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Nothing. by Irisusan
#1 Irisusan
(Once I had loved) you not with my heart nor with my mind, The heart can stop, the mind can forget, (I had loved) you by my soul. The soul never dies nor forgets. my...
/countryhumans Russia X China🇨🇳❤️ 🇷🇺/Russia's son  by VeronicaRobles972
/countryhumans Russia X China🇨🇳❤ Veronica Robles
This is a story about how Russia life's turns a 360 turn and realizing he now has a ¿Son? He tries keeping up to this new life and from which he'll have to make changes ...
dandelions by r0ckcandy
dandelionsby paringuin
سلام به همگی❤ this is a bl story, let's enjoy it. All the characters are created by myself. The rules of my world are imaginary and not everything is supposed to go acco...
My Lollipop                                           (آبنبات چوبی من) by _m_r_t_a_
My mrym
میا یه دختری که نمیتونه به راحتی باهمه ارتباط بگیره... دقیقا نقطه مقابل اون گین.... صمیمی ترین دوستش؛ که حالا با اسرار همون مجبور به رفتن یه مهمونی میشه که از اون به بعد...
Por Una Venganza  (perú X Irán) 🇵🇪X🇮🇷 by TracySinarahua
Por Una Venganza (perú X Irán) 🇵 anónima
Por una venganza me enamore de ti.. Por un secuestro me enamore de ti... Fecha de publicación : 07 / 04/ 20
Violet  by _EELLIISSEE
Violet by ELISE
هر چه گویی آخری دارد به غیر از حرف عشق کاین همه گفتند و آخر نیست این افسانه را Her Voice Is Like Clear Water That Drips Upon A Stone In Forests And Silent Where Quite...
طایفه ایرانیان by javaadstark
طایفه ایرانیانby this is asiblack
در جایی که گاو دال و پرسپولیس یه افسانه بود، وجود ایرانشاه، آذر ایرانی هم افسانه بود
missed call (kookmin smut) by jikookbustory
missed call (kookmin smut)by Mubyna jkjm
مقدمه : تنها صدای گریه ای که میخوام بشنوم...صدای ناله های شیرین توعه که برای چیزای بیشتری التماس میکنی پارک جیمین یه پسر ۲۵ ساله ی آرایشگر که تو بوسان کار میکنه. جیمین...
Arta - the last princess by NellyLtf
Arta - the last princessby Nelly
"Who did you say she is?" Osman demanded from the man. The prisoner was shaking and pleading for his life but did not say anything as he got aware of the terri...
23 Soulmates by HonestToMyself
23 Soulmatesby renee
its said that once you die your soul gets carried on into another life #2 in twenty three: 07/10/23
Twenty-Nine Cozy Bears by GlennHefley
Twenty-Nine Cozy Bearsby NeuroRomancer
The age of cyber war has come. State sponsored hacker teams prowl the networks and systems across the Internet and connections in space; satellites broadcasting the ware...
" Found In Moonlit Valleys " by ChibeniTP
" Found In Moonlit Valleys "by 𝔐𝔞𝔢𝔡𝔢
𓅓Middle Of The Night... _فصل دوم "Lost In Moonlit Valleys " _شکست ، تسلیم شدن ، مرگ ، تنهایی و درد هیچ مرحمی ندارن هیچ مرحمی... +مطمئنی؟ _ تو چی فکر میکنی؟ نک...
countryhumans x reader (SMUT)😳😳😳😳 by therealjohn_
countryhumans x reader (SMUT)😳😳� therealjohn_
you ars surrOunDED by hot af countrys, what could possibly happen?!😳😳👀👀👀 this is a joke this is a joke please don't take this seriously please im just bored and no...
Enslaved Princess:Being His Maid by OluchiEUgwumba
Enslaved Princess:Being His Maidby Oluchi Ugwumba
You think you can escape me ? he asked. Wha....what do you want from me,I asked stammering but he tilted his head and I could feel his hot breath fanning my neck,I tried...
قازی محەمەد by ahmed_kurdish1
قازی محەمەدby Ahmed kurdish
سیاسەتوان، دادوەرێکی کورد و سەرۆکی کۆماری مەهاباد بوو
A politics fiction story by secretwriter5678
A politics fiction storyby Mr lova lova
I wrote this first for my friend but like you guys can read it too I guess?😭😭
The Zoroastrian resurgence by librepenseur14
The Zoroastrian resurgenceby librepenseur14
This book is about a possible scenario on the resurgence of Zoroastrianism in modern day Iran after a bloody revolution in 2032. This text was typed in my free time and...
کەیخەسرەو by ahmed_kurdish1
کەیخەسرەوby Ahmed kurdish
بەھێزترین پاشای مادەکان
••вℓαcк ρєαяℓ••[+18] by darya8894
••вℓαcк ρєαяℓ••[+18]by [ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ ]
[...وارد شدن به عمارت بزرگ مالیک به عنوان یک برده ...🍷⛓] [شاید اولش مثل یک کابوس ترسناک بود و خب ..🌚🌿] [کی مُیدِونه پشت دیوار های بلند اون عمارت چه چیز هایی مخفی شده...
دیوژِن؛ by kooktae666999
دیوژِن؛by VkookV
دیوژن: اختلال شخصیتی که بیمار دچار جامعه‌گریزی، بی تفاوتی و انباشتن زباله‌ها میشود(داخل فیکشن بیمار همچین ویژگی‌ای ندارد. البته اگر بیماری وجود داشته باشد!) part of stor...