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The Kings Personal Joker (boyxboy) by BigNeptune
The Kings Personal Joker (boyxboy)by Chubby and Blue
Demosthenes is the king. Along with being the king comes a responsibility, a palace, a kingdom and an ego the size of of it all put together. It takes more than a mirac...
Carl Grimes x Negan by The_Cat_Whisperer01
Carl Grimes x Neganby stealing your hoodie
Carl doesn't like being controlled by anything or anyone, until Negan comes along and takes that position... This is a gay Walking Dead fan fiction. I ship these two cha...
Bastard by Unholymess
Bastardby Jin's manager
Toxic brain , broken heart , he was nothing but a mess. A mess I couldn't fix. warning : Multi-triggers , dark theme , non-con , abuse ... you've been warned.
crankiplier .simple as that. by Blue_Rin
crankiplier .simple as Blue_Rin
<Ok so I got some of the ideas for this from @crankmyplier1020> Ethan and mark are in high school together Ethan is a shy quiet kid who recently came out to his pa...
Not Fast Enough (Sonadow FanFiction)  by RileyEatsCake
Not Fast Enough (Sonadow RileyEatsCake
Sonic is the blue heroic hedgehog everyone knows and loves. He doesn't fear anything, but that all changes one night when Sonic goes to a birthday party where he is rape...
Limerence (Male Reader) by Stranger_Forever
Limerence (Male Reader)by Be the weird.
limerence (ˈlɪmɪrəns) noun psychology Limerence is a state of mind which results from a romantic attraction to another person and typically includes obsessive thoughts...
6 by AlanaFitz
6by AlanaFitz
A Dancer. A Brat. A Drug Addict An Insomniac A Bully and A Corporate Heir. All kidnapped on XX-XX-202X 🚨Multiple Trigger Warnings.
We Found An Island and We Got Stranded (Larry) by ishiplarry79
We Found An Island and We Got Lizzy
Louis knew that sailing off to sea with his best friend, who was still properly learning how to drive a boat, probably wasn't the best idea for his summer. He didn't rea...
This Is Love (Far Cry 5 Fanfic) by heartofsnark
This Is Love (Far Cry 5 Fanfic)by heartofsnark
Dahlia Hale is the youngest person working at the Hope County Sheriff's Department. Hailing from a small town in Louisiana, it's going to take her some time to fully acc...
Yandere Grell x Male!Reader by McYiffer
Yandere Grell x Male!Readerby McYiffer
It's yandere, so there's some blood and occasional mentioning of dicks. There's your warnings, so I don't have to label every individual chapter with tw's. ♡
Predator The Night by LyraLoveMagik
Predator The Nightby julie preston
When the heat is too much there's only one thing to do.
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{Human! Underfell! Sans x Reader Smut!}  by H0ney_Bee
{Human! Underfell! Sans x Reader ✩𝔻𝕒𝕕𝕕𝕪✩
Snowdin's most hated douchebag has finally noticed your existence. Now, you really wish he hadn't- This was a request, so please be prepared, I hope you enjoy this-!
You Should Have Known Better by NightKiller0185
You Should Have Known Betterby NightKiller0185
A win for Error and he couldn't be more proud of it. Ink had looked so angry when the universe had collapsed. Ink doesn't take too kindly to people touching his things...
Imprisoned (Sonadow Fanfiction) by RileyEatsCake
Imprisoned (Sonadow Fanfiction)by RileyEatsCake
Sonic and Shadow are now engaged and are finally at peace with the events that occurred 6 months ago. Unknown to them, Midnight has been resurrected and has malicious pl...
Falling: A Sherlock Fanfiction  by CharaDemonChild
Falling: A Sherlock Fanfiction by CharaDemonChild
Two Years ago Sherlock 'died' only to come back to a life he despises more than he despises himself. Mycroft is colder than ever, ignoring the fact he saw his brother g...
My Right To Purge by Nellblazer
My Right To Purgeby Nell
Purge Night comes to Stark Tower where you're spending the night with the other employees. Steve Rogers offers you a respite from the evening's party and you agree becau...
Eren x Armin  by mdgjaf
Eren x Armin by akte
‼‼‼‼TW; BDSM SLIGHT NONCON ‼‼‼‼ I got carried away..
Kidnapped by the Mafia [NaLu] by alicee_xx
Kidnapped by the Mafia [NaLu]by 〜 alice〜
WARNING ⚠️: MATURE SCENES (SWEARING, NON-CON & CON) Lucy Heartfilia, was living a good life with her boyfriend, Alex, when she was kidnapped by a mafia, to become a slav...
Coldridge~~  by dreexf
Coldridge~~ by dreexf
Taehyung killed his father for being abusive to his mother, and gets sentenced to 15 years in prison, but he finds out prisons not all that bad when a cute doey eyed boy...