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steven x peter by injuryphobia
steven x peterby emo.mp4
started: jan 1st 2021 updates might be slow because of my mental health and my lack of motivation, sorry for any inconveniences.
Kìdnapped [Davesport] by Roach-y
Kìdnapped [Davesport]by Roach-y
♡ Why hello hello there! This will be my first story so I apologize if it isn't too good.. haha ^^" This won't 100% be based off the game but it also will, if that...
Dave X jack pics 😌 DSAF  by random0w0rat
Dave X jack pics 😌 DSAF by A disappointment
Gay skittles pics cuzz I'm a sinnerrr no surprise dvdvdvvdvdvdvdv 💜🧡the gayest skittles 🥺
DaveSport by Abi7535
DaveSportby Sunny_Pawz#1234
WARNING: SMUT, FLUFF, DRINK SPIKING AND OTHER TOPICS Jack wakes up in a room, the last thing he remembered was being drunk at a house party and a familiar aubergine colo...
DSaF Oneshots // Cool DSaF Shit /DISCONTINUED..(?) by minoubouffe
DSaF Oneshots // Cool DSaF Shit /D...by minoubouffe
welcome to my oneshot book, this is where i write cool stuff requests are open ;)
Dsaf Comics by ElizMC99
Dsaf Comicsby Elof
Ah yes ✨ Gay ✨ Comics but Dee is third wheels-
DSaF Short Stories by Kateedraws
DSaF Short Storiesby No Username For me Please :)
This is a book of short stories, I called it that since a few of the WILL last more than just one chapter. I made this since I wrote a short dsaf story as vent and soooo...
Meet Me in the Garden (DSAF royal AU) by witchzforest
Meet Me in the Garden (DSAF royal...by witchzforest
Prince Dave Miller has known little to no love his entire life. Will the new gardener, Jack Kennedy, change that? (Basically I'm a sucker for Royalty / Medieval AUs and...
Dsaf Kinky Oneshots  by AngelMasterMind3
Dsaf Kinky Oneshots by ✨Skid✨
uh yeah I'll do requests ig
The Prince and the Baker (dsaf royalty au.) by LloydsDepartment
The Prince and the Baker (dsaf roy...by 💙Dumb Man💙
Dave is a prince Jack is a baker Read to learn about this lmao
🃏ART BOOK🃏 by Just_anArtist
🃏ART BOOK🃏by 🍬Poprockz/Roxy🍬
THERES A WHOLE LOT OF TRIGGER WARNINGS. cool art with a catch --- Art that's in this book: -bfb/II art -clonehigh art -dsaf art (dayshift at Freddy's) -Dream SMP (NOT MU...
Drink and Drugs (Complete) by Kawaii_Sadie17
Drink and Drugs (Complete)by Kawaii_Sadie17
Jack hasn't seen Dave ever since the incident, he just couldn't bring himself to see him again, so he changed his shift to the night shift, asking Steve if he could tell...
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Jack x Dave by Tammamo
Jack x Daveby Tammamo
Hey, so this is my first fan-fiction and i hope it turns out ok for you guys . You can request story's and scenarios if you like and I'll do my best. It may get dark at...
 Sum Dsaf poo poo :) Dave x Jack Stuff by LivsObsessions
Sum Dsaf poo poo :) Dave x Jack S...by LivsObsessions
Just a ship I'm obsessed with :') (This is old so it has cringe in it lol) Also discontinued ;w;
|| Hanahaki! Dave x Jack || a DSaF fanfiction by Kitsune-ave
|| Hanahaki! Dave x Jack || a DSaF...by Sawyer
Dave has always had a crush on Jack Kennedy, who he continuously calls 'Old Sport', his big crush had always been obvious ( but Jack was the only one who obviously didn'...
Davesport: going back for him(old Af) by Therainyone
Davesport: going back for him(old...by Rain Shelstad
(Y'all this is old better not read it,also my spelling is shit too so yeah,prob cringe,and i barely update)Dave and the others go back to be with jack after the fire but...
DSAF Fics and Stuff by Paperpage
DSAF Fics and Stuffby Paperpage
Just some fics inspired by DSAF and DirectDogman :)
davesport oneshots! <3 by Cloudyfizz
davesport oneshots! <3by Cloudyfizz
I might be taking requests depending on what the request is, so leave a comment if you have a request! Ships in this fanfic: davesport and sporttrap (whatever you call d...
The DSAF'S Book Of Randomness 2 by PinkHorsePro
The DSAF'S Book Of Randomness 2by PinkHorsePro
Welcome! If you were here for the last book you know what's up. This will be mainly only character×character and family/friends oneshots. I might do ×OC'S at one point...
FNAF ONESHOTS by blackpanther125