Catpeople Stories

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Neko Boy Shion(NekoXFemaleReader) by Ms-Smiley-Face
Neko Boy Shion(NekoXFemaleReader)by Ms-Smiley-Face
You live in a small apartment building in Nagoya,Japan. You live all alone and work at a cafe to earn money for college. Life has been getting very lonesome. But after f...
Cat Eyes: Sirius by MhavelN
Cat Eyes: Siriusby Mhavel N.
Marien will have to team up with a potentially dangerous Evolved Human to stop humanity from killing all, discovering new intense feelings towards those fascinating cat...
Cat Eyes ● Anakin Skywalker  by Raven-Renae-Lynn
Cat Eyes ● Anakin Skywalker by Raven
They say that a cat's eye reveals everything. But for Anakin Skywalker, fellow Jedi Nefertara Ankhsamun is a mystery. A mystery that he can't help but be drawn to. Soon...
VAMPIRE KNIGHT X THE WOLFMAN (Male Reader) by hhuynh24
Bird Eyes ● Anakin Skywalker by Raven-Renae-Lynn
Bird Eyes ● Anakin Skywalkerby Raven
Bird eyes are meant to see all. But as the Galaxy is ravished by The Clone Wars, Jedi Knight Nefertara Ankhsamun can't see enough. She already has her hands full with fi...
The Not-So-Fun Adventure of Living My Life with Lola by PepsiSardines
The Not-So-Fun Adventure of BepisMan
Lola, my everyday house cat, has become a human being. I'm as still as shocked as you are. I don't know how or why it happened, but one day after school, she was just li...
The Go-Between (COMPLETE) by CaGarrud
The Go-Between (COMPLETE)by C A Garrud
Zach Fletcher is a detective in a world that doesn't really care about him, and cares even less for his new translator when he is assigned a homicide case involving a ve...
Elsword Scenarios by CatsAndPeople
Elsword Scenariosby Some Lonely Person
I do not own any of the characters. I do not own Elsword. I did not make this on my own. This came up during a random conversation. My friend helped me. I do not own any...
The Kitten and The Wolf by Astaya2802
The Kitten and The Wolfby Astaya2802
A world where war and death was all that mattered. One girl who finds the best in people, will face one person that will change her life forever. A girl born of catlike...
Fantasy short stories by CeleneTheAngel
Fantasy short storiesby CeleneTheAngel
Every once in awhile, I feel the urge to draw some creature from fantasy. Unicorns and Dragons are good examples. And every once in awhile, a story pops into my head ba...
Cat-astrophe by mini_vampire
Cat-astropheby Beth
Aliens, cat people, taking over the world, nothing more than a story right? nothing more than a myth, well think again, believe if you will but whos this strange girl Ja...
Ignis by Runningsand
Ignisby margeet
"unum Paladin volo oriuntur
illi volo erit malobathro in igne
sanguis volo sequor post eos
tenebris volo proelium contra illos
sed illi volo erit autem solis" ...
James The Dumb Cat - Saves A Kitten by CardinalSinns
James The Dumb Cat - Saves A Kittenby Kieth Vesey
James is a pet detective that saves animals from crime (in the distance), retrieving lost toys, to saving animals from missing posters. Going out for his daily milk from...
The Midnight Mage by Jubilee_1596
The Midnight Mageby Jubilee
Juno isn't your ordinary thief... Sure, she has her fair share of secrets, regrets, reasons to be what she is... But most importantly, Juno has something special, that m...
Cats journey  by Cats4lif33
Cats journey by Cats4lif33
This is a story about cat James a young 13 year old girl but she has a secret that she doesn't even know yet
cat eyes (JTK×Neko Girl Reader) by lunalovegoodhoe
cat eyes (JTK×Neko Girl Reader)by lunalovegoodhoe
(Lemons) Sally found you outside and brought you in she gave you to Jeff and you call him his master he quickly takes a liking to this
As She Falls by GreyWolfy101
As She Fallsby Silverlight522
Female Vamp-Cat-Sorcerer is unnatural in this world as she keeps having the same dream over and over again, as if, it was trying to tell her something. Here, the most co...
Try To Keep Up by Treverk201
Try To Keep Upby Treverk201
Born into a magic family with 12 children and high expectations, the oldest of the Aitherios clan sets off to college. He's studying astrophysics, but college in the U.S...