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Married to The Devil's Son by JazzwomanRead
Married to The Devil's Sonby Jasmine
A prince, rumored to be son of the Devil. He is the definition of Danger. He is the Darkness itself. A princess. Imprisoned in her own home, only to come out once she ge...
  • historical
  • marriage
  • dark
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Lost Royalty by ThelittleMissReader
Lost Royaltyby TheLittleMissReader
|COMPLETED | HIGHEST RANKING #1 IN HISTORICAL FICTION| Her presence was once one that enamoured the masses. A beautiful young princess whose destiny seemed to be set in...
  • fairytale
  • palace
  • competition
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The Claiming by Beautiful_Dreamer
The Claimingby Emily
The kingdom of Bayfell requires that every male and female must marry after he or she turns sixteen. Of course, not everyone loves this law, but the kingdom's population...
  • claiming
  • injustice
  • ceremony
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King   by curlynerd4ever
King by CurlyNerd
A werewolf is wolf and man. Both equal, both co-operative. Together. But what happens, when a man and wolf decide to go to a civil war? And therefore leaving their entir...
  • rogue
  • queen
  • quest
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The Heir and the General by druidrose
The Heir and the Generalby MB | M.Dalto
Forced into an engagement with a man she doesn't love, Reyna must ignore her bond with her father's general in order to avoid a war and save her throne. ...
  • faeries
  • love
  • newadult
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Scorned (Book 1, the Scorned Series) by _CherryQueen_
Scorned (Book 1, the Scorned Cherry Queen™
Valentina Stone's life as a noble ends brutally at the hands of the royal family. Chasing rumours of dragons and magic, she will have her revenge... ...
  • magic
  • female-hero
  • kingdom
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His Claim by rdritwika
His Claimby Ritwika Das
He pinned her frail body on the mattress with his body leaving no room for her to move . Her heart was beating frantically when he pinned her wrists above her head , cut...
  • daughter
  • fae
  • blood
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Forced to Be His Princess (Stephen James) by yepthaaatsme
Forced to Be His Princess ( a mess
In which a girl named Apollo Nova is selected to be marry Prince Stephen, Prince of Velder.
  • prince
  • kingdom
  • wmbw
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Intoxicating Love yandere(^o^)  prince jimin x reader  by pumpmymakeup
Intoxicating Love yandere(^o^) Manu _rios
''no...stay away....I don't want this. i don't want any of this. please ''. He stepped closer and caressed her cheek . ''but hidenka this is for you ..this ....all of...
  • sugar
  • teahyung
  • romance
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King Ace (book 1 and 2)  by noorbayan
King Ace (book 1 and 2) by noorbayan
"Don't talk to me, Witch." The king snapped. "But I wasn't-." He cut me off. "I get sick of your face, get away from me before I do something to...
  • romantic
  • possessive
  • king
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Mondo Pastello | girlxgirl | Completed♕ by Digital-Galaxy
Mondo Pastello | girlxgirl | Digital ♕ Galaxy
A Royal Princess leading a secret double life, her next-to-perfect college boyfriend and a professional gothic gymnast who makes her question her sexuality. What can go...
  • kingdom
  • royalty
  • prince
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The Vampire King by miss__imperfection_
The Vampire Kingby Jitika Salhan
**Highest rank - #1 in Vampire** The most feared Vampire An ordinary human girl Brought together by an unknown prophecy, will she really be the cause of his de...
  • romance
  • kingdom
  • dark
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The Dandelion System by Whylea
The Dandelion Systemby Leah
A new system of marriage for the prince has been made in the kingdom Taraxac: The Dandelion System. When Karlina Dearcage makes a deal with the manipulative Princess Oda...
  • royalty
  • princess
  • sadness
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Rat (REPOSTING) by EinatSegal
Rat (REPOSTING)by Einaty
King's magician, Harlock Cooper, the greatest magician that ever lived - has just died. Now it's in the hands of the aged and weary Grand Magic Master, Wenward Marning...
  • fantasy
  • kingdom
  • completed
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Fathoms Under ♆ Arthur Curry by SHIELD-Avenger
Fathoms Under ♆ Arthur Curryby ˗ˏˋ Nerd Alert ˎˊ˗
  • hero
  • action
  • dceu
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The Dry Lands boyxboy  by emmastories
The Dry Lands boyxboy by Emma:)
(COMPLETED Book 1 of The Sector Series) Keylin is a young elf trying to get by in life. Looked down upon because of his looks, he is known as 'snake' for his strikingly...
  • kingdom
  • boyxboyroyalty
  • epicfantasy
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Kingdom In Danger by Junebug227
Kingdom In Dangerby Junebug227
One Prophecy Three Objects Five Warriors No Time The Kingdom of Celestia is under attack! When an evil prince takes over the castle, Princess Clara is the only one to e...
  • overthrow
  • prophecy
  • romance
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I'll Live My Second Life! (わたしはふたつめの人生をあるく!) by CookieLover666
I'll Live My Second Life! (わたしはふたつ Cookie Monster
Fii was the first princess of the rural nation, Déman. One day, she became engaged to King Roy; an icy king with both beauty and ability, whose management ability was pe...
  • magic
  • cross-dressing
  • kingdom
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Cursed Without A Crown by BlackKnight77
Cursed Without A Crownby Andie B. Knight
Four kingdoms. One shade. One bastard prince. And one stupid crown... *~~~* Naomi Stone: Smart, short, easily excited and ambitious. This shade has a plan to become the...
  • fey
  • worldbuilding
  • humour
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Iker's Man by _diamond_crown
Iker's Manby _diamond_crown
Iker Maximiliano De Russe is the most feared name in this side of the globe. The unbeatable billionaire lord, he is known to be the devil itself. More than a billionair...
  • interracial
  • werewolf
  • culturalelements
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