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ShinDeku [Chatfiction] by quiiquii87
ShinDeku [Chatfiction]by QuiiQuii87
Midoriya texted the wrong number by accident, but he found out the person he was texting was actually very interesting. This story happens before the two got into UA. Wa...
Confession (Epistolary) ✔️  by pizzaaaagood
Confession (Epistolary) ✔️ by saf
An Epistolary Started: June 2022 Finished: June 2022
Wanted: Fake Lover by reallyjammy
Wanted: Fake Loverby j 彡
Epistolary || On-going Callista Rue Avellino is a hopeless romantic, eager and desperate of being in love. When her cousin gets her entangled in a deal with Zain Archer...
Total Eclipse by amarachz
Total Eclipseby ara
an epistolary. Wherein Lalaine Nailea Gutierrez from Saint Gregory Academy shoots her shot to University of Santa Marianna's star soccer athlete and dean's lister, Edin...
Dapithapon by sunstelle
Dapithaponby sunstelle
If there's one person that Constance Eve hates, that would be Gael Andrew, a dancer, and student from their class who is now starting his public career. She really, real...
|| ♤Soulmates♤ || Kazuha X F!Reader || Chatfic || Modern AU! || by Aisaki_Official_
|| ♤Soulmates♤ || Kazuha X F! Kazuha's Wife
Y/n : - - 16 years old - Female - friends with Childe , Scaramouche , Signora , Venti , Aether , Lumine , dainsleif and Zhongli. ...
1 Deal, 7 Rules  by minkrokosmos
1 Deal, 7 Rules by jimin's pocket
"Am I going to die a virgin?" Jimin. A Psychology student. Other than his pretty face and beautiful ass, there's nothing special about him. He doesn't have fr...
Isa lang  by keunaxx
Isa lang by Isla
Arthur Nery Playlist #1 [Ken Arthur x Justin Isay]
Madison Grey by chamalacha
Madison Greyby <3
Lehigh Valley Series #1 Madison Grey has ever been the brat kid. Once her brother left, he decided to make a change in her life. Epistolary
【「NDRV3 Cʜᴀᴛғɪᴄ」】 by Yukiizum-ii
【「NDRV3 Cʜᴀᴛғɪᴄ」】by Yukiizúmií
【❀;⁕「★。+゚☆゚+。★| ★。+゚♡゚ +。★」;⁕❀】 - DISCLAIMER: -THE COVER ART IS NOT MADE BY ME. IT IS MADE BY IT'S PROPER CREATOR. -The characters will be OOC. - ⌦:⁕Kaede starts a grou...
One Of A Chef's Kiss  by southgemitis
One Of A Chef's Kiss by southgemitis
Yes, Chef's kiss! A one of a Chef's kiss kind of love story. Busog.
Because Of That Game (Epistolary) by coffeeell
Because Of That Game (Epistolary)by   ً
Cali Cazdeza and Klark Hashimoto.
Murdered by an Idol | Epistolary by zabp_737
Murdered by an Idol | Epistolaryby Zaza
"Online diary who? Alam ko namang hanggang message request mo lang ako. Pero don't get me wrong, ah. I'm a fan of yours. Hahaha maiintindihan mo kaya 'to if ever? 3...
Celestial Escape by aesyueiry
Celestial Escapeby euphy
under revision.
ClAsS oNe GaY (Bnha chatfic/ fanfic) by xXximnotobsessedxXx
ClAsS oNe GaY (Bnha chatfic/ XxImNotObsessedxX
Pretty much just class 1-A (and sometimes teachers) being idiots. (It should be noted that I started this fic as a joke. Do not take me seriously) #1 chatfiction Decembe...
Number Neighbor by enaysia
Number Neighborby n
When boredom leads to whole lot of whirlwind romance.
Loud Silence by jyerrmou
Loud Silenceby NOBODY
An epistolary novella (Chatfiction) 22-year-old Julia McConan has the life that everyone could wish for. Popularity, money, friends, an outstanding dad who will do every...
All For You (EDITING) by februawy
All For You (EDITING)by februawy
THIS IS A CHAT FANFICTION. Written by: februawy 2018