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The Cultivator's Son by Naomi_Chihaya
The Cultivator's Sonby Naomi Chihaya
Many people celebrated the fall of one of the greatest cultivator sect in the world, the Wen Clan. The success of the Sunshot Campaign of the Four Great Clan gives light...
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LanSizhui x JinLing Oneshots by MoonlightTheCheese
LanSizhui x JinLing Oneshotsby MoonlightTheCheese
I could barely find any stories for this ship so I'm taking one for the team and writing this.
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An Angel And A Demon 2: Darkness Within by Totalgirldreamer
An Angel And A Demon 2: Darkness WangXiao Yizhan
As years past Heaven and Hell are now at peace. No more war with each other. Life was peaceful to both realms. Wei Ying and Lan Zhan's prophecy has come to an end but a...
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(Hiatus) [MDZS] Reincarnation by AdindaDheandra
(Hiatus) [MDZS] Reincarnationby Ruruuuu
"YUN SHEN BU ZHI CHU DIBAKAR!!" "Lan Zhan! Aku mohon selamatkan A-Yuan, aku akan membantu yang lain menahan mereka" "WEIYING!" This carac...
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Retrouvaille by wxparoxysm
Retrouvailleby wxparoxysm
Where Wei Wuxian got accepted to a prestigious All-Boy private school, Jinlin University, as a Literature Professor. The catch, the school teaches only the young masters...
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Inquiry - Lan Zhan x Wei Ying/Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian by Dehrubyrose
Inquiry - Lan Zhan x Wei Ying/ ✈︎☁︎★☁︎✈︎
Sometimes nightmares plague Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji is always there for him, until he isn't. When Lan Wangji leaves him without a trace, Wei Wuxian is mocked by the c...
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Love Bound by Naomi_Chihaya
Love Boundby Naomi Chihaya
Love Bound is a story of an Alpha and Omega whose relationship was test by fate and time. Xiao Zhan is a teacher in a highschool and has a daughter named Ji Yang. Wang...
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They Don't Know You Like I Do (Xue Yang x reader) by ashleii_leii
They Don't Know You Like I Do ( ashleii_leii
They want to tell me what's right, what's wrong, what's black, and what's white..... but they don't know you like I do. They don't understand that under this facade is a...
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El departamento tenía todas las comodidades que podría pedir y también dentro de su presupuesto. Al menos le alcanzaba la renta para 3 meses en lo que conseguía la renta...
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Cómo Ser Feliz [Fanfic Drama MDZS Actualidad] by Nere_Artist
Cómo Ser Feliz [Fanfic Drama ˗ˏˋ𝐍𝐄𝐑𝐄 υωυˎˊ˗
Lan Huan es un chico responsable, agradable y estudioso que está pasando por una mala racha en sus estudios, pero... ¿Como podría suceder eso si estudia todos los días c...
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Love, your unknown lover by DemishHeal
Love, your unknown loverby Demish Heal
'Baba, where are you?' 'Wei Ying. Where are you?' 'A-Xian please come back home.' Modern wangxian Mdzs was not mine and all credit to original author and image also not...
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What Should I Do? - LXC x JC fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
What Should I Do? - LXC x JC fanficby HaiRyuuKi
One day, a sudden topic come up during the sect leaders' meeting - it's about Jiang Cheng's marriage. Why is it... Lan Xichen felt his heart was pricked just thinking of...
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Mo dao Zu shi  by Yujimisaki
Mo dao Zu shi by Yujimisaki
First of credit to the artist I just edited it that art is not mine Before I start mind you I do not own any of the characters they r from a show\novel\animated Chinese...
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MDZS: Despite All Else by CodaRitsu
MDZS: Despite All Elseby CodaRitsu
"Is he possessed?" "What happened to him?" "What is he up to?" "..." The hushed murmurs from the disciples continued to spiral a...
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Reflection of the Moon *The Untamed/MDZS/GDC* by Jazzybean14
Reflection of the Moon *The Jazmine Bowman
Wei YingYue (魏映月)/Wei Yue(魏月) Wei(魏)- contains the character for "ghost"; Yue(月)- "moon"; Yingyue(映月)- "reflection of the moon" Wei Yingyu...
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It's My Life by AndreaPena5
It's My Lifeby Andrea Pena
Resumen: «El momento más solitario en la vida de alguien es cuando está viendo cómo su mundo se desmorona, y lo único que puede hacer es mirar fijamente» -F. Scott Fitzg...
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MDZS Modern Era  by Silent_A18
MDZS Modern Era by Trisha
A Mo Dao Zu Shi retelling of story, which takes place in the modern times/era. ✔This Marks the Chapters that are Edited.
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Todo Por Un Deseo by GiovannaLan2LL
Todo Por Un Deseoby GiovannaLan2LL
No soy muy buena con los resúmenes así que solo vaya a leerlo xD Descargo de responsabilidad Los personajes de MDZS no me pertenecen
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Not Alone [MDZS-Wangxian] by LittleMuffler-3-
Not Alone [MDZS-Wangxian]by Fujo-3-
"En medio del apogeo de una de las tantas batallas de aquella guerra, cuyos suelos se teñían de un fuerte rojizo por la sangre de los cuerpos caídos e inertes, el s...
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Rumors by Shiki_Minami
Rumorsby Shiki Minami
Author: Larey Translator: Shiki Couple: Lan WangJi & Wei Wuxian Summary: Rumors are the order of the day and there was currently one too juicy: "Hey, hey. Have yo...
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