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Tell Me 'Bout That Day In Dallas by The13thRaven
Tell Me 'Bout That Day In Dallasby Doctor Killdare
11-22-63, a date that strikes sudden dread in the hearts of most. But what if it wasn't that way? No assassination...no assassination attempt. Just another successful...
lolita → jfk by mywjldlove
lolita → jfkby mywjldlove
he saw through everyone, but he saw through them precisely because the first thing he looked for in people was the very thing he had seen in himself and may not have wis...
Dsaf Comics by ElizMC99
Dsaf Comicsby Elof
Uh...idk what am I gonna write it here h-heck UUUHHHH Kennedy Family?- Gay?- -sigh- whatever if it is Oh heck well hope you like it-
DSAF Oneshots  by Pineapple-Dirk
DSAF Oneshots by H
I'm not really sure what to put here, but it's mostly going to be DaveSport. I will take ideas if you have any :) Any warnings will be put at the beginning of the chapt...
 Sum Dsaf poo poo :) Dave x Jack Stuff by LivsObsessions
Sum Dsaf poo poo :) Dave x Jack S...by LivsObsessions
Just a ship I'm obsessed with :') (This is old so it has cringe in it lol) Also discontinued ;w;
Day Shift At Freddy's Oneshots by --BXMBTHREAT
Day Shift At Freddy's Oneshotsby alex.
just some lovely smut for some fellow freaks✨
davesport oneshots! <3 by Cloudyfizz
davesport oneshots! <3by Cloudyfizz
I might be taking requests depending on what the request is, so leave a comment if you have a request! Ships in this fanfic: davesport and sporttrap (whatever you call d...
DSaF Short Stories by Kateedraws
DSaF Short Storiesby No Username For me Please :)
This is a book of short stories, I called it that since a few of the WILL last more than just one chapter. I made this since I wrote a short dsaf story as vent and soooo...
Jack x Dave by Tammamo
Jack x Daveby Tammamo
Hey, so this is my first fan-fiction and i hope it turns out ok for you guys . You can request story's and scenarios if you like and I'll do my best. It may get dark at...
1956: A Kennedy Story by InfinityBookwormXD
1956: A Kennedy Storyby human
1956, Jack and Jackie are happily married, Jackie is pregnant, Jack doesn't cheat on her, everything is going fine... right? Sequel is up, called 1957: A Kennedy Story
DSAF Fics and Stuff by Paperpage
DSAF Fics and Stuffby Paperpage
Just some fics inspired by DSAF and DirectDogman :)
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) ONESHOTS - [Dayshift at Freddy's] by bwordlasagna
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) ONESHOTS...by Eric
this is going to be a collection of short stories/oneshots of dave and jack from dayshift at freddys! (all will be associated with the SHIPPING of them!) (credit to dire...
Davesport fanfic✌😌 by ceoofdyingyoung
Davesport fanfic✌😌by ×chaos×
Hello there! I'm chaos. I've been planning to make a davesport fanfic for quite some time and I finally felt enough motivation to actually start writing it. This is my f...
Memories (A DSaF Story) by LloydsDepartment
Memories (A DSaF Story)by 💙Dumb Man💙
They'd been freed. Dave, Peter, Steven, Dee, and BlackJack were all in a better place. Even Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy were free and resting easy. Otherwise is said about Jack...
~DaveSport~ by HamalAnimal
~DaveSport~by HamalAnimal
This fanfiction is ended due to a lot of reasons stated in the last page, but enjoy what I wrote I guess.
-Dsaf oneshots- by InkPencil-
-Dsaf oneshots-by E-Boy
Just some dayshift at Freddy's oneshots! Dayshift at Freddy's belongs to Directdoggo Cover art is by me
|| Hanahaki! Dave x Jack || a DSaF fanfiction by Kitsune-ave
|| Hanahaki! Dave x Jack || a DSaF...by Sawyer
Dave has always had a crush on Jack Kennedy, who he continuously calls 'Old Sport', his big crush had always been obvious ( but Jack was the only one who obviously didn'...
12 by finleyjaneoliver
12by 𝖋𝖎𝖓𝖑𝖊𝖞
it's been almost 11 years since the world has last seen the kennedy's, back in 1968 the first lady & 35th president of the us were parents to 7 girls and let's simply sa...
Dave X jack pics 😌 DSAF  by random0w0rat
Dave X jack pics 😌 DSAF by A disappointment
Gay skittles pics cuzz I'm a sinnerrr no surprise dvdvdvvdvdvdvdv 💜🧡the gayest skittles 🥺