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His Property [English]  by Mischivoushiddleston
His Property [English] by Mischivoushiddleston
Lauren has been King Loki's human slave since she came to him at the age of ten. He had been nothing but kind to her until she is asked to accompany him to a festival an...
hiccup centered oneshots ❤️ by thenoodleboy
hiccup centered oneshots ❤️by asseater9000
okay this is a oneshot collection because thats all i write now all will relate to hiccup in some way and ill specify which era of hiccup it is lol there will be VERY ma...
My True Saiyan Mate! by KuroiNamida91
My True Saiyan Mate!by StudioHope
Yin finds herself caught up in a struggle bigger than herself. For starters, she's somehow managed to make every Saiyan around fall to their knees in lust! what will she...
We're the Victims, But Also the Heroes by Spoooder_man
We're the Victims, But Also the Spoooder_man
The heroes are supposed to be just that. Heroes. But even they need some help sometimes. It happened to Tony. It happened to Bucky. It's about to happen to Loki. Loki d...
No (means yes) negan x rick by nixvixthetix
No (means yes) negan x rickby nixvixthetix
After an incident in Alexandria involving one of Negans Saviors, Rick is lost on what to do. The one time he tries reaching out for help he is shut down so he plans to j...
Parasite: Karl Heisenberg x Oc by MsChomperTheChomp
Parasite: Karl Heisenberg x Ocby JarOfDirtGang
*Extreme warning* Contains non-con, degradation kink and gorey elements (It's RE of course it's going to be messed up) Irina Aldea never expected a trip to see her famil...
DBD Ghostface x Reader by Bonniefan2002
DBD Ghostface x Readerby Bonniefan2002
1st Chapter will be fem reader second chapter male reader <3 Trigger warnings for: Blood, Non-Con, implied main character death, Gore (non explicit).
hulk, smash by MoanaSkies
hulk, smashby MoanaSkies
one shot of how Natasha trying to escape the hulk turns out differently. smutty galore, rape, non con, nat/hulk
spiderdads: caught by Cryaos
spiderdads: caughtby Cryaos/Rose
Miguel finally caught Peter, after pursuing him, things get heated.
The Omega's Christmas - A Harry Potter Oneshot by oddfanfiction
The Omega's Christmas - A Harry Sky Bolton
Pairing: Top Charlie Weasely / Bottom Harry Potter Summary: Christmas without his husband sounded misaerable. Notes/Warnings: Omegaverse Feminization Crossdressing Chris...
He grins like sin by ClemMarsh1
He grins like sinby DayDreamBear
After Aj killed Marlon, clementine and him are kicked out of the school. Quickly getting attacked by the saviors. One of which is an old friend. Does clementine fight...
Kinktober 2023 by milknhonies
Kinktober 2023by minlknhonies
You know me. This is gonna be dark, twisted and supernatural. It's my first time participating in writing for Kinktober.
Sleepover by ZombieJesusFTW
Sleepoverby Rogue Of Space
So yeah, yuki and yato fuck. What more could you ask for?
For-est Sight by Lil_B0y_Lawr
For-est Sightby Lawrence
Miro, a 17 year old high school boy was meeting up with a few friends to go camping with, they decided to go camping in a far away forest where people have been found mi...
No Way Out by BadSignBorn
No Way Outby Miss Chaos
You are a slave at the Hydra laboratories until you get the attention of the Winter Soldier
Depression & Obsession {Frerard} (boyxboy) by PunishedRaiden
Depression & Obsession {Frerard} ( Raiden Iero
Frank Iero decides to make a Facebook account, finally. He gets a friend request from an attractive stranger named Gerard, he takes a risk and accepts the request. Will...
Ghostface x Female Reader (dbd) by Butter_Stories
Ghostface x Female Reader (dbd)by Certified Hoe
Wow.. you've been kidnapped by Ghosty! Enjoy some seriously kinky shit, my dude! (Intro) You enjoy a day out at the park, but little do you know.. someone's taken an in...
Jungkook + Jimin x Taehyung oneshots by Persona_1212
Jungkook + Jimin x Taehyung Persona_1212
Just read it, it's not like you're gonna do anything more useful anyway ꒰⁠⑅⁠ᵕ⁠༚⁠ᵕ⁠꒱⁠˖⁠♡ Oneshots from books published on my main account-- @c0sm1c_k1ll3r
Boyf Riends Smut Oneshot  by Nentendogirl14
Boyf Riends Smut Oneshot by SpaceGeek
Me: it's 12:02 am, but I just can't sleep? Brain: Wright a smut Me: Wha- why??? Brain: Just do it Me: What would it even be about. Playlist: *is on shuffle* APOCALYPSE O...
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Stephen plight  by Stephenalbury
Stephen plight by Stephenalbury
after Jack becomes extremely possessive of Stephen, bonden helps him escape the surprise.