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Just a Davesport book by Abo_kki
Just a Davesport bookby Abo
watch me gradually get better at writing these gay people
DSAF one-shots by Nugg_baby
DSAF one-shotsby Lord of nuggs
okay so this is a dsaf fanfic book please feel free to ask for ships or requests.
Silly goofy davesport oneshots book by da_patato_2
Silly goofy davesport oneshots bookby Danny
[English isn't my native language so ignore spelling mistakes and/or poor grammar.] Always open for requests! Can't promise anything though~ Yeah this is just kinda beca...
DSaF: Oneshots (Dave/Old sport) by notmebuddy
DSaF: Oneshots (Dave/Old sport)by ALIENS AMIRIGHT
This book is about Dave/Old sport only! I'm happy to take requests for small stories and maybe even a mini-series or two :) If I ever do take a request for another ship...
Meet Me in the Garden (DSAF royal AU) by witchzforest
Meet Me in the Garden (DSAF witchzforest
Prince Dave Miller has known little to no love his entire life. Will the new gardener, Jack Kennedy, change that? (Basically I'm a sucker for Royalty / Medieval AUs and...
OldSport x Dave oneshots by AIattack
OldSport x Dave oneshotsby Gaylord
(All art credits to me! Find my instagram page @Conduitvirus for more art pieces.) This writing includes lots of different DSAF Oldsport x Dave shipping stories, or so c...
Davesport oneshots by Alkal1ne
Davesport oneshotsby Alkaline
Sighs here we fucking go again a actual story that I'm going to write instead of just setting them into drafts CW; sex, alcohol mentioning, drugs mentioning, yiffing the...
Drink and Drugs (Complete) by CouldBeSadie
Drink and Drugs (Complete)by CouldBeSadie
**Oh my lord stop reading this shit please** Jack hasn't seen Dave ever since the incident, he just couldn't bring himself to see him again, so he changed his shift to t...
The Prince and the Baker (dsaf royalty au.) by LloydsDepartment
The Prince and the Baker (dsaf 💙Dumb Man💙
Dave is a prince Jack is a baker Read to learn about this lmao
dsaf/Dialtown Mediocre one- shots And Headcannons 👍 by goddfuckiingdammiit
dsaf/Dialtown Mediocre one- dave
with my mediocre writing and your random requests, the creation of this fic was born...
No Was Never an Option. by CouldBeSadie
No Was Never an CouldBeSadie
Started: (2/27/21) Finished: ( / / / ) The characters are not owned by me they're owned by DirectDogman and I'm 'bout to ruin them. (Sorry) 🌞I am working on the fina...
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) ONESHOTS - [Dayshift at Freddy's] by bwordlasagna
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) Eric
this is going to be a collection of short stories/oneshots of dave and jack from dayshift at freddys! (all will be associated with the SHIPPING of them!) (credit to dire...
DayShift At Freddy's Twitter  by ElizMC99
DayShift At Freddy's Twitter by Elof
This is actually fake twitter- but I love it ✨
davesport oneshots! <3 by blo0dykn1ves
davesport oneshots! <3by blo0dykn1ves
art in cover photo made by: springtrapcpu!! - WARNING! This book contains spoilers for dsaf 3! - I might be taking requests depending on what the request is, so leave a...
The Apocalypse (DSaF Fanfic) by skyoradox
The Apocalypse (DSaF Fanfic)by Skyoradox
Jack Kennedy was driven into madness from a simple shoe that was found by his other brother Peter, He changed his name to Legacy Jack and had fallen under the corruption...
Untold Stories of the Dayshift (Dayshift at Freddys One-shots)  by YoshiDraws420
Untold Stories of the Dayshift ( ☆ Yoshi Draws ☆
Here are random Dayshift at Freddys stories I think of when trying to sleep or if I'm supposed to pay attention to something important. It's mainly Davesport. If for som...
Grand Reopening! by qwertybot007
Grand Reopening!by Thewritingboi
My own AU where Jack is able to bring everyone into normal reality after defeating Henry Jack went into the flipside, and he found them. His old friend Dave, His sister...
Ten Thousand Years <Davesport> by williamaftussy101
Ten Thousand Years by Ethan!!
They say their last goodbyes, but is it really the end? i actually bothered with a proper cover be proud of me and dont steal the cover art please i made it 😍😍
DaveSport Oneshots  [CONTINUED] by BoredStarBoy
DaveSport Oneshots [CONTINUED]by "dEaNbOy"
Cover image from Day-Stars Tumblr. Oneshots