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Davesport (DSaF) ! ! by h1gh4sh3ll
Davesport (DSaF) ! !by 🏳️‍🌈
Two gays being gay < 3 This is smut btw ! Cover art and other art in this isnt mine!!
Your Hands Are Warm (A DaveSport Fic) by epeexx
Your Hands Are Warm (A DaveSport F...by epeexx
Jack Kennedy decides to get his life together after the mysterious disappearance of his little sister, Dee. He knows she couldn't have just vanished and is dedicated to...
Even sillier goofier davesport oneshots book by da_patato_2
Even sillier goofier davesport one...by Danny
Oneshot(s?) collection! Ranges in content, primarily Davesport centred. English is my second language and my skill is mainly self-taught, mediocre writing and incoheren...
Davesport oneshots by Alkal1ne
Davesport oneshotsby Alkaline
Sighs here we fucking go again a actual story that I'm going to write instead of just setting them into drafts CW; sex, alcohol mentioning, drugs mentioning, yiffing the...
Mini Davesport Stories by Myoxia
Mini Davesport Storiesby Myoxia
Mini stories of davesport I come up with very late at night, expect many grammar mistakes and stuff.
S-Sir! A Harrysport story (DSaF) DISCONT by tandumz
S-Sir! A Harrysport story (DSaF) D...by tandumz
Harry, recently being kidnapped- I mean hired by Jack Kennedy must now bring on the challenges of having a rotting corpse rabbit in the restaurant, having to pay for tax...
 Sum Dsaf poo poo :) Dave x Jack Stuff by LivsObsessions
Sum Dsaf poo poo :) Dave x Jack S...by LivsObsessions
Just a ship I'm obsessed with :') (This is old so it has cringe in it lol) Also discontinued ;w;
davesport oneshots! &lt;3 by blo0dykn1ves
davesport oneshots! &lt;3by blo0dykn1ves
art in cover photo made by: @burnttoast__exe!! - WARNING! This book contains spoilers for dsaf 3! - I might be taking requests depending on what the request is, so lea...
After Death remake | DSaF | An original story (? by Just_a-rand0m_p3rson
After Death remake | DSaF | An ori...by A random person 👍
It already passed 5 years since the events of DSaF 3, 5 years since they defeated Dr. Henry Miller and 5 years since nobody knew what happened to Jack..... Dee wants to...
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) ONESHOTS - [Dayshift at Freddy's] by bwordlasagna
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) ONESHOTS...by *.•'~ SOLLY !
this is going to be a collection of short stories/oneshots of dave and jack from dayshift at freddys! (all will be associated with the SHIPPING of them!) (credit to dire...
|| Hanahaki! Dave x Jack || a DSaF fanfiction by Kitsune-ave
|| Hanahaki! Dave x Jack || a DSaF...by Sawyer
Dave has always had a crush on Jack Kennedy, who he continuously calls 'Old Sport', his big crush had always been obvious ( but Jack was the only one who obviously didn'...
~DaveSport~ by HamalAnimal
~DaveSport~by Sal
This fanfiction is ended due to a lot of reasons stated in the last page, but enjoy what I wrote I guess.
Davesport [[V e g a s      B a b y]] by bimbagamer133
Davesport [[V e g a s B a b y...by bimbagamer133
Why hello there reader. This fanfic contains Lemon,blood ,fluff,swears (a lot),two pixelated boys who are homosexual:) And perhaps alcoholic content..?
~After death DSaF Reunion~|  An original history (? by Just_a-rand0m_p3rson
~After death DSaF Reunion~| An or...by A random person 👍
It had been 5 years since the acts of DSaF 3, 5 years since they defeated Henry and 5 years since they don't see Jack... Dee and Blackjack want to fix everything Can the...
My DSaF Head Canons by xoxo_milo_
My DSaF Head Canonsby ᵐⁱˡᵒ
my dsaf head canons and how some things work
Random art book by TehFloof
Random art bookby The Greatest Floof
Art dump I copy pasted from my deviantart, mostly dsaf/fnaf crap
DSAF Oneshots  by KoiiPond
DSAF Oneshots by (o´ω`o)ノ
I'm not really sure what to put here, but it's mostly going to be DaveSport. I will take ideas if you have any :) Any warnings will be put at the beginning of the chapt...
DSAF art book bc yes (FREE COMMISSIONS STILL OPEN) by _tangerineman
DSAF art book bc yes (FREE COMMISS...by 🧡🍊sportsy🍊🧡
how tf do i make a wattpad thingy im dummy hi i make art mostly dsaf related because i have a problem 13+ ig do i need an age restriction or ((YOU CAN ASK ME TO...
Dsaf oneshots by Iral_the_great
Dsaf oneshotsby Iral_the_great
This is just gonna be a bunch of oneshots, some are probably going to be really selfindulgient. English is not my native language so please point out any spelling error...
Dsaf oneshots by Stfuorsmth
Dsaf oneshotsby Stfu
Please don't read this