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Ocean Blue (Sea Lab Book 1) by ericdabbs
Ocean Blue (Sea Lab Book 1)by Eric Dabbs 🚀
When a Navy veteran is attacked by a man-eating monster fish in the Bahamas, he has to save himself, and the world, from the madman who created it. Jake Solomon, a naval...
(COMPLETED | UNDER EDITING) Fresh out of college, Veronica Odair is hired as a forensic scientist at the infamous B.E.A.R. Laboratories. She is put to work on the classi...
Cat Eyes: Acrux by MhavelN
Cat Eyes: Acruxby Mhavel N.
They used him as a weapon. She will show him there's more than pain and hate. Rosy is dealing not only with her life but also with the dangerous evolved humans. However...
My Love (Mer! Optimus x Reader) by Olivia200312
My Love (Mer! Optimus x Reader)by Olivia200312
Y/N was just a normal 18-year-old girl that worked at a laboratory as a cleaner. There she meets an actual Merformer named Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots. Whe...
Divagate by lucie_lavande
Divagateby Lucie L
"We've got to move." Darwin hisses while pushing me through the hole in the fence. "What happened?" I manage through the lump in my throat. Darwi...
Species Unknown [Book 1: Aves] by fantasynote
Species Unknown [Book 1: Aves]by Anna
Hidden deep in the California valley is the Aves Department for the infamous C.R.O.S.S. Laboratories. Offered an internship this esteemed genetic research lab, biology g...
Yandere Henry x William by alivias6244
Yandere Henry x Williamby alivias6244
"Henry was my best friend. I never thought he was capable of what he did." The police officer frowned. "Noone ever does, kid."
VINDICATOR. (A PvZ Alternate Universe Fanfiction) by Popdumb
VINDICATOR. (A PvZ Alternate wabbi wabbo guy
The mutants, although shrouded in total mystery, had chosen to disassociate themselves from the unruly grip of Doctor Zomboss after a conscious decision by the former to...
Mariposa~ Yandere Family Madrigal x Fem!Butterfly winged! Reader {Remake} by that_one_Yandere2007
Mariposa~ Yandere Family Yandere Freak
This is book starts after the movie ^^ Since Y/n left her childhood nightmare, the Laboratory, she flees to Colombia, where the magic lives. As she goes there, she meets...
Mariposa~ Yandere Family Madrigal X Fem! Butterfly winged! Reader #wattys2022 by that_one_Yandere2007
Mariposa~ Yandere Family Yandere Freak
Y/n escapes her childhood nightmare and flees to Colombia. As she goes there, she meets three kids who knows a strange family named The Madrigals so they can take care o...
Kaiju Paradise X Reader / Y/N Oneshots - Lemon, Fluff and Angst by wet_mouse
Kaiju Paradise X Reader / Y/N nixii
My first oneshot book. Look in the rules chapter first before anything. I'm bored asf Cover is not mine, found it on tumblr, forgot who it belongs to
Captive Hearts by angeleberger
Captive Heartsby Angéle Berger
In the captivating novella 'Captive Hearts,' readers are thrust into a world of forbidden love and gripping suspense. Follow the intertwining paths of James and Emily as...
The Alpha Experiment  by BlackcatGaming333
The Alpha Experiment by BlackcatGaming333
12 participants are chosen for an experiment that will permanently change them, and forever change all of existence as we know it. Meanwhile, we are contacted from withi...
Life goes on [ONYX LABS]  by Johnathanlaurens1
Life goes on [ONYX LABS] by jaybird
The story of two doctors in an evil laboratory. Follow their adventures to see the daily life of two friends in a rather unfortunate situation.
Rebirth in the 70s as a Group Pet Boss by jeffelyncosme
Rebirth in the 70s as a Group jeffelynC
This story is not mine. Credits to the author and our friend Author: Blue and White Grid Category: Romance Novels 1017406 words | ful...
my hero academia the heir of evil by jesterbug73
my hero academia the heir of evilby dr jester
yumi nezuki is the carrier of all for one created to be the replacement for the villain all for one but she plans to use that power to do good and change her purpose in...
Behind the Tube's Glass (ZaDR) by Xmimi89eR
Behind the Tube's Glass (ZaDR)by Xmimi89eR
AU story. After professor Membrane's death, the 19-year-old Dib gets full access to his private lab, and what he finds in there wakes the buried kid inside him. ZaDr/f...
Shatter Me (Experimented! Bakugou) by AureliaLikesFanfics
Shatter Me (Experimented! Bakugou)by AureliaLikesFanfics
Kidnapped teenager, Bakugou Katsuki. At only fourteen, he is protecting everyone he loves from something he's scared of himself. When students from class 1-A get permiss...
The Overly Complicated Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) Villain by fangirllockian
The Overly Complicated Life of a ( Bryn Dodson
My life began at the beginning of the end, for my planet. No, not some far distant entity that NASA has not discovered yet. Yes, I am talking about Earth, why is it at t...
Soap - Book 1 - "Should've listened to Joe" - Kaiju Paradise by wet_mouse
Soap - Book 1 - "Should've nixii
In Laminax Labs, there is guards everywhere, scientists working on chemistry and biology on living human beings. Kat, one of these scientists is always kind to the subje...