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sorry by onedirection_iran_
sorryby -1D IRAN
Sorry همچی با یک ماموریت شروع شد،اما خیلی زود همچی پیچیده شد؛قرار بود فقط یک دل به دام بیوفته ولی قلب های زیادی درگیر شدن.. -Barbara Palvine -Zayn Malik -Niall Horan -Ha...
  • fanfiction
  • zaynmalik
  • harrystyles
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What if... by ShaylaAphressa
What Shayla Aphressa
...There was a physical anime world that you could enter into? You could push through the barrier and be transformed into an anime character. Time there is much like tim...
  • england
  • alice
  • persia
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sad lyrics (persian) by Morning-breeze
sad lyrics (persian)by Morning-breeze
تصمیم گرفتم آهنگای غمگینی که معنی قشنگی دارن جمع کنم و برای کسایی که انگلیسی رو دوست دارن ترجمه کنم. لطفا حتما نظر بدید و اگه آهنگی رو دوست داشتید بگید ترجمه شو میذارم...
  • lyrics
  • iran
  • persian
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if YOU‌ were [Persian] by Dreamer_cupcake
if YOU‌ were [Persian]by Sᴇᴛᴀʏᴇsʜ.ss
"نیست هیچ محدودیتی در دنیای ما، در دنیایی که ما میتوانیم همه باشیم.. " #1 - persian
  • cupcake
  • newstory
  • iran
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Dilemma by aveline-r
Dilemmaby aveline-r
ايجاد يه تغيير بزرگ تو زندگى ترسناكه، ولى ميدونى چى ترسناك تره؟ پشيمون شدن...
  • persian
  • dilemma
  • harrystyles
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International Bulk SMS Service by InternationalBulkSMS
International Bulk SMS Serviceby InternationalBulk SMSService
Bol7 is for this only who provides you with you bulk SMS services for marketing and advertising your business to your qualified people and elevating the prospects and ap...
  • bulk
  • iran
  • egypt
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••вℓαcк ρєαяℓ••[+18] by darya8894
••вℓαcк ρєαяℓ••[+18]by [ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ ]
[...وارد شدن به عمارت بزرگ مالیک به عنوان یک برده ...🍷⛓] [شاید اولش مثل یک کابوس ترسناک بود و خب ..🌚🌿] [کی مُیدِونه پشت دیوار های بلند اون عمارت چه چیز هایی مخفی شده...
  • zayn
  • fanfiction
  • iran
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What am I? by _s_h_l_
What am I?by _s_h_l_
حتما تا حالا درباره ی ومپایرا شنیدید یا گرگینه ها اگه از ومپایرا و گرگینه ها و داستانای سوپرنچرالی خوشتون میاد خوب این داستان ممکنه داستان مورد علاقه ی شما بشه کی میدونه...
  • dylanobrien
  • niallhoran
  • persian
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Letters to no one (Hetalia USUK) by Blubble67
Letters to no one (Hetalia USUK)by Blubble
USUK short, could be potentially painful to read. America is sent to war and sends letters home to England.
  • nose
  • potatoes
  • sad
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Life Game by rozhan_jh
Life Gameby 《harry styles fanfiction》
اسم من انجل فیتیس هست...ساکن منطقه ده، بدترین و افسرده ترین منطقه کشور(اخر الزمان) ... من از خانواده ام محافظت میکنم با تمام توانم ولی من چقدر میتونم دووم بیارم؟من زندگی...
  • larry-fanfic
  • fanfic
  • s74iii
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One Step Away by BaileyMorrison047
One Step Awayby Bailey Morrison
2nd book in the One Away series, One step away is the perfect book if you don't want a perfect ending to the perfect relationship. The book One Letter Away is a book abo...
  • wedding
  • war
  • groom
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Sleeping with an American Soldier by DeeStory
Sleeping with an American Soldierby DeeStory
Elisa and Damein are the perfect couple, they met in the 5th grade and were unstoppble ever since. untill time got away from the two leaving them out over touch or 8 yea...
  • fire
  • drama
  • soldier
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*^*Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenarios*^* by my_chemical_cookie
*^*Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Jade
Hello all you Mystic Messenger fans! So this is how it works each chapter will have a scenario,followed by the character and how they handle it. I think you all know h...
  • music
  • 707
  • doesjuminhangay
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me and my brother by daughter_of_Sauron
me and my brotherby Suzanne
I'm an average Iranian teenager, life was relatively okay in my hometown for me,yet after my father's death, my mother decided to live out of the country. she took me to...
  • iran
  • persian
  • england
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Thissà by DastanKabir
Thissàby Dastan Kabir
  • fantasycreatures
  • love
  • persian
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big girls don't cry by parsa_shojaei
big girls don't cryby parsa_shojaei
-تو داري از من ميپرسي تو تمام اين دنيا عاشق كيم؟ كلمه اولمو دوباره بخون♡ --- وقتي فكر ميكني داري روياتو زندگي ميكني خيلي خوشبخت به نظر ميرسي ... اما اگه تو روياي اشتب...
  • persian
  • onedirection
  • teenromance
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The Businessman by SophieQuinnOfficial
The Businessmanby Sophie Quinn
Raina Turner is a Trauma doctor with a troubled past. After losing her home and all her money, and almost her career, she had to move in with mom Grace, and start over. ...
  • romance
  • arabhero
  • allgenrecontest
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Rock X Human Child LEMON (no gender) by MagatsuIzanagiPicaro
Rock X Human Child LEMON (no REDACTED torres
dere is a rock dat like hooman and rock date hooman but hooman no like rock.
  • child
  • idontgivearatsass
  • idontgiveacrap
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SİDYA by pamukseker1212
SİDYAby Pammuk Şeker
Burası; ölümcül Burası; sonsuz Burası; doğaüstü Burası; karanlık Burası; yanlızlık Burası; hapishane Burası; SİDYA !!!BURADAN ÇIKIŞ YOK!!! BAŞLAMA Tarihi: 14.05.2019 BİT...
  • dian
  • yara
  • iran
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Take Me to Your Country by ColinJerry
Take Me to Your Countryby Colin Jerry
This story happened during my trip to Iran in 2016. It's a sad story, so sad that I still remember every detail of it and even dreamed about it sometimes when I had bad...
  • iran