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Golden Storms | #Wattys2020 by highdisdain
Golden Storms | #Wattys2020by highdisdain
WINNER OF READERS CHOICE AWARDS 2020 (Historical Fiction) Stone hearts. Silver to gold. And the fierce need to prove oneself. Highest ranks: #1 in Arabia || #3 in Hi...
Dead Girls Tell No Tales by kaloned
Dead Girls Tell No Talesby asha
[ WATTYS '18 LONG-LISTED ] ❝ I have slit throats far more beautiful than yours.❞ In which a thousand brides have fallen, and she is the last, so she spins a tale as old...
Fall of Empires by SimonJones8
Fall of Empiresby Simon Jones
For centuries Rome and Persia have fought each other. This will be the last great war between them. The Roman Empire stands on the brink of annihilation. Its lands are...
A Bit Different by nightshade128
A Bit Differentby Nutan
Persia(Percy) Jackson is a legend among all Asgardians, even the gods. What happens when a particular Thunder God gets to know that he is engaged to the famous heroine? ...
Arta - the last princess by NellyLtf
Arta - the last princessby Nelly
"Who did you say she is?" Osman demanded from the man. The prisoner was shaking and pleading for his life but did not say anything as he got aware of the terri...
A Persian Queen by CharisGB
A Persian Queenby Charis
When a king must choose a wife out of thousands of girls, each being forced upon him. He meets one that changes his heart forever, and the same will save the lives of he...
The Monsters in us all ( Dark!/Yandere! Hetalia x Reader ) by Shini--chan
The Monsters in us all ( Dark!/ Shini
" Oh dear, look what you have done. Stealing my heart and then acting like it is no big deal. Now you pay the price love. And the price is you!" I don't own...
Surrender by adventureworld
Surrenderby adventureworld
'Never surrender your heart to a stranger...' Persia had always been known as the country of culture and beauty, the kingdom of great wealth, the sovereignty of knowledg...
The Deviant Path to Olympus by JonVilario
The Deviant Path to Olympusby JonVilario
491BC Ancient Athens. Gaiana was raised as a slave her whole life, she knew nothing more than a life of servitude to her master and his son. For her, this life was prede...
The Queen of Persia by LizMack
The Queen of Persiaby Liz
*Now available for purchase on amazon. If you would like to read the entire story you can find it there!* When Hadassah was a young girl she lost her beloved father prem...
and he drank the sun | of wives and women by ESJohnson
and he drank the sun | of wives ✒️ - r u i n a t i o n - ✒️ |...
cover by the talented ellis ( @rubyruins ) ❝ is this what i have bred in the shah's harem? a girl that disregards every precept of his law and presumes to bring him to h...
Vengeance Of Jehan by manal1deeta
Vengeance Of Jehanby Manal Deeta
"Do as I say, if you want to save this little throne of yours" "I'd rather die than to succumb to your wish" Her eyes were blazing. "Oh! How ab...
Star of Persia by _CherryQueen_
Star of Persiaby Erika
An orphan girl. A conquering king. A murderous plot. Peasant girl Esther lost her parents when she was just five years old. Known for her stunning beauty, humble simpli...
Sovereign by LizMack
Sovereignby Liz
His name is immortal. Some call him a tyrant. Before she came he was consumed with tempestuous fits. She was unlike any woman he had ever met before. Wrestling warriors...
FROST AND SAND| arabian nights retelling  by saharzan
FROST AND SAND| arabian nights atia
❝ Allow me to tell you a story ❞ In which a suicidal girl and a murderous king appear to be each other's salvage. an Arabian nights retelling/ all rights reserved.
The Whore of Babylon by TobiasMalm
The Whore of Babylonby Odd Directions
I'm a prostitute, and my latest John asked me to do something strange.
Persia Jackson (ABANDONED) by LunaNorah
Persia Jackson (ABANDONED)by BloodMoon
Persia is now officially relaxing..... and she doesn't like it. She is so used to war, battle, action, that when she doesn't have any, she's bored. Don't get her wrong...
My Persian Dancer  by machendease
My Persian Dancer by Jmaicanmecrazy
'Green Eyed Goddess, Pearly skin and rich in beauty Rich in wits, rich in mind and poor in cruelty Purity reins in your eyes of gold, of green, of lust If one could p...
Alexander's Deviant Vanguard by JonVilario
Alexander's Deviant Vanguardby JonVilario
In a world where Alexander the Great was exiled from Greece by his father, he will have to rise to the occasion in order to stop the tyranny of despotic empires. Whether...
3 W I S H E S & 17 D A Y S by LiLMissWritingHood
3 W I S H E S & 17 D A Y Sby Kia
In a post-apocalyptic era where the world had been destroyed nearly a thousand years ago to nuclear war, Kingdoms were created in the land of As-Sau'diyyah. Beyond that...