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The Blood Queen- Kosem by HistoricalPrincesses
The Blood Queen- Kosemby Christina Sophie
Kosem was a very influential figure in the turkish world, what is her story, how did she go from plain Anastasia to a queen, what was her fall, how did she rise, read to...
And You became my Dawn by lailamehtaab
And You became my Dawnby lailamehtaab
Ahmed Wali, a man in his late twenties, the heir of Wali Brothers, a famous name in the constructions companies of the country. Family, friends, wealth, looks, he was bl...
ZEYNEP SULTAN - Magnificent Century K by PMjosie_
ZEYNEP SULTAN - Magnificent Centur...by PMjosie_
Benetta was born in Russia and lived a happy life up until her family sold her to pay off her father's gambling debt. never did she expect to end up in the Ottoman Palac...
Carefree •Magnificent Century: Kosem by prettyinpink1106
Carefree •Magnificent Century: Kos...by prettyinpink1106
Ayse Raziye Sultan, daughter of Murad III and Safiye Sultan, celebrates the succession of her nephew, Ahmed. But will her life be interpreted by the conflicts of her fam...
Miray Sultan|magnificent century by MiraSowunmi
Miray Sultan|magnificent centuryby Hilal Qamar Sultan
"No fire can burn me do you know why, because I am fire myself"
Mystic elephant (COMPLETED)✓ by Zeeemibs
Mystic elephant (COMPLETED)✓by Zee Sule
She made one fatal mistake She liased with a Yunusa Giwa! Serving punishment by marrying an aged village man isnt her only pain. Safina had contacted a deadly disease! E...
You're The Key by AishaN122
You're The Keyby AishaN122
A hijabi Pakistani girl named Fanaa goes to high school to become something great that could save people from the bad world. Going to school everyday isn't easy for her...
HÜMAŞAH SULTAN by magnificentstories
HÜMAŞAH SULTANby magnifecentstories
I'm born as sultana, I'll never bow to anyone, the blood of our dynasty is in my veins.
Kidnapped  by TrekkiTaylor
Kidnapped by Alan Taylor
This story starts when Amy comes home from Europe, but Amy is not the Amy who left Heartland 4 months ago. This Amy is like the original Amy when she was 15/16, more out...
Her Beast His Beauty by azza432
Her Beast His Beautyby azza432
"Your a beast and I can never love you!" I yelled tears storming down my face."Just shutup!" He said his voice filled with anger "I wont truth i...
Latife Sultan by magnificentstories
Latife Sultanby magnifecentstories
,,I love harem, that's my home, I made some friends but I know something is missing, I don't feel happy at all"
To My Heart by AishaN122
To My Heartby AishaN122
Ahmed's and Fanaa's love story isn't done. And it will never be. Sequel to You're the key.
Mere Jazbaat by MonicaChhugani
Mere Jazbaatby Monica Chhugani
Based on the Indian daily soap, Qubool Hai, it's the story of Zoya (the female lead) and Asad (male lead) and their journey to understanding and accepting each other. I...
PaNi / SidNi FF - Who Loves Me The Most? by snehakarmakar30
PaNi / SidNi FF - Who Loves Me The...by Sneha Karmakar
Hii guys, this is a story of best friends & a stranger. Let's see who loves her the most, her best friend or a stranger?
HIS CHARM - Magnificent Century K by PMjosie_
HIS CHARM - Magnificent Century Kby PMjosie_
Sultan Mustafa I, known as one of the mad monarchs in the Ottoman Empire history. But what if he had a smart and cunning woman with him along the way? What if he had som...
Mu'adh ibn jabal (RA) by Zakarymohamed
Mu'adh ibn jabal (RA)by zakary mohamed
this will move your heart
Beyond the Stories by Imnotsane03
Beyond the Storiesby el
A collection of untold tales set in the aftermath of the Battle of Izman. Will contain spoilers for all 3 books. Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or the Rebel...
L'histoire de Ahmed  by croko3
L'histoire de Ahmed by croko3
Ehhh gros c l'histoire du crocodile du batiment 3
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New Hope: Heartland Story by ServiceK9Mason1
New Hope: Heartland Storyby Luna & Mason
Two girls were in a accident that have killed there mother. Two of them have there mothers gift of helping horses. Follow the journey of the Fleming sibling...