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Wanna go to Vegas, Sportsy? (A DAVESPORT FANFICTION) by Bunzy_writes
Wanna go to Vegas, Sportsy? (A Bunzy writes
Dave and Jack are finally happy in the afterlife with their families. Everything is going wonderful, until Jack starts having bad nightmares. How is this going to end...
There for you.. | Jack x Dave | 💜🧡 by Jai169
There for you.. | Jack x Dave | 💜 Phantomboi6577
Jack is just starting his job after the old location a but for some reason ever since him and Dave seen each other jack has developed a crush on him.
dsaf stevenxreader "what are we doing here" by is_me_steven
dsaf stevenxreader "what are we ^.-.^ Steven^.-.^
Steven x reader fanfic. geez this is my first fanfic 😳 Warning : Guns,murd@r,curse words, alcohol ... wait 100 views!? Oh my god!
The Prince and the Baker (dsaf royalty au.) by LloydsDepartment
The Prince and the Baker (dsaf 💙Dumb Man💙
Dave is a prince Jack is a baker Read to learn about this lmao
💕DaveSport Oneshots💕 by Roach-y
💕DaveSport Oneshots💕by Roach-y
just a bunch of small stories that I'll be making in my free time <3 - Smut [Maybe] - Fluff - Angst - Gore - Abuse - Self Harm - EmOtiNaL sTrEsS - 'Mama Phoney ;] - P...
Meet Me in the Garden (DSAF royal AU) by witchzforest
Meet Me in the Garden (DSAF witchzforest
Prince Dave Miller has known little to no love his entire life. Will the new gardener, Jack Kennedy, change that? (Basically I'm a sucker for Royalty / Medieval AUs and...
Drink and Drugs (Complete) by Kawaii_Sadie17
Drink and Drugs (Complete)by Kawaii_Sadie17
Jack hasn't seen Dave ever since the incident, he just couldn't bring himself to see him again, so he changed his shift to the night shift, asking Steve if he could tell...
|| Hanahaki! Dave x Jack || a DSaF fanfiction by Kitsune-ave
|| Hanahaki! Dave x Jack || a Sawyer
Dave has always had a crush on Jack Kennedy, who he continuously calls 'Old Sport', his big crush had always been obvious ( but Jack was the only one who obviously didn'...
DSAF Fics and Stuff by Paperpage
DSAF Fics and Stuffby Paperpage
Just some fics inspired by DSAF and DirectDogman :)
steven x peter by injuryphobia
steven x peterby emo.mp4
started: jan 1st 2021 updates might be slow because of my mental health and my lack of motivation, sorry for any inconveniences.
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) ONESHOTS - [Dayshift at Freddy's] by bwordlasagna
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) Eric
this is going to be a collection of short stories/oneshots of dave and jack from dayshift at freddys! (all will be associated with the SHIPPING of them!) (credit to dire...
Dsaf One-shots by Average_Cat
Dsaf One-shotsby Average_Cat
Just...Dsaf One-shots
🍆💕The book of DaveSport💕🍊 by Trashy_Potato_Boi
🍆💕The book of DaveSport💕🍊by Ha! Gae
Ahhah! I'm making a new DaveSport story cus I los all inspiration with the last one, so here you go, ya fellow crack heads. This story takes place after the events of Ds...
-Dsaf oneshots- by InkPencil-
-Dsaf oneshots-by E-Boy
Just some dayshift at Freddy's oneshots! Dayshift at Freddy's belongs to Directdoggo Cover art is by me
💜 DSAF//Art book (some dsaf art because Y E S)💜  by Bludary
💜 DSAF//Art book (some dsaf art Kidden
I just want to put my DSaF artworks into the world bc I have way too many ideas qvq I like to draw Dave and Jack being very gay.... Yeah •v•" Don't sh00t me (!!!Spo...
Dayshift at Freddy's one shots ! :D by Cloudyfizz
Dayshift at Freddy's one shots ! :Dby Cloudyfizz
ART IN COVER BY: deadinsidestudio on tumblr!! Ships that may sometimes appear in this fanfic: Caroline x Peter Jack x Dave/William Mostly fluff (aka wholesome stuff) n...
Davesport fanfic✌😌 by ceoofdyingyoung
Davesport fanfic✌😌by ×chaos×
Hello there! I'm chaos. I've been planning to make a davesport fanfic for quite some time and I finally felt enough motivation to actually start writing it. This is my f...
Soulless Love: Dave Miller X Jack Kennedy (DSaF) by MawPaw45
Soulless Love: Dave Miller X MawPaw45
This is set in an alternate timeline where Jack stopped William from commiting his first murder and instead got him the help he needed from his past. But with kebab and...