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A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World    by ManilynSobrevilla
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant Manilyn Sobrevilla
There is a very strange restaurant in the City of Sin. Elves and dwarves must share a table, orcs are strangely well behaved, dragons are only welcomed on the small squa...
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Encounter {Little Nightmares/EDITING} by _rEiSiNs
Encounter {Little Nightmares/ still wondering
After Six had killed a nome, which was Seven all along and continued her journey. She has successfully ruled the maw for a whole eight years. She decided not to be her m...
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My BL's Collection by Nlyevor
My BL's Collectionby Nlyevor
"BL stories that I've done reading " Hope u enjoy it ^•^ Done reading ★ Reading ☆ Read later ☃ PS: all the images and stories are not mine, credi...
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Where's the Sauce?(Lesbian Story) Completed by TarynitUp
Where's the Sauce?(Lesbian Story) Taryn
Rival students in culinary school meet again years later. Aryen, now a successful head chef and owner of her own restaurant; New Deafinitions is being reviewed by famou...
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The man and his lady by Kayla4532
The man and his ladyby Bella
After Six has left the group of children to go home without her, she grows up to be the governess of the maw. like her mother did. but everything changed when she mets s...
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Chef Chesky- A Culinary Experience. by AliFawaz1
Chef Chesky- A Culinary Ali Fawaz
A dark comedy short story addressing a range of topics like the dark and probable realities of culinary experiences, a persons disdain for society, unappreciative of the...
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Six x Seven One-Shots by Degal_Heartfang
Six x Seven One-Shotsby Fluffbutt
I love this ship to much :3 hope you enjoy! Also feel free to request some! Just no lemons please, thank you
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sweeten lip's; pastry shop; "kpop applyfic open." by NazMel258
sweeten lip's; pastry shop; " NINA COOKIE, [SEMI-ACTIVE ]
Sweeten Lip's Motto: "Too explode many ways of love within your taste." It seems that, Sweeten Lip's are in need of, 'Thirteen Rookie Assistants,' to work in t...
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A Flavorable Taste {Katsudeku Au} by RainbowCakes00
A Flavorable Taste {Katsudeku Au}by Leanne
No quirks. Just skill. Students lucky enough to enter the prestigious UA Academy all yearn for the chance to qualify in the once-in-a-lifetime chance at stardom. The UA...
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(A little Nightmare fanfic) Mother Geisha  by Onemoonshade
(A little Nightmare fanfic) Onemoonshade
When five year old Six and her Father went to check the prison for two days things went wrong. Six was cast into a spell that she was turn small,and her father was hang...
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DAVASA . by friendflowers
DAVASA .by 👺
' a recipe has no story... you are the chefs. you are the storytellers, the creators. you are responsible for giving these foods stories that will not be forgotten...'
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Royal RP {Active & In Progress.} by Aoi_Kaze
Royal RP {Active & In Progress.}by Kazzy
Second RP! It's a Royal Roleplaying. Like what it says above. Role play as a Prince who may be a frog, a King who can see the dead, Queen who is a wizard, Servant who i...
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Halal by KissKoya
Halalby — 𝘛𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦 {haitus}
❝ Is this place halal? ❞ A fic with middle easterns and BTS :) Chef BTS AU
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master chefs | nomin by yejisu-area
master chefs | nominby 🐻🍭&🍰🥛
jaemin and jeno are horrible chefs who went to cooking class when they were 14. © yejisu-area (& author 🐻🍭 haha)
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Short Horror stories  by APoeticTeenager
Short Horror stories by APoeticThinker
Two tales,one of a chef who explodes in anger and kills his boss, and the other,a chef who feeds her customers her boss.Two stories,both of which link together.
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Not Easily Broken   by cnj101
Not Easily Broken by cnj101
Growing up in the world of fame and fortune. Whitney is the daughter of the most well known rapper in history Whitney is a 18 year old who think she is all of that and m...
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Kagan's Kitchen: Preview by celiavstheworld
Kagan's Kitchen: Previewby celia novak
Brett Kagan's life is as much of a mess as his kitchen is when his roommate cooks. After the unspeakable thing he did to his competitor's mashed potatoes on a cooking sh...
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Serena The Soon To Be Chef by RebekkaBuckley
Serena The Soon To Be Chefby Rebekka Buckley
Serena is going to school to be a chef who dreams of one day to open her own cafe and bakery. She encounters heartbreak along the way.
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Greggy boeh  by WhooIsThis
Greggy boeh by Teo Licks
The story of how Gregg and John came to be. "A true love story" "Magnificently Gregglicious, would recommend to all ages"
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