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Impossible by HanGaroo8894
Impossibleby sekaiyeol is life
မဖစ္​ႏိုင္​တဲ့ ကိစၥဆိုတာ မ႐ွိဘူးလို႔ ကိုကိုဘဲ ​ေျပာခဲ့တာ​ေလ ငယ္​ခ်စ္​တဲ့အခ်စ္​​ေတြက​ေကာ ကိုကို႔အတြက္​ မဖစ္​ႏိုင္​ဘူးလားဟင္​ Chankai...... အက္​တာရဲ႕ က​ေလးဆန္​ဆန္​ဝတၱဳတပုဒ...
Unexpected (Completed) by Erikaexo88
Unexpected (Completed)by Erikaexo88
Kai keeps to himself, he doesn't want to annoy anyone. He doesn't have any friends and no one knows who he is. Chanyeol is the life of the party! He is friends with ever...
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Don't dream it's over [ChanKai] by __mjjeje
Don't dream it's over [ChanKai]by Mila
A pesar de lo que demostraba actualmente, JongIn había tenido un largo y difícil camino para conseguir todo lo que poseía. Su infancia fue difícil dentro del orfanato, m...
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Only one chance | Chankai by Creppie
Only one chance | Chankaiby Creppie
. . Nadie espera enamorarse de su mejor amigo. . Pero le sucedió a Chanyeol. . Y también le sucedió a Jongin. . . ☯ Chanyeol x Jongin. ☯ | Fluff | Soft | AU | Mención...
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Mon Adorable... [Hiatus] by FioRe_Erin
Mon Adorable... [Hiatus]by Yours Fraility🍀
ႏွလံုးသား တစ္ေနရာ၌ နက္႐ႈိင္းစြာ ရစ္တြယ္မိေသာ..သူ သူ႔ကို ခ်စ္ေသာ ခ်စ္ျခင္းတရားမ်ားအေၾကာင္း~
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мy word agaιnѕт тнe ceo'ѕ [ChanKai] by UrSekaiGoal
мy word agaιnѕт тнe ceo'ѕ [ChanKai]by ❥Mikamii98❧
prσlσguє: Beginning the day early with the exciting news to be invited to another job interview. Kai makes his way to the huge and well-known company. Who would have exp...
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Supernatural🔞  (დასრულებული)  by haes-sal61
Supernatural🔞 (დასრულებული) by ჰესალი
ნელ-ნელა, ყველაფრის შემდეგ, სიყვარული მხოლოდ დროის საკითხია.🔞
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Channie and his Lil Harem by Goddess_of_Jikook
Channie and his Lil Haremby Søzø
Park Chanyeol has no friends sadly because hes to loud, hes to Bubbly, he can get very Clingy, to him hes werid looking and people find him rather Mysterious so they don...
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Mr. Chu 💋 CHANKAI 💋 by weareone_inamillion
Mr. Chu 💋 CHANKAI 💋by Ale Wu ☆
Incluso sí te veo todos los días me gustas aún más. 💖 ChanKai! 💖 Omegaverse AU! 💖 Toneladas de amor y azúcar. 💖 Dulzura, amor y cero drama. 🚫 PROHIBIDA SU ADAPTACI...
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In love With chanyeol. by zehn_10
In love With chanyeol.by جونغيول 💜⚡️
Only 4 chankai lovers 💛
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Broken by chan-gelic
Brokenby Aurora | Channie
"I need you, cause you make me laugh the most. I'm the best me when I'm with you. And because when you leave. Nothing feels right until you return. Please Kai... d...
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10:08 | Chankai  by zabannaleague
10:08 | Chankai by 🌸°•°ZABANNA•°•🌸
El tiempo junto a sus horas, minutos y segundos son expertos dañando en silencio a las personas de muchas maneras. Chanyeol siendo una de ellas, una y otra vez. - - Gén...
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Winter Is All Over You by ficstation
Winter Is All Over Youby ficStation
[#station18] D-7 Chanyeol/Jongin | Miracles In December | Slice of Life, Slight Angst | PG-15 | 12k Kim Jongin'in elinde yalnızca birkaç kar tanesi ve son bir öpücük kal...
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"Chanyeol Hyung" {ChanKai} by Valeemotions
"Chanyeol Hyung" {ChanKai}by Valen (hiatus)
Jongin ama a Chanyeol, sin embargo es un amor unilateral. ¿Qué pasará cuando el más alto se de cuenta de los sentimientos del moreno? ¿O será que nunca lo sabrá? Ahora...
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EXO otp One Shots by katelyngillespie
EXO otp One Shotsby katelyngillespie
All the Otps from EXO and their one shots☆ Warning: Sexual content in most one shots
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the sum of its parts by sugacoatedmonster
the sum of its partsby Kitkat
a series of short, probably unrelated, drabbles based on prompts from the generatexo tumblr.
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Los fantasmas de un amor pasado aun torturan a Yeol, y no porque no haya sido hermoso, lo fue, pero acabo de manera inesperada, no solo se fue para siempre, mato una par...
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it's the magic number by chanyeql
it's the magic numberby j
a plan orchestrated by chanyeol's best friend, baekhyun, ends up with unexpected results.
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Blind [One Shot, COMPLETED!] by kangyamddo93
Blind [One Shot, COMPLETED!]by Burger Kang
What is the most painful? It is to love someone and never finding the courage to let the person know what you feel. ************************* Characters: D.O. as Jessica...
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Sasaeng-ing my way into your pants {Kai/Chanyeol} (1) by disquietedly
Sasaeng-ing my way into your pants...by disquietedly
Chanyeol is a bodyguard hired to protect international pop star Kai from stalkers.
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