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Opalescent by DuskCity
Opalescentby DuskCity
At first glance neither of them seem to be destined for each other, but when one person is already in love they'd do anything to try and have that feeling reciprocated...
Rosie || Fred Weasley by wheezingweasleys
Rosie || Fred Weasleyby feet off the table
Rosie Lupin, Remus Lupin's daughter, is ready to transfer to Hogwarts with her father. He is the new Dark Arts professor. The reason Rosie has been home schooled is beca...
The A Boy (Scolex)  by miss_c_does_writing
The A Boy (Scolex) by Caitlin
autism ˈɔːtɪz(ə)m/ noun a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people...
Untouchable by heyitsmegara
Untouchableby Meg
Ruth is beyond awkward. Noah has known her since she was 3, and even then she screamed at him for trying to hug her. She has autism, but she isn't her condition; it's ju...
The Snape On The Spectrum (Harry Potter Fanfic) by Azure-Is-Pretty
The Snape On The Spectrum (Harry Azure Is Pretty
Snape's daughter joins Hogwarts. She has autism. Read ahead to find out what happens when she joins the school and it's miscellaneous activities, challenges and students...
froggie | taegi by vickie_org
froggie | taegiby vickie
when yoongi was diagnosed with autism at a young age, his biological parents saw him as imperfect leading it to mistreatment and abuse. fortunately for yoongi he was ado...
Beautiful Boy( Autism,JustinB., SelenaG.,Christine Stuart, Paul W., Jeniffer L.) by jaztynbae
Beautiful Boy( Autism,JustinB., M. M.
A story about an autistic Boy. Drew Braun= 18 year old autistic child. Carly Braun= 34 year old step mother of Drew. wife of Mr. Braun. John Braun= 36 year...
Avengers and Autism by H4yd3n15
Avengers and Autismby ElliottB
A collection of Autistic or Neurodivergent Avengers stories
Living with my autistic boyfriend by Princess_Paris826
Living with my autistic boyfriendby 💚Choose Love💙
Louis never thought he'd fall in love with someone like harry. Harry was perfect in his eyes but it isn't always easy. There are struggles that nobodies sees. It's not a...
Pivot by MS_Chavez
Pivotby M.S. Chavez
Life is messy and complicated. Having a little boy with autism can help you to see the world differently, but it can also be isolating. Janelle finally decided she neede...
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Think Like Me, Feel Like You by CorporealAspiration
Think Like Me, Feel Like Youby Ashley Grey
Kageyama feels a special kind of connection with Hinata. Daichi explains why.
We Found Love by AfroWitchyWriter
We Found Loveby Taaj
Sequel to Chemistry of Cooking Theo Stevens has been through a lot in his short sixteen years of life. From getting a new mom to being kidnapped by his biological one...
SPECIAL - A Collection of Harry Styles One Shots by zebrachickk
SPECIAL - A Collection of Harry Harley
A collection of fluffy one shots centering around the ~fictional~ life of pop sensation, Harry Styles. "Baby, you don't just shine. You sparkle."
Getting a Clue | ✓ by overlordpotatoe
Getting a Clue | ✓by Potatoe
Casper's not great with people, and having a crush on someone isn't making him any less awkward. He half wishes the eccentric and unfairly attractive boy he met at a Chr...
the autism shots by TheoFlowers
the autism shotsby theo flowers
This is the result of me getting sick of reading inaccurate autism books here on Wattpad. I may not be an amazing writer, but I wanna try and make some effort here as so...
RELATABLE Autistic Memes by EpicAutistic
RELATABLE Autistic Memesby Epic Autie Human
Some relatable memes about being an Autistic person.
Completely Attached by UnconventionalB
Completely Attachedby Brandon
A tough girl meets a church boy. Note: none of the characters are mine and any photos are property of their original owners.
The Voice That Sings In The Silence by justzalfa
The Voice That Sings In The Silenceby Justzalfa
After becoming an orphan at an early age, Oliver Miller has moved from family to family until he finally decided to live on the streets at 16. He's always had to fend fo...
soft wholesome moments with my ocs by oh-hxney
soft wholesome moments with my ocsby Mercury
this is mostly for me and my friends, but if you want to read some wholesome moments, feel free to. there'll be a short description of each character on the first chapte...