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Another Speedster//Barry Allen by bluebubblewriter
Another Speedster//Barry Allenby bluebubblewriter
My name is Samantha Smith and I am the fastest women alive. When I was 11 I saw my parents murdered by something impossible. I was sent to a care home and went through...
  • flash
  • speedster
  • iriswest
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Within Seconds // Barry Allen by xxwinterschildxx
Within Seconds // Barry Allenby winter
[based on season one of The Flash] || book one of three || At the time Central City's own Barry Allen discovers he has the ability to run faster than the speed of sound...
  • gustin
  • barry
  • flash
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A Dance With The Flash 。 Barry Allen [1] by tinkertaydust
A Dance With The Flash 。 Barry — HIATUS TAY.
A DANCE WITH THE FLASH. ❝ we could hide away in day light we could go undercover, wait out the sun got a secret side in plain sight where the streets are empty, that's...
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  • superheros
  • writersdefence
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Blank Space [Barry Allen/The Flash] by sexiaf
Blank Space [Barry Allen/The Flash]by On Hiatus
"I'd say it's a pleasure, but now I'm topless!" A story in which a girl moves to Central City and becomes something she never would have imagined. [The...
  • barrytheflash
  • barry
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Caitlyn's Cousin ⌲ Allen by winchasster
Caitlyn's Cousin ⌲ Allenby ❰ hayden ❱
❝ Olivia? ❞ ❝ Total stranger? ❞ _ in which Barry Allen falls for Caitlin Snow's cousin [COMPLETED AUGUST 24, 2016]
  • ramon
  • barryallen
  • caitlyn
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My boyfriend is a superhero // (Barry Allen X Peter Parker) by TookenByBroadway
My boyfriend is a superhero // ( tea sis
A story where Peter Parker is the bullied sad kid by day but just as sad superhero by night. One day while swinging around on a lonely night he'll meet The Flash, Barry...
  • holland
  • marvel
  • allenparker
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MADE FOR YOU | SEBASTIAN SMYTHE by -obliviouschloe
Audrey Hummel. Honor's student, president of almost every academic club, author of the school's newspaper, and second lead singer in New Directions. Sebastian Smythe. ...
  • glee
  • sebastian
  • sebastiansmythe
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impossible | barry allen by concupiscentz
impossible | barry allenby ♡
I thought the unimaginable only existed in fairy tales, and stupid redundant television shows. I never knew how wrong I was.
  • jessewells
  • ciscoramon
  • joewest
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Falling Slowly [Barry Allen] by KatieWelander
Falling Slowly [Barry Allen]by Katie
Being best friends with Iris West was the only thing that brought Katie Marshall to Central City. She's had a hard past with relationships, but this is a new start, with...
  • theflashlovestory
  • flashlovestory
  • theflashfanfiction
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Almost [Grant Gustin]  by Kendall_023
Almost [Grant Gustin] by Kendall_023
Two old friends reunited at an event and the rest is history.
  • cw
  • selena
  • fanfic
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Smooth Criminal by JustaTeenFangirl0616
Smooth Criminalby Just a teen fangirl
(Sebastian Smythe fanfiction) It all started at the Lima Bean... Anna Smith is a junior at McKinley High, a member of the New Directions, sweet, optimistic, and let's fa...
  • hummel
  • lopez
  • fanfiction
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internet friends ⋆ g. gustin [1] ✓ by acastleabovearrows
internet friends ⋆ g. gustin [1] ✓by r
GRANT GUSTIN ✗ SOCIAL MEDIA it all started with a liked tweet. because what's more romantic than that? in a world of fame, fortune, and backstabbing relationships, gran...
  • twitter
  • fanfiction
  • allen
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In A Blink ➳ Barry Allen/The Flash by LillianCarrol
In A Blink ➳ Barry Allen/The Flashby l i l l i a n
| book one | Natalie Reed has just moved to Central City, at first, oblivious to the unnatural events in her new home. She truly feels welcomed in Central City and grows...
  • gustin
  • flash
  • crystalreed
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distance ⚡ barry allen [1] by scrambledmegs
distance ⚡ barry allen [1]by megan
"He could run faster than the speed of sound but he still wasn't fast enough to close the distance between them." Spencer Hathaway had a good life. Not incredi...
  • pfcc2k16
  • completed
  • fiction
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Barry Allen imagines by montanus
Barry Allen imaginesby montanus
This is a book full of my tumblr-posts (prompts, imagines and more!) of either Barry Allen or Grant Gustin imagines. Follow my acc for a quicker update ;) (@so-flashtas...
  • grant
  • barryallenimagines
  • barryallen
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Unnoticed (The Flash/Barry Allen X Reader) by Digi_Demon
Unnoticed (The Flash/Barry Allen ImABlur
You moved to Central City and went straight to work. This just so happened to be the night that the particle accelerator went off. You were in you lab at the time and we...
  • xreader
  • metahuman
  • grant
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My daddy Ross Lynch by LizzieAR5
My daddy Ross Lynchby Lizzie Atkinson
This is about Ross Lynch and his daughter Rachel
  • gustin
  • grant
  • riker
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Grant Gustin Imagines              {Requests Open} by muhakka_17
Grant Gustin Sophie (aka muhakka)
Grant Gustin, Barry Allen, The Flash, And Sebastian Smythe Imagines
  • glee
  • requests
  • grant
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Glad You Came ↠ Barry Allen by captainamerica_1988
Glad You Came ↠ Barry Allenby Capsicle
"The sun goes down, the stars come out, and all that counts is here and now, my universe will never be the same I'm glad you came....." I do not own an...
  • theflash
  • felicity
  • grantgustin
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What We Do For Love (Flash x Reader) by thatflashwriter
What We Do For Love (Flash x thatflashwriter
Book of the Is It Love? series, and This Is Love. Be sure to read those two before this one, otherwise it won't make sense. ?
  • barry
  • caitlin
  • flash
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