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weakness by Mayla_amour
weaknessby mayla_
(complete) جئون جونگ کوک خطر ناک ترین زندانی فقط یه ضعف داشت اونم پارک جیمین بود ! kookmin namjin sope a little (vmin) &( teagi)
Unforeseen Circumstances by starrstosherii
Unforeseen Circumstancesby Sharifah☪
Unforeseen Circumstances ♡ General Fiction Young Adult / (ˌʌnfɔːˈsiːn) / not seen or known beforehand; unanticipated. / (sur-kuhm-stans) / a condition, detail, part, or...
Por Una Venganza  (perú X Irán) 🇵🇪X🇮🇷 by TracySinarahua
Por Una Venganza (perú X Irán) 🇵 anónima
Por una venganza me enamore de ti.. Por un secuestro me enamore de ti... Fecha de publicación : 07 / 04/ 20
Arta - the last princess by NellyLtf
Arta - the last princessby Nelly
"Who did you say she is?" Osman demanded from the man. The prisoner was shaking and pleading for his life but did not say anything as he got aware of the terri...
youre name by foxsismm
youre nameby 🦊
این یه داستان ایرانیه شخصیت هاشم ایرانین و توی واقعیت وجود دارن اما داستانش از خودمه آرمین یه بیبی بوی خیلی کیوته که زندگی خیلی سختی داره وقتی که چندتا از قلدرای محل...
Enslaved Princess:Being His Maid by OluchiEUgwumba
Enslaved Princess:Being His Maidby Oluchi Ugwumba
You think you can escape me ? he asked. Wha....what do you want from me,I asked stammering but he tilted his head and I could feel his hot breath fanning my neck,I tried...
countryhumans x reader (SMUT)😳😳😳😳 by dirtblock_
countryhumans x reader (SMUT)😳😳� dirblock
you ars surrOunDED by hot af countrys, what could possibly happen?!😳😳👀👀👀 this is a joke this is a joke please don't take this seriously please im just bored and no...
The War Against All [[Tenbrous AU]][Countryhumans] by Reflectiron
The War Against All [[Tenbrous AU] Reflectiron
"Don't you want to rule the world? To have everyone trapped under your finger?" "...I guess so." ===== COVER CREATED BY ME. DO NOT STEAL. NOT HISTORI...
XXIVHOUR'S by Iamvaness4
بـــــەشـــداری ئــــەم ســـەرکـــێشــــیـــە بـــە!!!! BY :JJKWIFE💀
"Can You Be My Daddy?" by realmelika
"Can You Be My Daddy?"by realmelika
- میشه ببوسمت؟ - نه. - اما چرا؟ - تو حق نداری فرشته ها رو ببوسی . -ML
مەهسـا ئەمینی 💔😞 by dro_kant
مەهسـا ئەمینی 💔😞by Clo
کـۆچـی ساردی مەهسـاکـەم بەدەستی ئەو زاڵمانـە مەهسـا شازادەی کوردان دەردی تـۆ زۆر گرانە بـە قـەت زوڵفەکـانی تـۆ ڕۆژهەڵات پەرێشانـە کۆچـەکـەت کوردستانی کردۆتـە پرسەخانە ...
Tehran's Old Ghosts by SlumRunner
Tehran's Old Ghostsby Ed Cowling
Tehran's Old Ghosts A short story set during the Iranian Revolution in 1978. Eight westerners find themselves trapped in their hotel. Little do they realise that the tro...
/countryhumans Russia X China🇨🇳❤️ 🇷🇺/Russia's son  by VeronicaRobles972
/countryhumans Russia X China🇨🇳❤ Veronica Robles
This is a story about how Russia life's turns a 360 turn and realizing he now has a ¿Son? He tries keeping up to this new life and from which he'll have to make changes ...
What am I? by _s_h_l_
What am I?by _s_h_l_
حتما تا حالا درباره ی ومپایرا شنیدید یا گرگینه ها اگه از ومپایرا و گرگینه ها و داستانای سوپرنچرالی خوشتون میاد خوب این داستان ممکنه داستان مورد علاقه ی شما بشه کی میدونه...
Nightmare's A Game by ThatOneJewishTexan
Nightmare's A Gameby ✡️Jae✡️
//Cover and story title idea given to me by @// Remember World War 3? The rumors that Iran and America would start another World War? Well, let's put that idea into acti...
Endless love (persian) by maniya_p
Endless love (persian)by Maniya 🥰
دیانا: فقط تو موندی زین..فقط تو.. زین: من همینجام عزیزم.من مراقبتم دیانا: میترسم زین.خیلی میترسم.از یه روز بی تو میترسم... . . روابطی که توی مرحله آزمایش قرار میگیرن عشق...
sad lyrics (persian) by Morning-breeze
sad lyrics (persian)by Morning-breeze
تصمیم گرفتم آهنگای غمگینی که معنی قشنگی دارن جمع کنم و برای کسایی که انگلیسی رو دوست دارن ترجمه کنم. لطفا حتما نظر بدید و اگه آهنگی رو دوست داشتید بگید ترجمه شو میذارم...
*^*Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenarios*^* by my_chemical_cookie
*^*Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Jade
Hello all you Mystic Messenger fans! So this is how it works each chapter will have a scenario,followed by the character and how they handle it. I think you all know h...
En vénta  by maybemari
En vénta by maybemari
مارتین دیوزا مردی که دخترشو در ازای پول معامله میکنه. وقتی قراردادو امضا کنی،دیگه هیچ‌ راه برگشتی‌نیس! [sexual content]