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MEMES 7 by deisaso11
MEMES 7by deisaso11
El regreso xd,otra vez la misma madre PD:Estos memes no son mios y CTHM Karla Panini
º⁓//30 Días Opt Spartor//⁓º by Vlentinaxd
º⁓//30 Días Opt Spartor//⁓ºby Vlentina!
Hice mi Opt por que casi todos lo Opt o tienen faltas de ortografía HORRIBLES como ''aslo'', ''olle'', o tienen cosas muy gringe como: ''7w7'', ''o te doy con la chancla...
dark sbi (moth tommy au) by BugBones2
dark sbi (moth tommy au)by Bug Bones
Btw not my au snak89 is the one who gave me this idea
A Masked Sunrise (A Sequel to A Crashed Wedding) by rileyowrites
A Masked Sunrise (A Sequel to A Cr...by riley
-This is a sequel to another DSMP C!Wilbur and C!Dream x reader book, A Crashed Wedding- Y/N is still upset about the death of her first love, Wilbur Soot, and the death...
For Peace ~~ [c!Technoblade x Reader] ~~ [DSMP AU] by augustOpera
For Peace ~~ [c!Technoblade x Read...by August
(Y/N) is being taken to marry the blood prince as a token of peace for her brother. #1 in bargains 2/19/22 #1 in carriage 2/26/22 #1 in XD 4/6/22
The Mortal and the God (FoolishxReader) by BlobCarrot
The Mortal and the God (FoolishxRe...by BlobCarrot
Another Fantasy Au but with Foolish this time. There will be no smut in there. I will add Triggerwarnings if necessary and there will be a character introduction as the...
✨Cuando estamos solo los dos✨❤💙 // spartor // by Vlentinaxd
✨Cuando estamos solo los dos✨❤💙...by Vlentina!
Esta historia la narra Raptor, que se esta dando cuenta de que su hermoso, tierno, guapo y pervertido ''amigo'' intenta...... ¿¡seducirlo!? Inspiración en: Mi ardiente v...
Countryhumans Zodiacs :D by IhateOnions-
Countryhumans Zodiacs :Dby Onions <3
You read the title humans! Love Zodiac signs? Love Countryhumans? Then, BOOM, this book is for you! I usually update often, but sometimes u may have to wait a bit- Pictu...
Henclair oneshots by AlexeisCherrySlurpie
Henclair oneshotsby Oh i'LL sHoW yOu A STaPh iNfE...
I got this idea from a book @Reddie_for_gay_bois wrote also I've been spelling their ship name wrong kill me now XDDDDDDD
Is This Love?♡       (DreamXDxGeorgenotfound) by Mx_Swell
Is This Love?♡ (DreamXDxGeor...by Mx_Swell
It was a normal afternoon for George, until he met a god. George was like no other mortal XD had ever met. They fell in love just like any other two beings would, howeve...
°Yezan incorrect quotes° [portada en proceso] by SimplocadeJuanin
°Yezan incorrect quotes° [portada...by Soy un producto de tu esquizo...
Aquí vamos con otro libro xd ( Este libro será exclusivo para incorrect quotes del don limonadas y sus au's
Random oneshot/ imagine's ideas by Razorwhip1835
Random oneshot/ imagine's ideasby Razorwhip1835
This is just plots that are too short to have a full ass story. Plus I just need a break from my other ones :P. For Female Readers
+10 more
Pen Pals {Kenma x Reader} by dansteeth
Pen Pals {Kenma x Reader}by dansteeth
You lived in Canada and have a pen pal named Kenma Kozume who lives in Tokyo and one day you move and you happen to move into the same city as your pen pal and even bett...
Smartypants//Chase Davenport  by dipclipflip
Smartypants//Chase Davenport by dipclipflip
Izzy is the perfect student. Straight A's, Outstanding attendance and overall the smartest person in the town. All of that changed once Leo brought his new stepbrother...
MY Countryhumans Art by TheFallenVoid
MY Countryhumans Artby TheFallenVoid
Just some shit drawings of Countryhumans art. (Slow updates) Turkish translate: Sadece bir Countryinsan sanatı kitabı (COVER ART NOT MINE)
Drink and Drugs (Complete) by CouldBeSadie
Drink and Drugs (Complete)by CouldBeSadie
**Oh my lord stop reading this shit please** Jack hasn't seen Dave ever since the incident, he just couldn't bring himself to see him again, so he changed his shift to t...
Squidward x reader (Lemon 🍋) by HelenKellersPubes
Squidward x reader (Lemon 🍋)by ✨lil Cumstain✨
You were new to the Krusty Krab you met about who would change your life forever. Feel free to spread this story lmao I'm just shitposting