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Arta - the last princess by NellyLtf
Arta - the last princessby Nelly
"Who did you say she is?" Osman demanded from the man. The prisoner was shaking and pleading for his life but did not say anything as he got aware of the terri...
Por Una Venganza  (perú X Irán) 🇵🇪X🇮🇷  by TracySinarahua
Por Una Venganza (perú X Irán) 🇵 anónima
Por una venganza me enamore de ti.. Por un secuestro me enamore de ti... Fecha de publicación : 07 / 04/ 20
countryhumans x reader (SMUT)😳😳😳😳 by ItsYaBoiKing
countryhumans x reader (SMUT)😳😳� king
you ars surrOunDED by hot af countrys, what could possibly happen?!😳😳👀👀👀 this is a joke this is a joke please don't take this seriously please im just bored and no...
sorry by onedirection_iran_
sorryby -1D IRAN
Sorry همچی با یک ماموریت شروع شد،اما خیلی زود همچی پیچیده شد؛قرار بود فقط یک دل به دام بیوفته ولی قلب های زیادی درگیر شدن.. -Barbara Palvine -Zayn Malik -Niall Horan -Ha...
《IT'S NOT FINE》 by Iamvaness4
HOLA وانـــــەکـــــانـــی ژیــــان ..... بـــۆ فـــێـــربــــونـــە نــەوەکـــ بـــۆ کــات بـــەســـەربــــردن JJKWIFE💀
Not So Great by 4xmembersxcps
Not So Greatby Thunder Boy
"What you want me to do? Go kill myself, so the world can be a little better place!" . . . "I am sorry." This story will be cringe. So this story isn...
Scorched Sands a rainbow six siege story by Yaboi1234510
Scorched Sands a rainbow six Yaboi1234510
A Navy SEAL gets a invitation to join a globally elite antiterrorism task force known as Rainbow.
••вℓαcк ρєαяℓ••[+18] by darya8894
••вℓαcк ρєαяℓ••[+18]by [ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ ]
[...وارد شدن به عمارت بزرگ مالیک به عنوان یک برده ...🍷⛓] [شاید اولش مثل یک کابوس ترسناک بود و خب ..🌚🌿] [کی مُیدِونه پشت دیوار های بلند اون عمارت چه چیز هایی مخفی شده...
The Businessman by SophieQuinnOfficial
The Businessmanby Sophie Quinn
Raina Turner is a Trauma doctor with a troubled past. After losing her home and all her money, and almost her career, she had to move in with mom Grace, and start over. ...
Life Game by rozhan_jh
Life Gameby 《harry styles fanfiction》
اسم من انجل فیتیس هست...ساکن منطقه ده، بدترین و افسرده ترین منطقه کشور(اخر الزمان) ... من از خانواده ام محافظت میکنم با تمام توانم ولی من چقدر میتونم دووم بیارم؟من زندگی...
MOTEL [H.S] by Dreamer_cupcake
MOTEL [H.S]by آپسـتـــ‌‌[셑]
"داستان عشقی که متولد شد، غنچه کوچکی که شکفت، روزنه ای که در قلب ها زده شد و شهرتی که دست خاموشی بر سرش کشید.. " [1D fiction]/HS
Tehran's Old Ghosts by SlumRunner
Tehran's Old Ghostsby Ed Cowlng
Tehran's Old Ghosts A short story set during the Iranian Revolution in 1978. Eight westerners find themselves trapped in their hotel. Little do they realise that the tro...
I Was So Scared (Hetalia Fanfiction) by Xylospring
I Was So Scared (Hetalia Malicious Siren
Russia shivered as he tried to standup, looking towards America with tears beginning to pour down his face."America...., I was always so scared, so scared..."
*^*Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenarios*^* by my_chemical_cookie
*^*Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Jade
Hello all you Mystic Messenger fans! So this is how it works each chapter will have a scenario,followed by the character and how they handle it. I think you all know h...
What am I? by _s_h_l_
What am I?by _s_h_l_
حتما تا حالا درباره ی ومپایرا شنیدید یا گرگینه ها اگه از ومپایرا و گرگینه ها و داستانای سوپرنچرالی خوشتون میاد خوب این داستان ممکنه داستان مورد علاقه ی شما بشه کی میدونه...
Endless love (persian) by mahdis_p
Endless love (persian)by Mahdis ✔
دیانا: فقط تو موندی زین..فقط تو.. زین: من همینجام عزیزم.من مراقبتم دیانا: میترسم زین.خیلی میترسم.از یه روز بی تو میترسم... . . روابطی که توی مرحله آزمایش قرار میگیرن عشق...
•CAFE☕️•(z.m) by jabad_iran
•CAFE☕️•(z.m)by نری و مری
دفترچه ی بنفشی که روی میز گوشه ی دیوار جا موند دنیامو تکون داد by;Narry
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Foreign Love by rockyheart
Foreign Loveby rockyheart
Pari is a young beautiful Iranian woman who immigrate with her family, in Toronto, in Canada to flee misery and poverty from her country. One day, she meets a woman, Kia...
My Iranian Diary by Vaibhavbhosle007
My Iranian Diaryby Vaibhav Bhosle
This story is a detailed account of my life changing and adventurous two weeks in Iran as a solo traveller. The economy of Iran was faltering due to re-imposition of sa...