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Compulsions [Little Nightmares] by DubStepBrony1987
Compulsions [Little Nightmares]by Vinyl Scratch
Locked inside a cage of horrors, you are desperately trying to locate the key to escape. Although you are a major target for the monsters who lurk in the depths o...
little nightmares x reader oneshots and scenarios! by SamV73
little nightmares x reader oneshot...by Samael V
this includes the DLC, number one, and number 2! Requests are welcomed and encouraged!
Hololive EN: Just a Janitor by StarWaver
Hololive EN: Just a Janitorby Seven Hearts of Light
Description: Jayce Greenford, Janitor of Hololive EN, (forced) become a Vtuber by and under Ninomae Ina'nis on his birthday that he didn't want anyone to find out and ce...
Mr. Janitor Is A Billionaire by RosasVhiie
Mr. Janitor Is A Billionaireby Rosas Vhiie
MATURED CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. She fall inlove with a janitor without even knowing that he's a billionaire. She was misunderstood. He hated her the most. He tre...
Willys wonderland reader oneshots! by Oof2917
Willys wonderland reader oneshots!by Call meh whatever lol
I will take any requests, I do lemon, fluff and more, tell me what you would like, if you wanna date Tito go ahead! Wanna be cuddle buddies with Willy? Sure! Wanna be be...
1-800-Cinderella by Musiq4lyf
1-800-Cinderellaby Asiah
Cindy works part time at a hotline. Her front name being Cinderella. When Cindy gets involved with a guy through a hotline, he starts to call her all the time. When she...
Please Stay -Mono x Seven- by Galaxie_Moonlight
Please Stay -Mono x Seven-by Galaxie_Moonlight
Mono escaped. He and Six made it to the Maw, but were separated rather early on. Mono made it down deeper into the Maw hiding away in the shadows, but when the shadows h...
Pamette Shindevura Hydale by NaomiLeYuri
Pamette Shindevura Hydaleby mimingka
Bakit nga ba Pamette Shindevura Hydale? Sino nga ba si Pamette Shindevura Hydale? Anong meron sa kanya? Ni minsan ba, naisip mong isubasta ang katawan mo sa pera? O isu...
Little Nightmares - Reader Insert by AsQQcanB
Little Nightmares - Reader Insertby Starberries & Strawberries
(I got inspired after seeing this art made by them!) I got sucked into this fandom a while back. Now, I am going to contribute to it! Also, this is going to be a gender...
Kindergarten x New Teacher! Reader by Degal_Heartfang
Kindergarten x New Teacher! Readerby DEE-GAL
You,(Y/N), sighed up for a new teaching job at a kindergarten. After you start working there, things go chaotic for you. Will you leave your new job or will you learn to...
My Janitor [Jessie J] *COMPLETED* (UNDER EDITING) by Panda_Cape0o0
My Janitor [Jessie J] *COMPLETED*...by Unicorns♏️
This is kind of a TeacherxStudent story, but the "Teacher" is a "Janitor". Sydney Tenner is a teen gymnast, along with her twin sister, Delilah. As s...
Escape with me (Little nightmares 1/2) by Littlemashmash
Escape with me (Little nightmares...by Fox girl Pups Little
This is like the game everything is like the game I just changed it up a bit. This also has Little nightmares 2 and the DLC and some places in the first game of Little n...
Ask or Dare the Little Nightmares characters by RzrGhost
Ask or Dare the Little Nightmares...by Drake Ghost Walker
ok. so, as you can see, if you read my ask or dare mcsm, i added six & runaway kid to the story. but i though i will seperate them in different book. i didnt own Little...
Kindergarden One-shots by MuffinWrites0088
Kindergarden One-shotsby Muffin
I got tired of not finding any of the ships I wanted to read from this game sooooooooo This was born It'll probably be mostly gay one shots and if I say the characters...
Just A Little Hope by NoName6720
Just A Little Hopeby Angrymidget
At this nightmare school, you get picked on for everything. like if you forget you backpack if you ever have one, what you believe in, even for who you fall for.... this...
All Better | Penny x Kid [Kindergarten 2] by Haydarken
All Better | Penny x Kid [Kinderga...by H
I couldn't find any of this ship so I decided to do it myself This takes place literally RIGHT after the game "ends" in 'Creature Feature'(the last mission). A...
Things Happen For A Reason by Imagine0139
Things Happen For A Reasonby Lara
FANFICTION As if Sabrina Grimm's life couldn't get anymore complicaed. A mysterious girl moves to Ferryport Landing. Puck seems to have ‘connections’ with her. Who is sh...
A Little Monster-Little Nightmares ( Six x Seven ) by racketsmash123
A Little Monster-Little Nightmares...by FUJOSHI!!!!!
After the events when Six turned evil, she had no where to go. So she decided to go back to the maw and became their owner/new lady. Many years past, all of the children...
Kindergarten: All Grown Up by IceCreamArtz
Kindergarten: All Grown Upby AnnaMay
The Kindergarten gang has all grown up and is in high school, but what happens if the hall monitor from their kindergarten was murdered? Who did it? Can the old gang fig...