
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Freak Accident by Ilovesweettarts2016
Freak Accidentby Ilovesweettarts2016
Professor Xander Livingstone had lost all of his family in a car accident. Except for one, his son. He miraculously finds a cure almost ten years later that wakes him up...
  • biblical
  • jesus
  • laboratory
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