The Game Of Survivors✔️

The Game Of Survivors✔️

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"I... I will kill you," She raised the gun at me.


"I am Trishana," she whispered, "you know me."

I took a step forward.

"Did you want to kill me?" I asked. "Is that why you approached me? Is that why you acted as if you were in love with me? Is that why you got close to me?" I was near her now. "Did you plan to kill me all along?"

"Don't... don't come near... I will... shoot," Her voice shook slightly.

"Look me in the eyes and answer me first!" I didn't move back and took the last step.

The gun pressed on my chest, Just above the heart and I looked at her steadily.

"Shoot me then," I said. "If you want to kill me... If you never had any feelings for me and If you don't even want to give me a chance to explain anything, Shoot me." I said.

Her hands were trembling and her eyes were still filling and flowing down.

"SHOOT ME, SANJANA!" I shouted and she looked startled and took a step back.

"Why?" I was not ready to back down. "Sanjana, Why hesitating? Don't you want to kill me?"


Trishana, A young reporter is dead set on Exposing the evils of one of the biggest corporations in the nation; the Surya group.

After a lot of setbacks, she, Along with her perfectly selected partners (A gang of youngsters who were targeted and victimised by the Surya group), Devise a plan to get revenge on them and to Seduce the youngest heir of Surya group-Arjun Surya Narayan.

Arjun, Who is the brain of Surya group with his own strange sense of ethics is met with a surprise when he meets the reporter who hates him to death but Acts lovingly.

He knew it was a trap, He knew who she was and why she was around him and decided to play along...

But what will happen to the love game when so many lives are on the line? And worse; When he starts to fall for the girl he is supposed to "silence" for the stability of his firm?

[Contains mature scenes, violence and lots of swearing, You have been warned]