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Criminal Crush ✓ by _Magizhini_
Criminal Crush ✓by 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓪 ⛇❣
It's a tanglish story..So tanglish puriyaravanga mattum open pannanunga 😌 Ashwin , Rakshan and Manimegalai are smart robbers who steal black money from the rich people...
A Tale of Love❤️ by MyLittleSaathaan
A Tale of Love❤️by SwaPrathi
Hello Peeps!! I thought of writing a SAMSIV fanfic , inspired by the authors of the following fanfictions. 1. You're my music 2. Love Everywhere 3. Since I met you 4. Ka...
Ali and Fatima:From Love to Death  by belovedummati
Ali and Fatima:From Love to Death by Mominah
The story goes that one day Ali - may Allah be pleased him - noticed that his wife Fatimah -may Allah be pleased with her - had in her hand an 'Ood al-Arak, also known b...
Mannat......A Love Story by erumkhan19
Mannat......A Love Storyby erum khan
it is Dhoombros Fan fiction, actually a Hussain Asif's story, his journey towards the stars he wanted to touch and that one special girl he kept on meeting in his life...
Can You Mend My Heart.  by ilovereadingstoriess
Can You Mend My Heart. by ShamaKhuvahish.
~Its not a Fan fiction. Its my fiction story. And not a fan fiction. ---------------- "I am sorry." He said and left the room. Sound of the door closing echoed...
Mohabbat ✔ by iamthenoor
Mohabbat ✔by Noor
Mohabbat cheez hi aisi hai, Kabhi hoti hai apno se, Kabhi hoti hai sapnon se, Kabhi anjaan raahon se, Kabhi gumnaam naamon se... Why does destiny always let two hearts m...
Love with Understanding by shameera_banu_08
Love with Understandingby Shameera
His Rage as Fire🔥 his look like devilishly 😈his thoughts like Demon 😈 .... totally he is venom 🧛🏻 She is pure like water ☺️ Her looks like Angel 🤍 Her thoughts Are...
Maryam and Shehryaar by erumkhan19
Maryam and Shehryaarby erum khan
This is a novella, it is mostly about a girl named Maryam Afzaal and the twists in her life, the biggest twist came when she met the Dhoombros and her life went upside d...
Adhoore Hum #Wattys2015✔️ by __snowflakes__
Adhoore Hum #Wattys2015✔️by Sarca.Stee.Cally
**COMPLETED** SEQUEL TO SAJDAH Shehryaar and Asmaara meet again after three years of no contact at all. A lot has changed yet, a lot is still the same. Hussain and Pree...
A Visit To Hell✔️ by u_kulthums
A Visit To Hell✔️by Ummulkulthum
COMPLETED An attack that lead to loss of lives, destruction of bright futures and a merry chase just to find to 'runaway' daughter. Not your everyday love story, not eve...
His Hostage by Vi__Writes
His Hostageby Ashaangian💜
Ashwin Kumar a pretty good soul to the outside world but is he really the same inside? Devil would be a very primary word to describe him but yeah I guess we could go wi...
Beintehaa Mohabbat by sprinklesondesserts
Beintehaa Mohabbatby Sprinklesondesserts
Love is also like life Every corner is not easy Every corner doesn't bring happiness But if we can't leave life alone Then why should we leave love? He's a heart thro...
 ALPHA Male   by paromita123
ALPHA Male by Paromita Bhattacharjee
ALPHA Male He stood there crushing her with his broad chest pinning her arms above her head. " Say it. " He growled with his rough and husky voice .Authority...
Enamoured by wordsatplay
Enamouredby wordsatplay
A story of love... A story of emotions... A story which describes the journey of two souls... A story which binds them as one...
Random Shots by RakshiniC
Random Shotsby Rakshini_Chandran
Giving a try on writing oneshots Peep inside to know more
فارس العشق knight of love by aliredha
فارس العشق knight of loveby aliredha
رواية بثلاث لغات. A novel in three languages. 三种语言的小说 فارس عاشق لايستطيع حتى أن يشرب الماء قبل معشوقه، فارس أعطاه الله جناحين لتضحيته بكفَّيه من أجل معشوقه، يا ترى من...
Unbreakable Love by roshanshani11
Unbreakable Loveby Maha Khan
Asalmulaikum! This is my new story.I've deleted "dreams come true" story because of some issues I m sorry.I think this story will be more better than that one...
For The Love Of Hussain(A.S) by SayyadaAamal
For The Love Of Hussain(A.S)by Sayyada Aamal
LABBAIK YAA HUSSAIN(A.S) Dedicated to all the Hussainis out there!