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The Final Stop by Icky_Dxddy
The Final Stopby
She was gangbanged on the last train home (CNC)
Devil Inside [English]  by Mischivoushiddleston
Devil Inside [English] by Mischivoushiddleston
Leah is puzzled when Marc/Steven come home covered in blood, but soon finds out it's someone completely different.... [18+ Erotic, Rape/Non-Con] Please only read if you...
14/29 by Error404DudeNotFound
14/29by Running Away
A strange Monster follows Lila. === TW:RAPE/NONCON, UNDERAGE!!!
Erotic Intrusion 2 by Icky_Dxddy
Erotic Intrusion 2by
Sequel to Erotic Intrusion, only kinkier and longer (CNC)
His Property [English]  by Mischivoushiddleston
His Property [English] by Mischivoushiddleston
Lauren has been King Loki's human slave since she came to him at the age of ten. He had been nothing but kind to her until she is asked to accompany him to a festival an...
Sleepover by ZombieJesusFTW
Sleepoverby Rogue Of Space
So yeah, yuki and yato fuck. What more could you ask for?
Make you mine / Dabi x deku Oneshot by maybewewilll
Make you mine / Dabi x deku Oneshotby Lex
Midoryia Izuku is kidnapped by the league of Villains and Dabi gets to have his way with him. *** this fic has rape/non con elements!***** *** I do not own the art on t...
The Adventures Of Peyton Woodwill by BrattyGae
The Adventures Of Peyton Woodwillby ♡Skyler Pheonix Harkey♡
((MATURE 18+ ONLY *BOYxBOY* EROTIC STORIES)) TW: May have Rape, Gore, Taboos, Abuse, or graphic sex. Peyton Woodwill just turned 18. He is a young fiery redhead that has...
The Bitch and the Hound by tittytittybangbang
The Bitch and the Houndby Charlie Monroe
A collection of fantasy oneshots about a domme and her animalistic lover.
Dentist by hearteyes4killmonger
Dentistby King Killmonger
Ivy Stevens makes a dentist appointment that changes her life.
His Poison Kiss by AngelReputation
His Poison Kissby Rose
"You're always going to be the most important person in my life, even if you decide not to be." "Do you think about me the way I...
Billionaire's precious possession by Okkkk_DaDdY
Billionaire's precious possessionby coo-chiee
Sarah, a 18 year old is desperate to live a smooth and simple life with her mom. But things don't go as planned when a hot billionaire is obsessed with her. Do give...
Prove Me Wrong by KougamiMakishima
Prove Me Wrongby Shiningray
Loki's conquest failed. He was captured by the so called 'Avengers'- a team composed of foolish Midgardians and his oaf of a brother. As per Odin's command, Loki was to...
Kookie the Pet by MarthaBug0192
Kookie the Petby MarthaBug0192
A traumatized Jungkook is cared for by the members as his therapist forces him to recall the most miserable time of his life. Or A dominant man, his tender wife, and the...
Caged  by MrsRehlander2016
Caged by Mrs. Rehlander
Hawks has never wanted anyone or anything as much as he wanted Dabi, so in the dead of night, with a drink and a pill, he snatches him from under the league. With the wi...
kinky gotham shit by hannabarker690
kinky gotham shitby hannabarker690
dom bitch edward nygma buys oswald cobblepot as his very own neko sex slave, this is some kinky shit, and clearly technically non con, theres your warning sluts ;P
Just One More Night by AmesCupcakes13
Just One More Nightby AmesCupcakes13
An older fanfic I wrote, 2Doc, non-con
The Nymphet and The Mafia by littlemagicprincess
The Nymphet and The Mafiaby Princess
Nineteen year old Vesper is a kind-hearted innocent soul despite her dad's involvement in organized crime. She has always be intrigued by his business partner, Nero. He...
A Crimson Evening  by Gorshii
A Crimson Evening by Trash
What happened when Eren Yeager wakes up naked and tied to a very horny Levi Ackerman's bed. *This is base in the canon universe because I feel like most ereri/riren fanf...