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🔲 Lies In The Dark(Bdsm)🔲 by soojungsa
🔲 Lies In The Dark(Bdsm)🔲by soojung
"بهم میگی هرزه..میگی وقتی درد میکشم زیبا میشم.باور کنم که دوسم داری؟" ~اره دوست دارم..انقدر که اگه بری میمیرم~"منم فک میکردم یه شب میخوابم و دیگ بیدار نمی...
Forgetting Over You | Exo sehun  by Hananbajrai913
Forgetting Over You | Exo sehun by H.B
(book 5 in my EXO series spinoff to Time) Throughout my life, I live a regular life, but an accident make me have this inability that I can't easily recognize faces. I...
Safe Haven | CHANBAEK (trad.) 1° Libro by softlybaek
Safe Haven | CHANBAEK (trad.) 1° L...by léon
Pareja: Chanyeol / Baekhyun Calificación: Adulto Resumen: La mayoría de la gente dice que el amor viene en diferentes formas y tamaños. Pero en el caso de Chanyeol, el...
"I HATE HIM " | CHANBAEK  [COMPLETED] by chan_meets_baek
Byun Baekhyun is a reckless and stubbord young man who doesn't fear anyone, especially when he has no choice to live in a house with a fanciful and mean celebrity named...
ten days × park chanyeol by -winterslilac
ten days × park chanyeolby KP🌙
10 days until christmas. 2 kids, 8 crazy uncles, and 1 divorced couple. will they succeed before the ten days are up? BOOK 1: COMPLETE BOOK TWO: BEFORE (in progress)
him & her ↬ bbh by pyonsuke
him & her ↬ bbhby 🍭p🍭
baekhyun x reader him & her 🌸a flower beautifully made by the God don't disappear, don't change even if I like you, nobody knows I'm a loser who loves you🌸 start: 17/6...
perspective → minseok by -kaizar
perspective → minseokby *∘✧ zareen ✧∘*
they don't see you the way i see you; you aren't a beast. " your typical twilight twist. © ZAREEN H. EXO'S...
Only If You Want || CHANBAEK ONESHOT by exobubz
Only If You Want || CHANBAEK ONESH...by exobubz
Baekhyun kisses a stranger who turns out to be his best friend's crush. ***COMPLETE*** . . . TWT: @exolefirstclass . . . MANIP CREDIT: Cocochanbaek TWT: @cocochanbaek IG...
We Are Just by EiffelInLove
We Are Justby Nacha
Two friends try to figure out what they really just are. (Park Chanyeol x Jung Eunji ff)
Mal tercio [HUNHAN] by SkyetDay
Mal tercio [HUNHAN]by S
No es que no esté agradecido por la atención y protección de su hermano mayor, no es que el novio de éste le desagrade o algo así... No, Lu Han sólo quiere dejar de hace...
Hannamdong UN Village [EXO's Byun Baekhyun] by galaxified
Hannamdong UN Village [EXO's Byun...by potato unicorn
It wasn't like she didn't expect it to be like this. She knew what she was facing, knew where it was heading, but still it broke her anyways. #SupportChen
Secret Diary | Exo Chanyeol  by Hananbajrai913
Secret Diary | Exo Chanyeol by H.B
[Completed ] (Book 1 in my EXO series) "Wait you telling me you read all of it... The diary that I left it in the library yesterday" "Yes" "I wr...
make you mine • lucas wong by hiimnotawritertoo
make you mine • lucas wongby 𝐝.
"I'll make you look at me, whatever it takes." "Weirdo."
Bitter Candy🍭💥[آبنبات تلخ] by soojungsa
Bitter Candy🍭💥[آبنبات تلخ]by soojung
_تو یه آبنباتی بک..که برای اینکه خورده نشه می خواد تلخ باشه..اما من تلختم دوست دارم!♡ +دروغ میگی..من اونی نیستم که بقیه دوسش داشته باشن! من زشت و عجیبم!..پس توهم ازم فاص...
Symphony (SuLay) [EXO AU] by ArgentRoses
Symphony (SuLay) [EXO AU]by Argent
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst, Hurt/Comfort Rating: PG Pairing: SuLay//Suho x Lay Fandom: EXO (K-pop) Warnings: Implied bullying SM Academy is the prestigious school that m...
So I Married The President?! by specialnay27
So I Married The President?!by Naya
At twenty nine, just few shy days away from his thirty, Baekhyun gave up on his own romance. But fate, and the proposal he received from the President had another idea. ...
Yes!Boss(Exo|Kaisoo)[translated fiction] by soojungsa
Yes!Boss(Exo|Kaisoo)[translated fi...by soojung
YES!BOSS[S2] [یه رئیس سکسی جذاب یه کارمند دست پاچه عاشق] #وضعیت:کامل 💡💥نویسنده فیک: bangtanbear@ 💡💥مترجم:Soojungsa@ #این فیکشن در اصل به زبان انگلیسی بوده و فقط کار...
Never Know ✿ ChenMin by baeksongg
Never Know ✿ ChenMinby has left the chat
«Voy a amarte como si te estuviera perdiendo, porque nunca sabremos lo que pueda pasar mañana» ♡Pareja: ChenMin. ♡Géneros: Romance, Angst Leve. ✧1.6k ~os. ✐basado en lik...
Paper Hearts by specialnay27
Paper Heartsby Naya
[ENGLISH/Completed] Being married for 3 years, they never once exchange the 'I love you' words. Baekhyun, at one side, is mute. Chanyeol, on the other side, simply doesn...
Mi Doctor Oh Sehun [HunHan] by MinaAkihiko
Mi Doctor Oh Sehun [HunHan]by Mina Akihiko
Luhan, un paciente con esquizofrenia es internado en un hospital psiquiátrico para comenzar a ser controlado por medio de terapia y medicamentos, pero, su ingreso empiez...